Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Great Arsenal Goals

Here some great goals by Arsenal this season.

Persie's 2nd goal against Chalton.

I think it is the best Arsenal's goal this season so far.From the video we can see Eboue running fast into the corner side and he crossed the ball into center and Persie just had the good finishing to the goal's net.Eboue crosses has resulted at least 3 goals for Arsenal.

Adebayor's goal against Manchester United

From the video you can see our Gunner's kid,Fabregas took the ball from Manchester United's one of the greatest striker,Christiano Ronaldo and we can see how great his ball control passes all of the MU's defender and Adebayor does the finishing.GOALLLLLLLLLLL.

I hope such of great goals could come on every Arsenal's game.

Henry's goal against Real Madrid at Bernabeu

What a such great goal.I dare to say this is the best goal in that season's Champions League

Arsenal vs Juventus goal

I think our kid,Fabregas is growing now.
Great revenge from Henry because Juventus abandoned him 7 years ago.

Blackburn vs. Arsenal goal

Fantastic goal by Henry

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