Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Arsenal vs. Newcastle match report

Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle


Download the Highlights(goals only)

Please note that all the clips are not provided by me.

Comments on match

I'm sorry I can't comment much because I didn't watch the game yesterday.

But from watching the highlights and my friend's comment about the match,we did created lots of chances and we could score even more and we could do it too the 6-0 score sheet did by Devils.

Our defense are much more solid compared to the last game's match.Maybe Wenger learned something from last weekend's match.

Flamini's goal was a screamer and how great if we could score goals like this every match.But a goal is a goal so the most importantly it is a goal.The 2nd goal was the Magpie's killer.

But of course credits should be given to our top scorer Adebayor who scored our first.Without his goal,we seems losing the "3 points" protection.

Let's see how Devils fared against Portsmouth tonight.
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    Arsenal vs. Newcastle(EPL) match preview

    Oh,I forgot something.Arsenal will face Manchester United in FA Cup fifth round.

    Arsenal vs. Newcastle(EPL) preview

    Live streaming for this match


    Match preview


    I guess there were no major players change from the players last game against the Magpies.Perhaps Walcott will not play in this game or he will play as midfielder,just like the last game's position.

    Robin is still injured so he would of course could not play this game.

    Technical Details

    I don't think we should use the same way to beat them last weekend to play against them again.It's not nice to apply same skills to a same opponents.But I don't know what way we should play against them.Perhaps more direct shots but we must learn to shoot properly otherwise there will be lots of missed chances.

    But again,if we defend carefully and we could dominate the game then the 3 points are in our bag.


    This is EPL game so goal margin counts here,which means if we could beat them 7-0 and Devils beat Portsmouth 1-0,we are top of the table for more goal scored.We can't afford to be conceded even a goal,not mentioning dropping points in a match.

    If we look from Magpies' side,they must strive hard not to lose the 2nd game against us in an embarrassing manner.So they should defend even more better and they could have better play against us compared to last weekend's.
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      Saturday, January 26, 2008

      Arsenal vs. Newcastle(FA Cup) match report

      Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle

      Arsenal:Adebayor 50,82 Butt(og) 89

      Match highlights

      Yesterday,pro-fabregas suggested that I should provide some highlights on Arsenal matches.I could only give the link and hopefully I can provide more than that in the future;

      Highlights Link

      Match report

      We can't do much in first-half,could be due to Magpies tight defending.We did have some chances to score but our players somehow lacks understanding between each other.But we have more control in the game.

      In second-half,we took even more control in the game and Eduardo nearly added his name to the score sheet 5 minutes after the 2nd-half started,but his shot just managed to bang the post.Adebayor however quickly shut-off our disappointment with his great shot to the goal to make us lead the game 1-0.

      Newcastle did try some counter-attack on us but they can't do much on our defense.We got back the possession swiftly.

      At 82nd minute,Adebayor killed Magpies' hope to get back into the game when he scored another one to make Gunners proudly lead the game 2-0.

      Newcastle's game in Emirates became more misery for them when Butt scored their goal one minute before the game enters extra-time.


      We played well in this game,but again our defense is just average.Credits should be given to Senderos because he did lots of good clearance.But if we play a team with good counter-attacking skills and we are dead.

      Our passes were absolutely brilliant and Ade's goals were just great to see.
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        Friday, January 25, 2008

        Arsenal vs. Newcastle(FA Cup) match preview

        Arsenal vs. Newcastle (FA Cup) Match Preview

        Live Streaming for this match


        Match Preview


        I think we will have lots to talk in this section.I'm shocked that Ade and Bendtner fight made more headlines than our 5-1 defeat in White Hart lane.

        This means it's not good to play them together as striker,though Ade had apologized for this incident.Bendtner's father even labeled our Togonese as mad and this sparks even more the fire between them.I don't want we fight ourselves like Newcastle's player long time ago.

        Since this game is a home game,this game must a-win game for us.If we lose or draw,we will lose our confidence and this will affect a lot our EPL game,especially another Magpies visit this Tuesday.SO we must field out our best to win the game.

        But Wenger intends to field our his "fringe" players,should our schedule is too tight for us.Source:Arsenal.com

        Wenger also hinted that he may use 'fringe' players for FA Cup ties if Arsenal's fixture list becomes too congested with Premier League and Champions League commitments.

        "Our main targets are the Premier League and the Champions League," said the Arsenal manager. "We will prioritise that."

        I guess Wenger learned his lesson last season when Gunners lost all their silverware in just 12 days.

        Technical Details

        I think we could just play our normal game,just we have to strengthen our defense to prevent ourselves to be advantaged by Magpies by away goals,should we draw this game.

        We should be more calm and not too attack-minded until we forget our goalkeeper,thinking that only our opponent has goal bar.

        Our attack was absolutely great,even against Spurs last Tuesday.So I won't worry much about it.But somehow,they should learn to be more flexible in ways they attack.Slick-passing is not only way to score;long-ball passing,long shots,quick-counter attacking are also ways used by many teams all over the world to score.
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          Tuesday, January 22, 2008

          Tottenham vs. Arsenal match report

          Tottenham 5-1 Arsenal

          Tottenham :Jenas 3 Bendtner 26(og) Keane 47,Lennon 59,Malbranque 90,
          Arsenal:Adebayor 69

          We were clearly humiliated in this game.We played well actually but our defense was rubbish throughout the game.

          About Spurs first goal,sorry to say,it was just a lucky goal.About the 2nd goal,it was very ridiculous to us.It was scored by our own striker,Bendtner.

          Spurs 3rd goal was a result of our poor defending but credits should be given to Berbatov and Robbie Keane for their accurate pass.Same goes to 4th goal.

          We did create some hope with Ade's goal at 69th minute and he proves Wenger should play him earlier in this game.

          Tottenham dashed Gunners hope with their defense-minded play and the worst come the worst,the fifth humiliation came at 90th minute when Jenas took advantage of our KO-ed team and Malbranque added goal to the insult.

          Tottenham's defending was error-proof and their counter-attack was absolutely great.Our defending on the other hand was rubbish and our attack was average.Our strikers can't play other style other than slick passes.Adebayor was slightly better by playing more aggressive strike and it made our consolation in this game.

          4-1 or 5-1,it makes no difference to us.We better think of ourselves now.And congratulations to Tottenham.Good luck to them in Wembley.
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            Monday, January 21, 2008

            Arsenal vs. Tottenham match preview

            Arsenal vs. Tottenham

            Live streaming for this match


            Match Preview


            This is the most interesting section to read about.Wenger will consider to use his first-team players to fight Spurs in White Hart Lane.

            I think it is a very sensible move,considering our poor performance at Emirates in last-league and I don't think our youngsters would be able to cope with full-forced Tottenham in W.H.Lane.I'm not sure Wenger will play Walcott or not,but in my opinion it's best not to play him.

            The only thing feared is I'm scared it's too late now.We should have done that in first-league.

            But he didn't mentioned who he will play in this game.

            Technical Details

            Again,the best bet is our 4-4-2.There is no needs to play unusual formation unless the game requires.We are used to that formation.

            About the striker pair,if Wenger decides to play his full first-team then it would be very likely that it's going to be Ade-Dudu.But other pair like Ade-Bendtner or Dudu-Bendtner is not a bad choice though.Persie is a very good choice but I'm very frustrated that he's injured again and I didn't even sure whether he could play AC Milan in February.

            But somehow,we didn't really concerned about our attack.I'm concerned about our defense.According to the article ,but if our first-team defense is here then I would sigh a relief but overall,our defense is the poorest among the Big Four based on the goals conceded in EPL.


            Again,we must score because we did let Tottenham escape with slight away-goal advantage.Hopefully we could qualify to Carling Cup Finals.
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              Premiership analysis 12/1/2008

              Now let's see the current EPL table.I intend to do this after the Liverpool match but I think I better spend more time doing our match preview.I'm not Liverpool fan anyway,why I should care about their ranking.

              Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
              1 Man Utd 23 17 3 3 46 11 35 54
              2 Arsenal 23 16 6 1 46 17 29 54
              3 Chelsea 23 15 5 3 36 16 20 50
              4 Everton 23 13 3 7 40 23 17 42
              5 Man City 23 11 7 5 30 24 6 40
              6 Liverpool 21 10 9 2 35 14 21 39
              7 Aston Villa 22 11 6 5 40 28 12 39
              8 Portsmouth 23 10 7 6 34 23 11 37
              9 Blackburn 23 10 7 6 31 30 1 37
              10 West Ham 22 9 6 7 28 21 7 33
              11 Tottenham 23 7 6 10 44 40 4 27
              12 Newcastle 23 7 6 10 27 39 -12 27
              13 Middlesbro 23 5 7 11 20 37 -17 22
              14 Reading 23 6 4 13 30 49 -19 22
              15 Bolton 23 5 6 12 24 34 -10 21
              16 Birmingham 23 5 5 13 23 34 -11 20
              17 Wigan 23 5 5 13 23 39 -16 20
              18 Sunderland 23 5 5 13 22 42 -20 20
              19 Fulham 23 2 9 12 23 42 -19 15
              20 Derby 23 1 4 18 11 50 -39 7

              Late goals by Rooney and Ronaldo maintains their first place with their 2-0 win over Reading.

              We beat Fulham 3-0 at Craven Cottage,thanks to their poor defense and with Fulham's current form,I could just wish them best to stay in Premier League next season.I think we're lucky not to face them in April,for they will play their 200% to stay in EPL.

              Chelsea managed to squeeze themselves from Blues when Pizarro managed score somehow at 79th minute through Birmingham's defense formation.

              Everton beat Wigan 2-0,Man City drew 1-1 with Hammers and tonights game between Liverpool and Aston Villa could be dreaded game too to Eriksson and Moyes.

              Derby proved that they should be relegated to the bottom of the table with their 3-1 lost to Portsmouth,though they scored first in the game.

              Blackburn drew 1-1 with Boro,Tottenham beat Sunderland 2-0,and Keegan still need time to integrate himself with his Magpies therefore their 0-0 draw is still forgivable.Let's see how they perform in Emirates next week.
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                Saturday, January 19, 2008

                Fulham vs. Arsenal match report

                Fulham 0-3 Arsenal

                Arsenal:Adebayor 20,39 Rosicky 82

                Match report

                Both team had a careful play against each other,both teams did not attack much and the explosion came at 20th minute when Adebayor headed again for Gunners first goal in this game.

                After that,both team started to play more aggressively.Why not?Fulham too must try their best to take their points to prevent themselves to be relegated.

                Dempsey did fire a shot but it was all wide and Almunia has easy task.

                It's the same disaster to Fulham again.Adebayor headed another similar goal at 39th minute.At this time,Fulham's hope to gain a point is pretty microscopic.

                In second-half,Fulham controlled more possession than us actually.But their play was unconvincing and their attack plan was poor.We could be called lucky but it's more to their problem.

                Rosicky ended their domination of the game with his goal at 80th minute.Eduardo's cross made him ran so fast and kicked the ball to demolish their domination.

                We controlled the game from the 80th minute onwards when Rosicky scored demolition goal but we too can't score anymore then.

                Match comment

                If I were given a rating over ten for this game,I would give a rating of 7/10.

                Gunners were not bad actually but the way we played yesterday can't get us to the EPL title.

                I didn't saw any Gunners superiority over Fulham other than better finishing.I can't imagine what would happen if both Ade's goals did not went into the goal.Another goal-less draw or just measly 1-0 win.I didn't want that.

                In this stage,every win will be counted "4 points" for us;every goal we score(excluding the winning goal) will be counted "one point" for us.Why not?We must score as much goals as possible to get back into the first place.

                We did get closer to EPL title actually,we beat Fulham 3-0 and Devils beat Reading 2-0 which means we win one goal difference between them.Though we still have another 6 goals margin to chase,we still have some hope as long as we keep winning,and possibly win with more than 3 goals margin.
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                  Friday, January 18, 2008

                  Fulham vs. Arsenal match preview

                  Arsenal vs. Fulham match preview

                  Live Streaming For This Match


                  Match Preview


                  I can't accept the fact that Robin is injured again for a few weeks.Source:Arsenal.com

                  If he's not injured he could probably be the top goal scored in EPL.But maybe this season is not his day.

                  However,Rosicky is returning into the squad after being injured for a week I think.

                  Techincal Details

                  There should be no doubt about playing our usual 4-4-2,where we can utilize our squad attacking power.Since Diarra has leaved us,we should not have any difficulties to choose players to be played for this game.


                  Although this will be a tricky visit for us,I don't want Arsenal to drop points again against smaller teams,be home or away games.

                  But I'm quite concerned about our defense;they seem shaky and I don't hope they will play like that anymore in this game.

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                    Thursday, January 17, 2008

                    Lassana leaves Arsenal

                    He will join Pompey and I wish him the best in Portsmouth.

                    I'm shocked that he leaves us so fast;I mean he only played for us for half-season and he's gone.

                    But I think he leaves us because he can't simply stand on the bench,playing lower-teams and the most unbearable fact to him is he can't be in the first team.He complained a lot about his first-team place problem.

                    But frankly speaking,our game will be still the same without him,since we didn't give a damn about him anyway.

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                      Sunday, January 13, 2008

                      Premiership analysis 13/1/2008

                      Let's see the current EPL table for now;

                      Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                      1 Man Utd 22 16 3 3 44 11 33 51
                      2 Arsenal 22 15 6 1 43 17 26 51
                      3 Chelsea 22 14 5 3 35 16 19 47
                      4 Liverpool 21 10 9 2 35 14 21 39
                      5 Everton 22 12 3 7 38 22 16 39
                      6 Aston Villa 22 11 6 5 40 28 12 39
                      7 Man City 22 11 6 5 29 23 6 39
                      8 Portsmouth 21 9 7 5 31 20 11 34
                      9 Blackburn 21 9 6 6 28 28 0 33
                      10 West Ham 21 9 5 7 27 20 7 32
                      11 Newcastle 22 7 5 10 27 39 -12 26
                      12 Tottenham 22 6 6 10 42 40 2 24
                      13 Reading 22 6 4 12 30 47 -17 22
                      14 Middlesbro 22 5 6 11 19 36 -17 21
                      15 Bolton 21 5 5 11 23 32 -9 20
                      16 Birmingham 22 5 5 12 23 33 -10 20
                      17 Wigan 22 5 5 12 22 37 -15 20
                      18 Sunderland 21 4 5 12 20 40 -20 17
                      19 Fulham 22 2 9 11 23 39 -16 15
                      20 Derby 22 1 4 17 10 47 -37 7

                      We are punished by our failure to beat Birmingham at home,and now we are force to score as many goals as possible or wait for Devils to drop points.

                      Chelsea try to give their fight for the title with their 2-0 win over Spurs,despite the absence of their African strikers Kalou and Drogba because of the recent African Cup.

                      Liverpool,despite holding the last Champions League qualification spot,are threatened heavily by Man. City,Everton and Aston Villa thanks to Man City who lost 1-0 to Everton to enable the 4th place competition to be so exciting.

                      Blackburn came from behind to make Trotters suffer with 2-1 defeat at home ,Black Cat surprisingly stole 2 goals and three points from Pompey....

                      West Ham hammers from behind to beat Fulham 2-1,and the top loser this week is Newcastle for sure after they lost 6-0 to roaring Devils,and Arsenal may be 2nd loser for this week.

                      Reading failed to take advantage from Chelsea's victory,all caused by Aston Villa who seems to be more determined to play Champions League this season.

                      Wigan managed to beat EPL bottom Derby to stay out from the relegation zone.
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                        Saturday, January 12, 2008

                        Arsenal vs. Birmingham City match report

                        Arsenal 1-1 Birmingham City

                        Arsenal:Adebayor 22(pen)
                        O'Connor 48

                        I'm absolutely disappointed with this result.We should grab full three points from this game.Yes,Birmingham did their job well on defending but we should do a better job than them because we are the EPL leader at that time.

                        Now,we are forced to wait Devils lose points,or score as many goals as possible.

                        I did watch the first-half replay,and the main problem is we can't penetrate them good enough to score a goal and our possession were mainly focused on midfield game only,instead of going into the penalty box.

                        I didn't mean our players wants to waste time,I mean we can't find a proper strategy to score.And with our opponent's hope to only draw this game,we are pressed for trouble.No wonder Devils only squeezed a 1-0 win over them even in Old Trafford.

                        I will comment further 12 hours later from this post.See you later.
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                          Friday, January 11, 2008

                          Arsenal vs. Birmingham City match preview

                          Arsenal vs. Birmingham City

                          Live Streaming For This match


                          Match Preview

                          Now,we are going to defend our place this weekend against Birmingham.Hopefully it would be easy game for us


                          Senderos,Hleb and Adebayor is fit for this game.But Persie is out for this game due to flu.All our regular players can play this game when required.

                          Technical Details

                          Nothing but the usual 4-4-2.As Persie is out,the most probably striker pair is Dudu and Ade.If everything goes well,Bendtner could play as well but I don't sure whether he has completed the match ban or not after being red-carded in the game against Everton.


                          It should be easy game for us if we take it seriously.We can't afford to drop points in every match in this stage.

                          Other EPL match preview

                          Of course the most interesting matches this week are the match Newcastle vs. M.United and Chelsea vs. Spurs.As Magpies just fired Sam two days ago,it could be easy game for Devils if there are no managers to take over them in two days.

                          It's different now in the other game.Tottenham has recovered very well under Ramos's control.I think he has the process to change almost all his player.Chelsea on the other hand just hanging over their thread in all their wins recently,but it hangs at least.

                          Let's see if Tottenham could cut their hanging thread
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                            Wednesday, January 09, 2008

                            Arsenal vs. Tottenham match report

                            Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham

                            Arsenal:Walcott 80
                            Tottenham:Jenas 37

                            I think the result is quite fair for both teams;Spurs dominated the game at first-half and we pressed back at second-half,though we didn't really manage to create some chances to score.

                            In fact,I think we had only one chance to score and thats where the equalizer came from.


                            I'm quite surprised that Persie played first,instead of Dudu.Persie didn't really managed to break through Tottenham's tight defending and in fact,the whole team can't really dominate the game.

                            Persie was substituted by Dudu at 2nd-half,and Djourou was substituted by Sagna at the same time.But we already down 1-0 that time.

                            The Game

                            We can't create enough chances to score,I think we only created only one pure chances to score and thats where our goal came from.

                            We had to pay the price of playing our 2nd team midfielder.We somehow get bullied by more experienced players and we were controlled from the 10th minute onwards till the 1st half break.

                            I'm not saying that we should not play our youngsters in this game.In fact,this is a very good chance for them to see how typical EPL team could be.

                            Tottenham too created far more chances than we did but thankfully we defended it quite well and the luck was in our hands again.Their finishing was average.

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                              Monday, January 07, 2008

                              Arsenal vs. Tottenham match preview

                              Before I comment on this match,I would like to announce that Arsenal would face Stoke City or Newcastle in FA Cup 4th round.

                              Arsenal vs. Tottenham

                              Live streaming links

                              2.Footy Live(1)
                              3.Footy Live(2)
                              4.Footy Live(3)


                              I don't think we would field 1st team players,although we are going to face full-forced and high flying Spurs.It's our 2nd team players that gets us in semi-final and they should finish it,and hopefully they could get us the first silverware in this 2-3 seasons.

                              But as Persie has recovered now,he could use this match too to regain his feel on the field but I don't think he would play for full 90 minutes.

                              Denilson is facing match suspension,as he got a red-card during the game against Blackburn two weeks ago.

                              Technical details

                              Again 4-4-2 is the best choice now,Dudu and Bendtner could be the strikers,and of course the team that played against Blackburn could be played against them.


                              This match is considered must-win match for us,for we need to have some sort of advantage to get into White Hart Lane.But our players matters the most,and we must trust them to win the game.

                              I'm worried about this game,because our 1st team just win luckily 2-1 against Spurs last month and now we are going to play our 2nd team against the same opponent.But again,we must have faith with our squad and I think it's quite OK if we could give a good fight to them,at least.
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                                Sunday, January 06, 2008

                                Gunners cruise through Burnley

                                Burnley 0-2 Arsenal

                                Arsenal:Eduardo 9,Bendtner 75

                                I would like to comment on this match today,instead of doing match report


                                We did show our respect to FA Cup,we did bring out most of our first team players and my expectation of some 3rd team players to play in this game was wrong.


                                I don't think there was any side that used wrong strategy.Burnley's strategy to us was not bad actually.I don't think strategies used by any team will affect the match's results.

                                Player's performance(Gunners only)

                                We played quite half-heartedly this time,and this cause Burnley to control the possession throughout the game.But our finishing finished their possession control,and that shows our quality over the lesser team.

                                Gunners performance this time was average only,but it's enough to progress into FA Cup 4th round.

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                                  Friday, January 04, 2008

                                  Burnley vs. Arsenal match preview

                                  Live Streaming

                                  2.Footy Live(1)
                                  3.Footy Live(2)
                                  4.Footy Live(3)

                                  Match preview


                                  It will be mixture of 1st team players and 2nd team players,according to Wenger.Lehmann could feature in this game though there are some speculations that he would leave us in January transfer window.Persie is set to return next week and I don't sure whether he would play in this game.

                                  Technical details

                                  Since I haven't seen how Burnley play yet,I can't give accurate details about this.But 4-4-2 or even Wenger's usual 4-4-1-1 could work here.


                                  This is a good chance to see how our players especially our 2nd team players perform.Toure and Eboue,this game should be the last game for them for January should they play in this game.Hopefully we can progress better in FA Cup this season.

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                                    Wednesday, January 02, 2008

                                    Premiership analysis

                                    Let's take a look at EPL table for New Year

                                    Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                                    1 Arsenal 21 15 5 1 42 16 26 50
                                    2 Man Utd 21 15 3 3 38 11 27 48
                                    3 Chelsea 21 13 5 3 33 16 17 44
                                    4 Man City 21 11 6 4 29 22 7 39
                                    5 Liverpool 20 10 8 2 34 13 21 38
                                    6 Everton 21 11 3 7 37 22 15 36
                                    7 Aston Villa 21 10 6 5 37 27 10 36
                                    8 Portsmouth 21 9 7 5 31 20 11 34
                                    9 Blackburn 21 9 6 6 28 28 0 33
                                    10 West Ham 20 8 5 7 25 19 6 29
                                    11 Newcastle 21 7 5 9 27 33 -6 26
                                    12 Tottenham 21 6 6 9 42 38 4 24
                                    13 Reading 21 6 4 11 29 44 -15 22
                                    14 Bolton 21 5 5 11 23 32 -9 20
                                    15 Middlesbro 21 5 5 11 18 35 -17 20
                                    16 Birmingham 21 5 4 12 22 32 -10 19
                                    17 Wigan 21 4 5 12 21 37 -16 17
                                    18 Sunderland 21 4 5 12 20 40 -20 17
                                    19 Fulham 21 2 9 10 22 37 -15 15
                                    20 Derby 21 1 4 16 10 46 -36 7

                                    We still lead the table by two points,thanks to West Ham who beat Devils 2-1 last Wednesday.Devils too should be credited for their good job of "drawing" Hammer's full power,and we could beat exhausted Hammers easily at Emirates.

                                    Manchester United keep fight for the Title with their narrow 1-0 win over Birmingham City.But somehow I expected the scoreline to be 4-0 or at least 2-0 since they are playing at home.

                                    Chelsea too maintain their distance with the leaders with their narrow 2-1 win over Fulham.Kalou and Ballack scored to make Blues earn another important 3 points.

                                    Liverpool surprisingly dropped points at Anfield,which means Man City's 2-0 win over Magpies enables Man City to take over the 4th spot.

                                    Everton have gave their full fights to Champions League spot after they beat Middlesbrough 2-0.Aston Villa just did enough to beat high flying Spurs 2-1 at Villa Park.

                                    Portsmouth join the fight with their 2-0 win over Reading.Blackburn follow suit with their narrow 1-0 win over Black Cat.

                                    So the next EPL game with be at least a week from now.And at least we could be lead EPL table for another week.Let's set to another silverware,FA Cup.

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