Friday, November 30, 2007

Aston Villa vs. Arsenal match preview

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Ok,let's concentrate on this match.

No one could possibly forget about last Tuesday's game.But the one that we can do is to learn from your defeat and take something out from it.

The fact that we face on-form Villa with our low-form team,after our unbeaten run was burst at Seville,was seems make Aston Villa have the higher chance to win this game.I'm not sure is it because of this factor,but it would surely affect our confidence after this.

Our play-maker Cesc Fabregas could be out for next crucial away games and another sad news for us is Persie is still our for these crucial games,including this one.

The good news is Hleb and Clichy could play in this game.I hope that they are really fit for this game otherwise their injury could be more serious if they are injured further in this game.

There are also no injuries on Villa side,so be prepared to face Villa's best in this game.But I'm sure that Arsenal could give a great fight for them,and beat them.

About the technical details in this game,I think the 4-4-2 formation could be used in this game as I figured our that we need to attack more to prevent Villa from attacking us.But they will play counter-attacking game against us,if this case happens in the game.But in this case we will have more possession and more chance to score.

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    Thursday, November 29, 2007

    Will history repeat again to us?

    After Gunner's unbeaten run was destroyed by Spanish team Sevilla,Arsenal fans are somewhat worried by the possibility of our history of after our 49 match unbeaten run came to the end when we only collected 6 points in 6 games,resulting the Title to fall to Blues hand in 50 years.

    I'm not too sure if these things would repeat again but of course I don't hope s.And I don't think it will happen for some following reason;

    1.The match against Sevilla is not a critical match
    2.Arsenal 's lost did not affect our 1st team players.

    Let me explain the first one.Yes,now Sevilla could lead the group but it's enough for us to qualify into knock-out stage.And yes,we will have to fight harder in knock-out stage in we finish second in the group.

    But if we want to win the UCL,we must beat big teams anyway.We can't just beat small teams to win the UEFA C. League.It's not like EPL when you reach certain points in the table,you're sure to win the Cup.So it does not make any difference if we qualify first or second in the table,even we will have lesser chances to fight big teams,we will have to face big teams like Milan(s),Real Madrid,Barca in quater-final or semi-final.We can't avoid them.

    I'm not meaning that Arsenal purposely lost to them(Sevilla).But we have a more crucial games in EPL and Aston Villa will give no chance to punish us if we played less than our 100%.And with their form at their highest after their 4-0 away win against Rovers,we know that we must play at our full force and to achieve that it will require fit players.TO have fit players you must rest them at sometimes.

    And the match against them is the most suitable time to rest players.And also we get to know our 2nd team's weaknesses.I'm sure they can study a lot from UEFA Cup champion.

    About the 2nd reason,if you recall back our game against M.United when our 49 match unbeaten run came to the end,we lost somehow very frustrating for us.It's like we lost although we may play better than our opponent.In Sevilla this thing does not happen.

    I'm sure our player think that we didn't deserve to win the game,therefore that's nothing to make a fuss about it.And with the all the regular startup was absent in the game,I think Wenger would expect Arsenal to lose that game.If that's a win it's a bonus but if it's otherwise,it's OK.

    Since a lot of my readers and visitors suggested that I should improve my English,may I know what's my mistake?Is it grammar mistake?Or my vocabulary isn't good enough and you're bored with my English vocabulary?Or other things where I did badly?

    Please tell me!!!

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      Tuesday, November 27, 2007

      Sevilla ended Gunners 28 match unbeaten record

      THe result?Sevilla 3-1 Arsenal.

      I think Sevilla deserved the win against us.They passed the ball better than us and with our "stabbed" defense,no wonder they could won 4 or 5-1.

      Ok,let's talk the match going.All's went well for us when Eduardo scored our first and only goal for us in just 11 minutes after the game was started.

      Then,Sevilla equalized with a superb shot and this was a good punishment to our "sleepy" defense.10 minutes later,we were punished again by another great header and Almunia just can't do anything about it.

      Starting from there,it's a nightmare for us.Our attacks were completely halted perfectly by Sevilla and three minutes before the game ended,Arsenal was punished for third time.But it's not defense error,it's a penalty-kick punishment for us.

      We could be conceded more but somehow Sevilla had it enough.Scoring three goals agains EPL leader is enough for them.

      I'm sure a lot of people will have a comment on Senderos,who had cost us a goal,and it's turning point of the game.I wonder if we didn't concede the goal,can this scoreline can be prevented.Another funny things about him was when he took the ball and accidentally fouled with a hand-ball.

      Not only Senderos,the whole defense had collapsed since the 2nd-half started.It seems that we were playing against "better Arsenal".Our defense made a lot of stupid error;wrong passing,wrong clearing of the ball and so on.We were lucky not to be concede more in this game.Our psychology had been gone and we can't do much on the defense.If our attack are not sharp we can substitute with better player but in this case our defense is poor,and we can't do anything but endure attacks from Sevilla.

      The only substitute Wenger made in our defense is Bacary Sagna.But it's too late.Our attacks was not good either.

      But it's gamble to play 2nd team defense against one of the best Spanish team anyway.And we can afford to lost this gamble,at least for this season.

      But we can't afford to lose to Aston Villa this weekend.

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        Sevilla vs. Arsenal match preview

        For who want to stream this match live you can check here for live streaming.

        If you just want to be updated instantly for the results,you can go to here for live score results.

        Ok,talking back about the match,Wenger intends to rotate his team and our captain Gallas and our dribbler Clichy are our for this game as they are rested for more crucial match against Aston Villa this weekend.Same goes to Ade who need to be fit for this weekend's clash.This will be the oppoturnity for our 2nd team players to prove themselves in the team.

        However,Fabregas will feature in this game and Walcott is available if he's needed.Nicholas Bendtner and Walcott could be the striker for this game.

        Highlighting the possible technical side of the game,Wenger could use 4-5-1 our 4-4-1-1 as our midfield needs to be strong in order to distribute passes more accurately.But I think the possibility of 4-5-1 is higher.4-4-2 is possible but it will be dangerous as we have only 2 strikers in the team therefore if any injury happens to any strikers,this formation could not be used.Oh,I'm sorry,I didn't realise that Dudu will play in this match.So 4-4-2 definitely possible.But 4-5-1 still will be most sensible choice especially playing away games.

        About the players,Walcott could start as striker,not a striker's substitute.He should be given more experience.He has skills but more experience and better timing is the key for better Walcott.Kolo Toure should be captain for this game since he's always the captain during absence of Gallas and Gilberto.

        Ok,we switch to standings in UCL stage.Arsenal lead the group with just a point,so we need at least a draw to lead the group,otherwise we face the risk of failure to finish on top if Sevilla beat Slavia Prague next UCL game.

        My prediction,Arsenal will win 1-0.But football is round and let's see how we play in Spain.

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          Sunday, November 25, 2007

          Premiership analysis 26/11/2007

          Let's take a look at the table;

          Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
          1 Arsenal 13 10 3 0 29 10 19 33
          2 Man Utd 14 9 3 2 23 7 16 30
          3 Man City 14 9 2 3 18 14 4 29
          4 Chelsea 14 8 4 2 21 9 12 28
          5 Liverpool 13 7 6 0 22 6 16 27
          6 Portsmouth 14 7 5 2 25 13 12 26
          7 Aston Villa 13 7 3 3 21 14 7 24
          8 Everton 14 7 2 5 26 16 10 23
          9 Blackburn 12 6 4 2 15 11 4 22
          10 West Ham 12 5 3 4 18 10 8 18
          11 Newcastle 13 5 3 5 19 21 -2 18
          12 Reading 14 4 1 9 17 31 -14 13
          13 Fulham 13 2 6 5 16 20 -4 12
          14 Tottenham 13 2 5 6 23 24 -1 11
          15 Bolton 14 2 5 7 12 18 -6 11
          16 Birmingham 14 3 2 9 13 22 -9 11
          17 Middlesbro 14 2 4 8 12 26 -14 10
          18 Sunderland 14 2 4 8 14 29 -15 10
          19 Wigan 14 2 2 10 10 25 -15 8
          20 Derby 14 1 3 10 5 33 -28 6

          Finally,Arsenal ended the 'goal difference' tension after a goal from ex-Gunners Anelka took away the 3 points from Devils and of course,our late score which made us dominate the table with 3 points up and one game in hand.

          Chelsea as expected,scored 2-0 victory to maintain distance with leaders and actually I expect them to win 4-0,but football is round.Stephen Ireland late winning goal ensure Man City could take advantage from Anelka's goal.

          Liverpool thrashed Magpies 3-0 at St. James Park and will play Porto will full confidence three days later.

          Portsmouth,Aston Villa and Everton both stay in their standings and left other smaller teams frustrated.Roy Keane will have to rethink his game after seeing his team thrashed 7-1 by Toffees.
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            Saturday, November 24, 2007

            Arsenal lead the league by three points

            Not only three points,but three goal differences as well.

            Though score-line is expected,but the way they played for this scoreline was absolutely shocking.Wigan played to barricade the position,with some counterattack to our side.And with their physical game and their good luck,there are still no goals despite shot-by-shot attack to their defense.

            In second-half,attacks increased and with higher tempo but the game was quite boring in 60-65th minute.And with some irritating scenes around that time,the game seems bleak for Gunners.

            But the good thing is our players remained calm and steady in the game,and this type of playing rewarded them at 81st minute when our captain broke the wall and the shots just went in again to Wigan's goal after 4 minutes from the first goal.

            The tempo slowed down a bit after them,but their job is done anyway.

            Ok,let's talk about the technical side of the game.The game scene was similar to Newcastle's in Carling Cup game two months ago(if I'm not mistaken).Our players worked hard to cope with the pressure from the fans and the defenders and they frustrated the defender with their late goal.

            But Gallas's action at 67th minute was unnecessary and the refs did a good job to him.But I admit he's really a good captain and I'm happy we had found one.But please,no unneeded shoving.

            One more I had to say is Heskey was very unethical in his way of playing,at least against us.I still remembered that he got sent off in our game against Birmingham few years ago.I hope he will be banned from playing EPL games.

            Another good news to be heard is our former player,Anelka had helped us to lead the league by three points and three goal diff. with his stunning shot to Devils heart.Liverpool won Magpies by 3-0,Man City beat Reading by 2-1.

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              Friday, November 23, 2007

              Arsenal vs. Wigan match preview

              Let's forget the England's issue,it's time again to focus on EPL again.

              As usual,we lost someone after international game again,and this time Hleb will take Persie's turn to miss 4-6 games,if he's leave us for 21 days,as stated here

              I guess we will have to cope with that,though it will be sad for us but as a team injury is unavoidable.Not only Hleb,even Diaby will miss tomorrow's game,though he could return next week.Fabregas is suspended for this game,Gilberto is fit but I think he's really exhausted,because as stated,he's just back today.But he could be substitute for this game.

              Persie has not recovered completely so he's doubtful about this game.He could play I think,but it's better to him not to play tomorrow.I still remembered that he became substitute for game against M.United despite being not fit,and the result is he was injured for 6 weeks because of metatarsal crack although he did scored for the game.It's not worth to play one game and miss three game isn't it?

              On Wigan side,I'm not sure of their players but Steve Bruce has become the new manager of Wigan.I don't sure why he come to Wigan from Birmingham but I welcome this anyway.But seriously I don't think he can change Wigan into better team,since he can't actually transform Birmingham into a great team in EPL.But we should not underestimate them.

              On the technical side of the game,Arsenal should start with normal 4-4-2,with Eduardo and Adebayor as strikers.Walcott can be substitute if needed.I can't say much on the midfield side though,since there will be a lot of changes in midfield side.But I'm sure that Rosicky would play as attacking midfielder.I don't think there will be major change on defender's side because most of defenders are fit for the game.

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                Thursday, November 22, 2007

                Expect fire from media to us

                After Three Lions failed to qualify for euro 2008,there are sure a lot of opinion about the reasons why they can't qualify for next year's such a glamourous silverware fight in Europe.

                After Mclaren took the blame,the media will surely put their fire on us,claiming that we didn't train any Englishman in our squad except Walcott,who is actually not in England's first squad.I hope such thing would not happen,but with the situation now I don't think Arsenal can prevent the blame.Anyway,we are the most suitable one to be accused as the reason above,that has been mentioned many times before by a lot of people.

                About this,not that I'm against England players in our squad.If they can play well under our Arsenal way I will welcome them happily.But if they can't perform well I would rather watch someone that can play well than watching English players that performed badly in front of their supporters.I'm sure Arsenal fans pay more than $60 to watch beautiful football,not home grown players.Same goes to all other football club fans such as M.United,Liverpool,Chelsea and even Middlesbrough.I remembered at one time,Middlesbrough supporters tear their season tickets because the the way players played are disappointing,not because there are less than,let's say 5 English players.Am I right?

                Mentioning about England's game yesterday,I could see that they defended very badly.Though there are some arguements about the players are just a substitution of first teams squad,they should be at least fit to put basic defending.I saw that they can't even mark players properly and that could even result in more humilation in Wembley.

                Mclaren shouldn't be the manager at first.I don't know why England FA picked him to hold such an important job.HE can't even manage Middlesbrough well,what more the strong Three Lions?

                Enough said.Let's concentrate on EPL again,England better play their EPL at home.

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                  Tuesday, November 20, 2007

                  THe story continued

                  Ok,we continue from the money issue.

                  EPL players are among the richest footballers in the world,or not almost world's richest footballers are EPL players.SO when they are paid too much,they tend to only protect themselves and avoid risking themselves from injury.

                  And perhaps this explains why some poor countries like Cameroon,Ivory Coast can produce good players and Iraq beat one of the richest country in Asia,Saudi Arabia to be Asian Cup 2007 champion.

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                    Post update 20/11/2007

                    Arsenal and Chelsea target Croatian player Luca Modric
                    Source:The Sun

                    I just want to highlight the news.Though he's a good player,but we didn't need them.Our strikers and midfielder are too packed and there are no sense to pack another player into an already "crowded" position.We have a lot of good mid-fielders out here and there are even some good players that can't play in our games such as Gilberto.So I don't think we need him.Of course I will welcome him to Arsenal,but we didn't need him.

                    About this transfer speculation,I'm undecided.But it's just a speculation anyway.

                    Arsenal are also targeting Bolton's goalkeeper Jussi Jaaskelainen

                    I think this transfer will be better than above's one,because Arsenal do need a good goalkeeper to match its good attacking.Yes,Jussi may not help Arsenal score a lot or have some effect in our team,but at least we are safer when we are leading the game.And we need replacement goalkeeper as well as we didn't have any really good GK so far.

                    Not to say Almunia is bad,but I think he does not good enough to be Gunner's first team goalkeeper.He can easily being tricked by a clever attackers.

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                      Monday, November 19, 2007

                      Can England qualify to Euro 2008?

                      First I would like to apologize about my post update(I had not update my blog for 3 days already) because I can't find anything interesting to type in my blog.

                      Though Israel's 2-1 victory had helped Three Lions a lot in this qualifying war,but qualifying place is still open to England as well as Russia.As many people said that ball is round,anything can happen in football,whether by legal way or other wise.

                      After watching Scotland vs. Italy match,I personally think that anything can happen.I think Scotland played better than the 2006 World Cup champion,but referee just can't let Scotland play in Euro 2008.It's really weird that it's clear that the Italian player fouled Scottish player at injury time,but somehow they did not only escape the foul,they also be rewarded a free-kick.

                      Can't the referee ask the linesman if they can't see the scene clearly?Or even the linesman can't see the scene too?The linesman must be banned from being a linesman or referee forever.

                      Ok,back to the topic.Croatia might not mind finishing 2nd in the table as they could qualify anyway,and their recent loss to Macedonia could prove that they will prepare early for next year's game instead wasting time playing for something that you're already achieved.But they might just don't like England for their arrogance.

                      Anyhow,England just need a draw to qualify into Euro 2008,provided Russia don't beat Andorra more than 8 goals difference.But I still think the possibility of Russia beating Andorra more than 8 goals margin is more than 30%,which is quite high for me.So I think it's still better if England can win the game.

                      Talking again about England and Russia,England definitely can play better than Russia,but England's player just can't take the easy games seriously.They can play 101% for their clubs but performed half-heartedly for their country.May be it's money issue.

                      I will continue this tomorrow.

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                        Thursday, November 15, 2007

                        We are criticized by many people because we are strong

                        I have proof over my above title.

                        A lot of people always criticize us because we don't have Englishman in our team.Platini,Ferguson,and even Jose Mourinho join them to attack us,and the worst is Jose commented that he has successfully built a great team based on English players.


                        I didn't see he grows a English player(s) in his career so far.Frank Lampard and John Terry has long existed before his arrival.Same goes to Joe Cole and other English players.

                        I think he has bored by his "nothing to do-ness" after being "fired" by Chelsea.I even heard he has beaten 11-12 years old kids in Portugal.So if Jose has nothing better to talk about,please SHUT UP and and prove that he is really a Special One,not the "Bluffing One".

                        Talking about Platini,I want to ask the following question;If we implement quota system in the club,will football in Europe will ever improve?

                        Just like Wenger said many times before,we want to see quality players in the game.Man United fans pay to see Devils perform superbly in the game,not to see all England players play.Same goes to ourselves,Arsenal fans paid about 60 pounds to see Gunners play a great football in the game.

                        Quota system kills off the fun in football.In my country,there are quota system everywhere;from education sector to properties sector,and these thing make people pissed off about that.People that performed well in their examination didn't get selected to enter universities because of quota system.I don't want these things to happen in England.

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                          Wednesday, November 14, 2007

                          Post update 15/11/07

                          Ferguson:We hurt Arsenal psycologically

                          Yes,I admit that Manchester United played slightly better than us last few weeks but in EPL,the teams that perform good,and most importantly,with consistency.

                          SO,it's too early to said about it now.As long we keep winning,Man U can't do anything on us.If Sir Alex really wants to compete with us in terms of best football,wait for our visit in April.It will decide the EPL winner,if both teams keep winning remaining EPL games.

                          Talking about best football,we actually beat Devils at home and away,but yet we didn't win the title and this shows that consistency matters most in EPL,and not best football.


                          Dave Kitson:Arsenal "best on planet"

                          Thank you for the praise.

                          And that is what we want.Winning the game as well our opponent's praise.We dislike our opponent to attack us unnecessary way,just like Sir Alex who seems to be really disappointed with Gallas's late equalizer last time we played Man United and therefore,blame Arsenal fans,blame our players and even referees unnecessary way.

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                            Tuesday, November 13, 2007

                            Post update 14/11/2007

                            I think it's better to post like this because I will include more than one news in this post.

                            The first news is from which I think some of you read it before
                            Wenger:We can cope with the pressure

                            And as usual,I have comments on his quote;

                            "I felt we were in control. After the question of getting the first goal we dominated the game. We were never in danger of dropping points after that and the second goal killed off the game I feel. We could have scored one or two more but one was given offside. The second goal was a real great goal and overall you see that possession-wise, passing-wise and movement, we were the superior team."

                            Yes,we played a great game yesterday but I think we should not let Reading scored against us.What I mean here is their goal could be avoided if we defend more carefully.There were no one guarding the center of penalty box.Though our job is done,which is to regain the top spot but it's always better to win on bigger margin,in order to compete with Man United in terms of goal difference.Though our chance to beat them in this term is difficult,but surely we should give our best to compete with them.

                            Our one game in hand means nothing until it is converted to at least a point.

                            But I must give a thumbs up to our kids for their good passing,patience and the most importantly,good coordination between the players.Our 1000th goal in EPL is nice too,it all came from well-planned attack.

                            "It is quite a heavy schedule for some of the international players and we lost Fabregas tonight because he will be suspended. I hope everybody comes back free of injury because we lost Van Persie last time. We will be highly focused when we play at the Emirates."
                            I personally think Fabregas yellow card was intentionally done to clear out his yellow card record.As our game against Wigan is easier compare to next three away games three weeks later,he will rather miss the Wigan's game than the crucial away games.

                            Persie's return to squad is in extremely right time,just before Arsenal visit a lot of teams after the Wigan's game.

                            My second news is another threat from Jens Lehmann.

                            He needs to play,but unfortunately Almunia's form simply cuts Lehmann from our first team.If Almunia keep Arsenal conceded less,he will have to leave us.

                            Nothing much to be said about it,let's wait until January.
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                              Monday, November 12, 2007

                              Arsenal regain their place

                              Arsenal did their job well,beat Reading 3-1,gained another three points and two goals difference,just enough to stand on top of the table.

                              Flamini broke the dead-lock just a minute before the break and just after 7 minutes after the second-half started,Adebayor finished the well-planned attack by goal.Nice plan by our players I would really say.At 78th minute,Reading was punished for defending error by our midfielder Hleb and he showed them what is great ball control means.

                              Reading got their consolation goal just 6 minutes from final whistle(including 3 minutes extra-time) and I admit it was quite bizarre that time and as a result,Reading took advantage of this fact to score at least a goal at their home.

                              I'm quite surprised that Wenger still uses 4-4-1-1 formation.But Reading just too weak to exploit our slight weaknesses.

                              Anyhow,we get the things we want to and in fact,our goal difference was even better than before compared to Man United.

                              There will be no EPL match next week and I think Wenger can plan for their tough journey after the game against Wigan.

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                                Reading vs. Arsenal match preview

                                Arsenal will try to regain their 1st place in EPL in this game.

                                Arsenal are in big pressure I think,and with Man United's 2-0 win over Rovers Gunners are forced to get all the three points and and they must win by at least 2 goals margin in order to compete with the fired Red Devils.Same goes to Liverpool,they too pressure us by remain unbeaten in the league,and they keep a close distance with us in Premier League.

                                But the good news is Everton helped us to stop Chelsea by two points and Portsmouth stopped themselves as well as Man City.Blackburn dropped points as well but I wish they could drop Devil's point too.But they are just too strong for Rovers.

                                And as this game is an away game for Arsenal,there are always some risks involved.But it's good to hear that no players are injured so far except Persie,and Persie could be available for fortnight's match against Wigan.

                                About the technical aspects of the game,I seriously hope that Adebayor would have another striker accompanying him,and he's lonely at the front.Probably Dudu or Walcott can pair with him.I don't sure about Reading style but they could play defensively with us;they would probably pack 9-10 players for defending but it may change.

                                My prediction:Reading 1-2 Arsenal.

                                Though we will fall to 2nd place if my prediction is true but I think 3 points are more important.Besides,we can't compete with Man United in terms of goal difference,we must take advantage of our one game in hand.If we can manage to at least draw in one game in hand then it's M.U turn to trail us again.

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                                  Saturday, November 10, 2007

                                  Wenger will not rest for his entire career


                                  I modify the title a little bit,and hopefully my title will have the same meaning.

                                  I don't think managers will rest,the only time they can rest is only when the season is over.Players can be rested,but not managers.We did not have second managers out here,right?

                                  But the good thing about managers are they are not exposed to physical game,they play more on mental game instead.But if the teams goes bad,managers will take the blame.

                                  If you are the players,the chances of getting blamed is 1/11,but it's 1/2 for managers.50% for players and 50 % for managers.

                                  I personally think that managers are more important than players in the team.Though good players are important as well,a good managers certainly can make best of the players.

                                  Let's take this situation in cooking;a good or fresh ingredient(players) is a must,but only a good chef(manager) can make best of them.

                                  We has seen this example with our team itself.Teams like Manchester United had shown as well that good managers is more important than good players.Most of the new and good performing comers in EPL such as Reading,West Ham and Portsmouth(Portsmouth is already years in EPL) make it well in EPL because of managers.

                                  We can have many good players,but a good manager is very hard to find and if they exist,most probably they are already holding a great post in good teams.And that's why I'm worried about rumour about Wenger's departure last time.

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                                    Thursday, November 08, 2007

                                    Wenger:Arsenal only average


                                    I somehow agree with him,but why our play is only average in that game.If it's because of Slavia itself then we can praise them for good game.

                                    But I'm scare that absence of Fabregas makes the difference in our team.If that is the case,I think it will bring more harm than good for us,considering the whole team have to depend on Fabs for goals.

                                    If he(Fabregas),injured for long time(eg:10months) then we will have to miss the silverware,merely because of his injury.

                                    I agree as well that our players need to be rested for sometimes,especially our style of playing require them to run a lot,but I hope there are no dependency on one players.

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                                      Wednesday, November 07, 2007

                                      Arsenal extend their draw record to three games

                                      Arsenal drew 1-1,another drew and this means they drew three games in a row .

                                      Yes,a point may be enough to send Arsenal to knock-out stage but personally I think Gunners should finish a top leader of the table.Not I'm saying that Arsenal can's lead the table but I think Arsenal should get three points from this game as this game is easier than the next game against Sevilla,at least for me.

                                      Now Gunners must do the same thing when they visit Seville in another two weeks.

                                      About the game,Arsenal still control the possession but there are very little attack from both teams,and this makes this game a dull game.I hope the thing will be not the same next Monday,as our players had been already properly rested for 10 days.

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                                        Slavis Prague vs. Arsenal preview

                                        Gunners will try to extend their straight winning record in U.C. League with a win over Slavia Prague tonight.

                                        Anyway,before I comment further,let's take a look at players list for this game

                                        I think Wenger would rest some players since Gunners had endure stressing of Liverpool and Man United recently and I think some players certainly need to be rested,and this game is a good chance to do that,since Arsenal are sure for qualification for knock-out stage.

                                        Slavia Prague are obviously wants to take revenge over their embarassing defeat at Emirates.But I think we can still at least gain a point tonight although Sla. Prague will show their best and some of our main players are present.

                                        I expect a draw from this game,how about you?

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                                          Tuesday, November 06, 2007

                                          Ferguson accuses our foreign policy.


                                          I certainly sure that this case has been highlighted for many times from many people.

                                          SO Sir Alex did not need to highlight this issue anymore.Is he complained most goal Man United conceded against was by foreign players.Or he still frustrated by Gallas late goal against Man United.

                                          Without foreign players,I think EPL will be pretty unexciting and boring.Let's take a look at Portsmouth,most of their goals are scored by foreigners.And based on even Manchester United's goal scorer,most of them are foreigners.I'm pretty sure that foreign players contribute 75% of Manchester United's goal.

                                          About this issue,it's all depends on on England's FA.Based on my post before,the FA have to decide between money or England's team performance.In this case you can't have best of both worlds.

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                                            Monday, November 05, 2007

                                            Premiership analysis

                                            Here's the current EPL table;

                                            Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                                            1 Arsenal 11 8 3 0 24 9 15 27
                                            2 Man Utd 12 8 3 1 21 6 15 27
                                            3 Chelsea 12 7 3 2 18 8 10 24
                                            4 Portsmouth 12 6 4 2 23 13 10 22
                                            5 Blackburn 11 6 4 1 15 9 6 22
                                            6 Man City 11 7 1 3 15 13 2 22
                                            7 Liverpool 11 5 6 0 17 6 11 21
                                            8 Everton 12 6 1 5 18 14 4 19
                                            9 Aston Villa 11 5 3 3 16 13 3 18
                                            10 Newcastle 11 5 2 4 18 17 1 17
                                            11 West Ham 11 4 3 4 13 10 3 15
                                            12 Reading 12 4 1 7 15 26 -11 13
                                            13 Fulham 12 2 6 4 16 18 -2 12
                                            14 Birmingham 12 3 2 7 12 18 -6 11
                                            15 Sunderland 11 2 3 6 12 20 -8 9
                                            16 Middlesbro 12 2 3 7 12 23 -11 9
                                            17 Tottenham 12 1 5 6 19 24 -5 8
                                            18 Wigan 12 2 2 8 10 19 -9 8
                                            19 Bolton 12 1 4 7 11 18 -7 7
                                            20 Derby 12 1 3 8 5 26 -21 6

                                            Our draw against Man United has given other teams such as Chelsea and Man City some relieve,it means they still have chance to win the title.Actually I have much to talk about last weekend's game,but let's analyze the table first.

                                            Gallas just banged in the equalizer just before the final whistle,and thanks to linesman who saved us the game or otherwise we will have to trail Man United from behind.

                                            Chelsea secretly came back into the game with their recent 2-0 win against Wigan,and I think they can even win 3 or 4-0,but it's enough to get all the three points and focus on Champions League.Man City could came back into the 3rd place if they beat Sunderland tonight.

                                            Liverpool has same fate as Gunners as they could only get one point against Blackburn,but they remain unbeaten so far in the league.Portsmouth's form in EPL has improved tremendously,especially after their 4-1 win against Newcastle if I'm not mistaken.

                                            Aston Villa,Everton and Fulham gets their three points and 2 goals margin as well.Reading's performance had been deteriorated if compared to last season,and we will face them next Monday.

                                            Tottenham still can't do much to recover and same goes to Bolton.

                                            Now I would like to talk about the last weekend's game.Sir Alex seems to be dissatisfied about the draw,and the main problems is he accused the referee to be biased towards us and Arsenal fans seems to be bullying them.

                                            Ok,I know he's very frustrated about our last minute goal,and the same history repeats again against Man United(Henry scored winning goal at 90+3rd minute) but that's football.About the referee,I do admit sometimes they do make mistake and their mistake sometimes favours us and sometimes disfavours us,but again,referee decisions are fixed and you can't change them.We have to live with them.

                                            About the fans,I think IT'S PERFECTLY ALRIGHT with Arsenal fans to shout loud at our home.We will face other fans shouting too when we play away games.I think the shouting is even louder at Old Trafford.And the banners displayed at Old Trafford such as "Man U to win 4-1" is even more disgusting,at least for me.
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                                              Saturday, November 03, 2007

                                              Gallas saved Arsenal from slipping

                                              What a save by Gallas,who just sufficiently kicked the ball into the net a minute before the final whistle.

                                              I'm don't sure who's lucky in this game.But I would like to point out some weaknesses in Arsenal team.

                                              First,like usual we did some careless and silly mistake which can be exploited profitably by Rooney,Ronaldo or Saha.

                                              At 58th minute,Eboue if I'm not mistaken,passed the ball wrongly and it nearly cost Arsenal the game.2nd,Gunners had done too much failed attack,or Man U defended well against us and it costs us the energy if we kept playing like that for a long time and did not score.We waste our energy.

                                              If you score,you will notice your energy keep coming,and your opponent's energy seems to be weak,although they did not did much physical run.If you didn't score,your energy will be used up,and your opponent will take this opopturnity to kill us when we are exhausted.

                                              I noticed our game was dominated by Devils from 70th minute onwards,and I think it was caused by our tiredness.Though Walcott and Dudu came into the game,there are not much help to our tired players and therefore their presence does not help as usual.

                                              And I would like to talk about psychological factor in this game.Actually,both teams have about the same amount of skills and technique.So psychological factor is very important in this game.Sir Alex did a well job in this factor.I hope we can do something about this factor.

                                              Anyway,Gunners has a very good determination and this determination saves Gunners from slipping into 2nd place.

                                              I'm sorry,I should talk about the game first but instead I talk about our weaknesses.But anyhow,I will talk about the game now.

                                              Arsenal dominate well the game,this is the first time we seen Red Devils had to defend for most of the time and they have to counter-attack to keep up with us.This is not we see when Man U play against other teams.

                                              But anyhow,they scored two goals from counter-attacking and we will have to be more careful in this type of playing.

                                              And I would like to announce:THE REAL PLAY STARTS FROM THIS MOMENT.

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                                                Friday, November 02, 2007

                                                Arsenal vs. Manchester United match preview

                                                The top standing in EPL will be determined in this match.

                                                Talking about this match,let's start with performance of Man United first.

                                                For this season,they started averagely in the early in the season,then they started to get three points for every EPL match,and recently they get 3 goals margin and three points in every match.

                                                Their form has recovered and I admit this game will be tough for both teams.And with the return of their experienced players such as Neville and Ferdinand,Gunners will have to play precisely to win this game to get ahead of winning the title.I didn't mean we can get the title by winning this match,but it will surely increase our chance of winning the title.

                                                About us,we have done well too in this season,probably better than Devils.We excel in all championships,be it small championship like Carling Cup and international games like UEFA Champions League.We have kids who can score,beat experienced players and even our smaller kids could win the games for us.Our recent game against Reds had shown that we can fight for the title although our players seems to be smaller physically,too young and too small to lift the title.

                                                Ok,after talking about their performance in this season,it's time to talk about their performance when they play against each other.

                                                Man United,being the best team last season,lost two games against Gunners.Gunners on the other hand just can stay in 4th place despite beating Devils home and away and this shows how consistency matters in EPL and this explains why EPL is hard to win and Wenger has even said that EPL title is hardest to win among the other three silverware.

                                                But last two seasons showed that Manchester United performed better than us based on the results and even our Invincibles are beaten by them,both in the game and by psychologically.So,we should not grieve when we lose games,we should work to improve more and excel in more games.

                                                I'm predicting a draw too in this game,both momentum neutralize each other and I think they would come out with one point each.But I'm always hope Gunners could shove all the three points in front of 60000 people,and take three points again at Old Trafford.

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                                                  Thursday, November 01, 2007

                                                  Eduardo sparked bomb at at Bramall Lane

                                                  But actually it's not a big bomb anyway,just two goals.But the most important is Dudu can score for us.

                                                  First,I would like to apologize for my lateness,because I have something to do.

                                                  I skipped the match report and I would like to comment on the game instead.I only watched the highlights of the game and I could only see the goals so I only comment on the goals.

                                                  It seems we can score from a distance now,compared to last season when we tend to overpass.Our game is more flexible now so we can play our way(smooth and sure) or the EPL way(physical and power game).And this differentiate our game now.

                                                  Hopefully this game can increase our confidence when Devils face us next week.With less than 48 hours from the time I post this post,everyone,Gooners,Devils and Reds as well as Blues and all EPL fans are feeling the heat of the next game.It will be some sort of EPL final stage.But of course we have still about 27-28 game remaining but the next game will really test our capabilities to steal the title from Man United.

                                                  ANd our 2nd team seems promising to us.Our 2nd team performed well too and this will reduce our 1st team burden.

                                                  Then,I would like to talk about Wenger's comment regarding the yesterday's game;

                                                  I felt we played against this team and dominated the game technically and scoring early made it comfortable for us and made it difficult for Sheffield United. They did fight very hard but after the second goal the belief went a little bit for them.
                                                  Of course we want to score early.But the game is not in our favor sometimes.Like the game against Liverpool we got conceded at just 8th minute of the game.

                                                  At that moment maybe their heart went more on the Championship rather than the Carling Cup. Certainly you could see they were more worried thinking about the next Championship game.
                                                  I agreed with him.As Blades are doing poorly in the CCC,they probably want to focus on winning CCC game compared to Carling Cup.We too focus more on EPL rather than Carling Cup,and this explains why we field 2nd team players in most of these games.
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