Friday, October 06, 2006

Appreciation for Arsene Wenger since he come to Arsenal

Ten years ago, dissapointed and hopeless arsenal fans were waiting for the announcement of new manger after Bruce Rioch's sacking. David dein stunned the the world by introducing Arsene Wenger as the new manger instead of the favourite candidate - Cruyff. The medias and the fans were asking: "who is arsene?" Nobody hear of him not even the die-hard gunner fans. Everyone was interested to know what he can do for arsenal.

Within days of his arrival, rumours appeared on the internet besmirching Wenger and predicting that he wouldn't last a week in the job. With the press pack descending on north London, Wenger rejected the club's advice and appeared on the steps outside Highbury and effectively dared the assembled hacks to publish or shut up. Years later, he recalled how "I received a phone call from a journalist who told me that he had photos of me with three other women and others with men and that his paper was going to publish them that Sunday. I replied: 'Don't wait until Sunday, because you risk someone stealing the information.'"

Although Wenger was officially unveiled as Arsenal's new manager on September 30 1996, he had already directed the club to sign both Remi Garde and Patrick Vieira. Five days previously, he had failed to endear himself to the first-team by making an unexpected appearance in the dressing room at half-time during a UEFA Cup tie away to Borussia Monchengladbach. Although Arsenal were winning the game, Wenger ordered that their 3-5-2 system should be dropped for a conventional 4-4-2 formation. The Gunners subsequently lost the match and the tie.

When Wenger said he could win the Premiership unbeaten,the media and press laughed at him. Perhaps now they were laughing at their stupidness.

In his 10 years in Arsenal,he has made many unknowned football player such as Henry,Pires, Ashley Cole,Toure and manymore.Instead of signing superstar for playing for him,he signed an unknowned player and made them superstar.Perhaps I think by doing that,he does not only get their skill,but their psicology as well.This will also make football in England more interesting to watch.

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