Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sheffield United vs. Arsenal match preview

Gunners will continue their form in Carling Cup round 4 against The Blades.

We need to win this match to gain our confidence before fighting Devils this weekend,or battle for the EPL title.But Carling Cup is important too,at least it's a sliverware,which we were lacking for recent years.We came close to them last season but Drogba just stopped us. has listed out the players tonight.

Referring to link above,some players like Fabregas and Hleb are rested in this game.Arsenal will feature their 2nd team players I think,with some main players such as Gilberto and Dudu.

And recent poor form of Shef. United,I hope we can exploit this fact to progress more in Carling Cup.

Hopefullty Bendtner could score in this game,since he can even score in UCL,why not Carling Cup too.He's really a good talent actually,and Wenger will polish him to superstar.

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    Monday, October 29, 2007

    Clichy:Arsenal pass the test

    Source:Sky Sports

    I personally don't think so,Arsenal has even more extreme test this weekend and I think this match could decide whether Gunners are capable for the EPL title or not.

    Another interesting article is about Gallas;

    I would like to quote some of his comment here;

    "I think we showed everybody we can fight for the title,” said Gallas afterwards. “A lot of people wanted to see how Arsenal would react against a big team like Liverpool and I think we reacted very well. Maybe we can be disappointed because we didn't win.

    Err,I think I could agree with him.His words motivates all Gunners and Gooners out here.And that's why Wenger appointed him as captain.Talking about yesterday's game,I think Gunners did not attack much,but each attacks carried most chances of goals by we can only converted only one of them.Liverpool on the hand have some attack but their attack was more on counter-attack,especially at 2nd-half.If we didn't concede the free-kick at 8th minute I'm pretty sure that Gunners could clinch the three points against them.

    “We had not lost a game and we had just won 7-0. That can help you a lot. Liverpool were maybe a little bit afraid of us and a lot of top teams will be afraid of us again. We showed we can play well, we can score at any time and we can handle the physical game as well.

    About that,I'm not sure whether Liverpool players are scared of Gunners.But I think Arsenal players could handle physical games and this is the main point of Arsenal's great play in EPL so far.

    "For me, it will be very difficult to win the title,” he said. “There are three or four teams who can win the title. Man United will be one of them but you have another team in Chelsea. We have to think about them as well because they won 6-0 against Manchester City at the weekend."

    Yes,I admit that a lot of EPL teams performed very well this season except Tottenham and Bolton which performed exceptionally worst.Not only Arsenal and the other Big Three,teams like Man City and Newcastle as well as Blackburn had made good progress so far in EPL this season.

    let's look forward to Carling Cup game against Sheffield,before setting up our fortress for defense of our EPL standings.
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      Sunday, October 28, 2007

      Fab-oulous equalizer keeps Arsenal ahead in the table

      Late-minute equalizer by Fabregas 10 minutes before final whistle gets Gunners ahead in the table by just goal scored.

      Liverpool seems to do it well with stunning free-kick by Steven Gerrard at 8th minute.I'm absolutely speechless about that goal.

      Then,Arsenal had the possession but it seems Liverpool has better quality of possession,and Liverpool's attack are more dangerous and threatening.Arsenal can't made any attack to Liverpool's defense and Reina just caught the ball throughout the game.

      In second-half,Liverpool and Gunners stepped up their game and still,Gunners had more possession and Liverpool had more counter-attack.Arsenal really controlled the game on 60th minute onwards.

      20 minutes after that,Fabregas finally made headway for Gunners with his strike just enough to pass through Reina's hand and hits the net.

      After that is the most tension time of the game.Both teams started to play even faster and faster .Gunners could get all the 3 points from Liverpool but the ball just stayed to the post and Bendtner just can's rebound the ball to Reds's net.

      And that's it,both teams remain unbeaten in EPL,but it seems that Liverpool suffers despite not losing the game.Some of Reds are injured.Fernando Torres and Alonso seems to be injured seriously.I'm glad that no Gunners are injured in this game and this means Gunners are going to defend their top standing with full force.

      About the game,I think a draw should be fair to both teams.Both teams performed equally well,and I have to admit that Liverpool have a really good counter-attack and I have to praise our defender to defend well when they needed too.

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        Saturday, October 27, 2007

        Liverpool vs. Arsenal match preview

        Arsenal will look forward to extend their unbeaten run to 13 games if I'm not mistaken,and end Liverpool's unbeaten run in EPL.

        Arsenal will face Liverpool in their highest confidence,while Liverpool will face Arsenal will lesser confidence I think,since Liverpool lost to Bekistas recently made a mess at Reds campaign in UEFA Champions League,but game is EPL game anyway,but it will affect their confidence a little bit.

        And actually this win is important to keep some distance between us and the roaring Devils behind.And of course if Man U drop points against Boro it will be better but it's very unlikely so we have to depend on ourselves to be ahead of Devils.We can afford to lose to Reds tomorrow,if we win next week against Manchester United.

        Some of Gooners had talked about Walcott.Should he become substitute,or full-time player.But I think he should came on 60th minute onwards in the game,as most players will be tired and I think Liverpool defender will suffer like hell to keep pace with Walcott if their attackers did not do well to prevent us from gunning them.

        About our game,I think Wenger will play the same player that played on UCL games.But about Liverpool I don't sure because Benitez always rotate his strategy,and it will be hard to predict that and I guess this is the advantage of using rotation system;people won't know how's your performance against them.

        About the game that are being played now when I typed this post is Man.U leading with 2-1,Chelsea lead Man. City by 2-0.

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          Friday, October 26, 2007

          Adebayor : Walcott could be better than Henry

          When I first glanced on the title,I think Walcott has to learn a lot more to be like Henry,but Adebayor commented the same with me,or I commented the same with Ade,but I think the latter will be answer.

          Don't pressure Walcott please,let him develop by himself and slowly.Though he came to Arsenal 18 months ago,his form seems to be floating.But I must admit he affect the game a lot when he is in the game,and with his fast pace to opponent's net makes defender scared of him.

          And I would like to comment on an article at

          First I would like to talk about the conclusion on this article.Although it seems weird to say about conclusion first,but the conclusion came on my mind first so I talk about them first.

          The conclusion is don't believe on speculation.Before Gunners started the season,some people commented that Gunners will finish 15th in EPL table.And yes these are the people who predicted that Arsenal will be the champions this season.

          Yes,fans words are lies.I admit that even my words sometimes are not perfect and are too realistic.But the purpose of my word is to motivate our players as well as fans.But about the players,I can motivate them only if they see my blog,which I think will be rare since my blog is not that popular that every Gooners will see them.

          I still remember last season's game when Arsenal are going to play against Man. United which has performed very well in the beginning of the last season's game.But sadly Gunners performed very badly and yet they can beat Red Devils at Old Trafford,which not many will predict that.

          Now we are confronted in the same position again,but we done very well so far in this season and Liverpool are in Gunner's last season shoe now.Gunners are in Man United shoe on the other hand.I hope Arsenal will win this weekend's game but I think draw will suffice.

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            Thursday, October 25, 2007

            Almunia:I didn't care what Lehmann says


            Lehmann has complained recently about his position and he can't play for Gunners.He even threatened to leave Arsenal if he is still warming the bench.And he even quoted that only himself has helped Gunners to win the title compared with Almunia and Fabianski.

            I think his word is too rude,I think he should let people try and should not conclude that Almunia and Fabianski did not win title for Arsenal.This will of course disrupt our good relationship between the players.

            If he wants to leave Arsenal for other club,go ahead.Wenger has so far never stopped his players from leaving Arsenal.If Lehmann leaves us for Man. City,it would be even better for us and we can think for swapping current Man. City's goalkeeper with him.

            It's not that I dislike Lehmann;I appreciate his performance for Gunners,but please don't complain when you can't play;your time will come soon.

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              Tuesday, October 23, 2007

              2 for Walcott,7 for Gunners

              Wow,I didn't expect Arsenal to win on such a big margin and to be frank,this is the first time I've done a match report which Gunners win 7-0.Gunners done that before but I didn't started this site yet.

              I'm really sorry that I didn't watch the match because my country did not broadcast Arsenal's game live and live streaming I offered yesterday seems did not went well with my connection.

              But here's the highlight if you want to watch the highlights;

              1st half


              Judging from the highlights,Arsenal seems to convert many of their chances into goal(I'm not sure about this,I must watch the full match) and Slavia can't convert their chance into goal and this made the 7 goals difference between Arsenal and Slavia.May be they could improve on next game against us just two weeks ahead.I'm sure Slavia will try their best that time to take revenge.

              But I hope our defense could be improved more if we are going to beat Liverpool and Man. U next games.

              Anyhow,I must praise our Gunners to win 7-0 for the first time and kept our goal clean from any score so far.And congratulations to Walcott to score two goals in Champions League game,and I'm sure too that he can score too in EPL games.

              I'm glad that no player are injured in this game,and this means except van Persie,Arsenal are going to Anfield with confidence and all the players that played in this match are ready to fight against Red Army defended Anfield.We will see how Liverpool fare in tonight's game.
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                Arsenal vs. Slavia Prague match preview

                Let's continue for our 3rd win in UEFA Champions League qualifying game.

                But I'm not sure Wenger will consider to keep his best players in this game for bigger match against Liverpool next weekend.

                I would like to comment on's Arsenal vs. Sla. Prague match preview.

                Arsenal are two points clear at the top of the table with a game in hand but in the next fortnight they face Liverpool and Manchester United, two of their traditional four rivals.
                I think there are some error here,if the big four is Arsenal,Man. United,Liverpool and Chelsea,I think it should be three only as there will not such a match between Arsenal vs. Arsenal except Arsenal(England) vs. Arsenal(Argentina).

                Let's see the current UCL's Group H standings;

                Arsenal - 6pts
                Sevilla - 3pts
                Sla. Pra - 3pts
                Steua - 0 pts

                Arsenal only needed a draw for this game to keep standing on top of the table.

                Vladimir Smicer, who is out injured tonight according to,but I don't think so quotes that Arsenal's lack of experience could be their weaknesses in this game.I think if these are Arsenal's weaknesses,Arsenal could not stand top in EPL table as well as UCL Group H table.But who knows,they could exploit our weaknesses.

                If you can't watch live football in your country,you can check here for live streaming if you have broadband connection or you can tune to here for live score update.
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                  Monday, October 22, 2007

                  Persie could be injured for 4-6 weeks


                  That's not so good for us,and this is of course frustrating especially when his form is at maximum.4-6 weeks is minimum period.Fortunately his injury us not that serious that he has to miss whole season.

                  Anyhow,we have still have Ade,Dudu,and Walcott as well as our attacking option and I hope no striker are going to be injured,at least for 4-6 weeks or otherwise Gunners will face striker crisis.

                  Senderos is still injured,but fortunately Gallas could recover in time to take back his job.

                  And we had to go through tough journey,starting from now till next two weeks.

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                    Sunday, October 21, 2007

                    Premiership analysis 22/10/07

                    There are still some remaining match for this weekend but let's take a look at current EPL table anyway;

                    Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                    1 Arsenal 9 8 1 0 21 6 15 25
                    2 Man Utd 10 7 2 1 15 3 12 23
                    3 Man City 10 7 1 2 15 7 8 22
                    4 Liverpool 9 5 4 0 16 5 11 19
                    5 Portsmouth 10 5 3 2 19 12 7 18
                    6 Blackburn 9 5 3 1 13 8 5 18
                    7 Chelsea 10 5 3 2 10 8 2 18
                    8 Newcastle 8 4 2 2 13 10 3 14
                    9 Aston Villa 9 4 2 3 13 12 1 14
                    10 Everton 10 4 1 5 13 13 0 13
                    11 West Ham 8 3 1 4 9 8 1 10
                    12 Reading 10 3 1 6 12 22 -10 10
                    13 Fulham 10 1 5 4 12 16 -4 8
                    14 Birmingham 10 2 2 6 8 13 -5 8
                    15 Sunderland 9 2 2 5 10 16 -6 8
                    16 Wigan 10 2 2 6 8 14 -6 8
                    17 Middlesbro 10 2 2 6 10 18 -8 8
                    18 Tottenham 9 1 4 4 16 18 -2 7
                    19 Derby 10 1 3 6 5 22 -17 6
                    20 Bolton 10 1 2 7 9 16 -7 5


                    Ok,there are totally no change in EPL 's top seven standings because there are totally no upset this weekend.All teams that should win won as expected;Gunners gunned Trotters to the bottommost of the EPL table,Devils get away with three points,three goal difference and two red scars on Villa.Manchester City too beats Birmingham 1-0 and Liverpool scored two penalties to keep the chase against us and Devils.Blues started to gain their form with 2-0 win against Middlesbrough,whose team which will visit Old Trafford next weekend.

                    This means next weekend's match will be extremely beneficial to Man.United.Arsenal will face Liverpool,and Man. City will visit Stamford Bridge next weekend,which means two of these teams will drop points,and if draw occurs in both games all of these teams will drop points.

                    Manchester United on the other hand face Middlesbrough at Old Trafford.

                    But anyway,we should focus first on Champions League.
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                      A livescore site

                      Lately,I came across a site friend recommended it to me.

                      When I first time came the,the navigation is still quite easy for me as a new user.It offers simple web interface,so I have no problem finding results of my favorite team,Arsenal.

                      It offers live score update for quite a lot of popular sports actually,and
                      that of course covers football and infamous EPL football,Spanish Primera
                      Liga,Italian Series A.And the best is it also offers live updates for 2nd (CCC Championship),3rd and 4th Division match.

                      Other than that,it also features sound and grafic goal alert, red card
                      indicator, info about type of match(for example first round if it is a cup
                      match) so users can easily recognise the match.It updates itself frequently so we didn't have to refresh the site by ourselves.We can just leave it and we can do other thing,surfing webs and if you don't want to surf but want's to be stay tuned,just leave the browser on with

                      So,if you are a lower division team's fans,let's say Southampton,you can
                      easily know your team's results instantly without waiting for news etc with
                      this site.It's good for you all as well as me since not many sites offer live updates for these matches.Although streaming videos could be a better choice,but streaming video takes a lot of internet banwidth.Those who are subscribing to data-limited broadband,you can't stream videos for too long time(90 minutes) for many times.Or those who are still using dial-up,it's almost impossible to stream videos since the speed is just limited to 56.6 kbps I think.So even my 512 kbps connection is struggling to stream videos,I can't imagine how slow is it if we are usány dial-up.But as this site is much simpler,it does not consume a lot of internet bandwidth as it's just a website anyway. Therefore,livescore site is more viable choice if you have a slower internet connection or using bandwidth-limited broadband.

                      And the best of all,it offers live updates for other type of sports as well
                      such as basketball,hockey,baseball or tenis live scores.But sadly rugby is not included in the live score update.But it focuses more on live soccer results as soccer is the most watched sports in the world.

                      And for those who like to play sports betting,this site offers betting guide at the ODDS section.I'm not a gambler my self so I can't elaborate more in this section,it's up to you to explore it.

                      Finally, is quite a good site and you should try to explore it,especially if you are relying to livescore updates to know your favorite's team result.

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                        Saturday, October 20, 2007

                        Gunners maintain the tension with 2-0 win against Bolton.

                        Free-kick score by Toure and easy goal by Rosicky gave Gunners another important win before going through Reds and Devils journey.

                        However,the game wasn't as easy as expected in first-half as Gunners missed a lot of chances,and Trotters defended well and they played very physically but I would not say they played well.I think they play like a wall.Why?I will explain it later on in this article.

                        But after Walcott and Rosicky came into the game,Gunners momentum began to increase.Attacks going for every second into Trotters defense.But the breakthrough only came at 67th minute when Toure surprisingly scored from a free-kick to make Gunners lead with 1-0.It's surprise isn't it?A defender can score a free-kick.But anyway Toure came to Arsenal as a striker,but Wenger trained him as defender eventually.

                        Bolton didn't do much either,so Almunia was very free in this match.

                        Then,at 81st minute Walcott crossed the ball and Rosicky just easily back-kicked the ball and make Bolton 2-0 behind Gunners.

                        Walcott could score actually after this but his shot was blocked by Bolton's defender.Talking about Walcott,I think he bring a lot of chances to Gunners to score with his fast pace towards the goal but somehow he's taking the midfielder job.Yes,I think he's a midfielder at that time but Wenger wants to train him as striker eventually.Let's see how he will progress.

                        About my last comment about Bolton was a wall because they play just like Manchester City last time;they did not have counter-attack or it's very less.It's not nice to see as a football match when the attack or the game just going in one-way.So I can say they played like a"wall",very strong but gives no harm.

                        There are no upsets in this weekend at least for Saturday's match,with all the top teams winning and there are very little change in the Top 10 standings in EPL.Liverpool,just same as last week scored at last minute of the game but they scored a winning goal yesterday.

                        Aston Villa began well with their 1-0 lead but ended worst with 4-1 lost against Man.United.The tension in the league will be even higher for us with our next match against Liverpool at Anfield,and Man.City's match against Chelsea.

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                          Friday, October 19, 2007

                          Arsenal vs. Bolton match preview

                          Wow,it has been two weeks since I posted Gunners match preview.

                          But anyhow,we finally could have EPL too after suffering for two weeks(at least for me) and Arsenal get to defend their standing again.

                          But this time,we will have to play without Robin van Persie because of injury,which means my prediction was right:(.But hopefully Edurado could take this chance to shine in EPL,and since he does not score much yet in EPL I hope he could score more for us.I think Wenger think the same too.Senderos was injured too but the good news is our captain Gallas is available for this match.

                          Oh yes,in that previous news states that Persie could be our for 4-6 weeks,which means he could not venture in the coming Reds and Devils journey.But I think Persie could play after three weeks from now,because I think sometimes media is too exaggerated and it include even the official website.Well,I could be wrong but sometimes my quotes just now is true.

                          Another good news for us in Trotters main goal-scorer or ex-Gunners Anelka was injured too.And currently Bolton is quite messy for now so I hope Gunners could take all the three points from this match before going through the Reds army journey and Red Devil next.These two match could define whether Gunners is capable for the title for this season or not.

                          Manchester United visit Villa Park this weekend,and hopefully Aston Villa could do well enough to make Devils drop points this weekend.Manchester City face Birmingham,and I think Man. City should be able to collect all the three points.

                          Liverpool will have a tough game with Toffees I think,and Chelsea will play Middlesbrough away at Riverside.

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                            Thursday, October 18, 2007

                            EPL and European news


                            I thought they are injured,but I think it's better to them to miss Arsenal's game because of national games rather than injury.Adebayor on the other hand should follow them but because of Togo's failure to qualify in African Cup,he could not follow them.

                            Persie too could miss this weekend's game because of injury but I'm not sure yet about the injury severeness.Hopefully the injury is not serious and he could feature this weekend.

                            I'm sure the sudden departure of Sammy Lee from Bolton attracted our attention,especially when we have match against Bolton this weekend.They haven't find his replacement yet,and there are a lot of rumours about the new Bolton manager.Some say Jose Mourinho,some say Capello and lots of manager who I can't think of.But if Mourinho become Bolton new manager next day I'm sure this weekend's match will be interesting to watch.

                            Then,I would like to talk about England's recent 2-1 defeat to Russia.Actually I'm going to sleep after watched England lead the game with 1 goal,but I'm shocked to see that England lost to them.That means England is in a very dangerous position and they face the risk of being disqualified for European final 16.

                            In order to Three Lions to qualify,Russia must lose to Israel and they themselves must beat Croatia.Eduardo will have hard time playing against Three Lions.

                            Hooray!!!,EPL is coming again.

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                              Tuesday, October 16, 2007

                              Wenger:I can't wait for my players to return


                              Actually this news are quite outdated but it's still relevant today.

                              All club manager,be they are EPL manager,Spanish Primera Liga manager,Series A manager or almost all club managers are worried that their players are going to be injured in international games.

                              National coach on the other hand are worried that their players are going to be injured in club games.I think Ukraine coach will be worried to death if Schevchenko are injured for a long time because of club games.Well,we as fans are worried as well if our favourite club's player are injured .

                              If any of our main players are injured,let's say Fabregas,Gunners has lost a great player for attacking and mainly,midfield player.But fortunately none of our players are injured in last weekend's game.Hopefully it will be the same for next two days.Chelsea on the other hand will have to cope without their left-back Ashley Cole.Worse of all,it's going to be as long as three months but I think it's going to be two months only.Why?3 months as reported by the media are sometimes too exaggerated to attract readers attraction.

                              On the other hand,Wenger seems to have choice between the two goalkeepers,Lehmann or Almunia.Source:The Sun

                              If the news are true,that means he choose Almunia as his goalkeeper.But anyway,he still has about two month to make his decision between these two players as the transfer window will be only open on next January.There are a lot of rumours as well,such as Gilberto going to Juventus,Gunners hunting for Miguel Viloso etc but all of these could be only proved their trueness next two months.

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                                Sunday, October 14, 2007

                                European game update

                                Here's the result of yesterday's European game qualifier.

                                Slovakia 7-0 San Marino
                                England 3-0 Estonia
                                Scotland 3-1 Ukraine
                                Faroe Islands 0-6 France
                                Iceland 2-4 Latvia
                                Hungary 2-0 Malta
                                Belarus 0-1 Luxembourg
                                Liechtenstein 0-3 Sweden
                                Cyprus 3-1 Wales
                                Republic of Ireland 0-0 Germany
                                Denmark 1-3 Spain
                                Armenia 0-0 Serbia
                                Croatia 1-0 Israel
                                Romania 1-0 Netherlands
                                Slovenia 0-0 Albania
                                Poland 3-1 Kazakhstan
                                Belgium 0-0 Finland
                                Italy 2-0 Georgia
                                Moldova 1-1 Turkey
                                Azerbaijan 0-2 Portugal
                                Greece 3-2 Bosnia-Herzegovina

                                McClaren could be smiling over England's 3-0 win over Estonia.But it's expected anyway.

                                Although France won 6-0 against Faroe Islands,but none of these goals was scored by Gunners.Ex-Gunners could be,but not Gunners.But all Gunners there are defenders anyway,so I don't expect them to score goals,but to defend properly.Although Gunners could keep France's goal clean,but I don't think Faroe Island could test their true ability.

                                But Gunners scored too.Eduardo helped Croatia to get another 3 points in the group game.

                                And I'm glad that no Gunners are seriously injured in this weekend's game.

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                                  Friday, October 12, 2007

                                  European game review

                                  Since I mentioned that I blog about European games too,I think I should say something about this weekend's European qualifier.And with a lot of Gunners player as well as EPL players in this competition,it will sure concern us as EPL fans.

                                  Slovakia vs. San Marino
                                  England vs. Estonia
                                  Scotland vs. Ukraine
                                  Faroe Islands vs. France
                                  Iceland vs Latvia
                                  Hungary vs Malta
                                  Belarus vs Luxembourg
                                  Liechtenstein vs Sweden
                                  Cyprus vs Wales
                                  Republic of Ireland vs Germany
                                  Denmark vs Spain
                                  Armenia vs Serbia
                                  Croatia vs Israel
                                  Romania vs Netherlands
                                  Slovenia vs Albania
                                  Poland vs Kazakhstan
                                  Belgium vs Finland
                                  Italy vs Georgia
                                  Moldova vs Turkey
                                  Azerbaijan vs Portugal
                                  Greece vs Bosnia-Herzegovina

                                  Some of these match could be predicted quite easily.I think England could win quite easily if Robinson didn't commit mistake.

                                  As Gooners of course the most team you will want to watch is France.Almost half of the team are Gunners.And there are a lot of ex-Gunners as well.Ok,France will face Faroe Islands so I think they could get the full three points against them.I hope no Gunners will be injured in this game otherwise we will be hit by injury crisis again.

                                  Other games that involves Arsenal players are the game that are highlighted above.
                                  Hopefully our Gunners could shine this weekend.

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                                    Thursday, October 11, 2007

                                    Lehmann or Almunia?

                                    I'm sure that some of you have discussed about the goalkeepers.Which one can fit for this important task?

                                    Before talking further,I would like to state their profile in Arsenal.


                                    He had served Gunners for more than three years,aged 38 and is the first team goalkeeper.I think his prime was at last two seasons ago when he kept Arsenal conceded not even a goal in UEFA Champions League until the final stage of UCL where Gunners was conceded two goals in that game.But it was got nothing to do with him because he was sent off at 20th minute of that game for fouling Samuel Eto'o.

                                    But his recent game against Fulham and Blackburn Rovers was disappointing and he has at fault for his mistake that cost Gunners two points in EPL.

                                    But no doubt,he is the one of the best goalkeeper in the world.


                                    Although he has played for Gunners for about three years,his appearance had been very less as he was only the second team players and he could feature only if the first team goalkeeper could not feature in games.

                                    Jens Lehmann's recent poor performance has given him the chance to play more and his performance is acceptable so far.

                                    Ok,actually there are also Fabianski but I think he still need more experience and skill to become our first team goalkeeper.

                                    I personally choose Almunia because I think he is slightly younger,and Lehmann performance is deteriorating.But I still think Almunia is not good enough,but I think he's a better choice compared to Lehmann.

                                    As good goalkeeper is essential for a good team,I think Gunners should buy some good goalkeeper this January to keep up with increasing attacking tempo of the game.

                                    How about you?Feel free to tell me about who's your choice between this two goalkeepers.

                                    Recent Articles

                                      Tuesday, October 09, 2007

                                      Tevez warns us that Devils are ready to regain the title.

                                      Source:Daily Mail

                                      Yes,we know that.Thank you for your remind.

                                      But I think they should not that arrogant.I know too Manchester United are great teams in Europe as well as in this world.

                                      But for NOW,we have the edge against them.We are the leader NOW.We are RICHER than Man U.So WE HAVE the EDGE against Manchester United.Not the inverse.

                                      Yes,Ronaldo scores a lot but for NOW,Adebayor and Mwaruwari are the top scorer for now.Out out top four player who score the most in EPL NOW,two of them is Gunners,not Man U.

                                      I suggest them to score more,overtake us before you talk like that.The way Devils say will create a lot of fire between Gunners and Devils.I don't wish for that.

                                      Roy Keane's comment about Man U have the edge against us is because he think that the team that can concede two goals suddenly are not "stable" and he think Man U could not do that.

                                      I admit that this incident is quite bad for us,and this case must not happen again next time.

                                      Roy Keane also commented that Gunners did not have the power to scare the next opponent with beating the first opponent with big margin;eg: 5-0,6-0.Manchester United on the other hand can scare their opponent with their wins against weaker teams.The weaker team are "scared" and surrender the game to them.

                                      But you must remember,Man U were "scared" by Milan at Italy.They lost 3-0 and the worst is they can't play the way they want to,and this equals to surrender.

                                      Arsenal were "scared" a lot last season with a lot of physical game,lots of dangerous tackle but I think Arsenal could cope much better this season.

                                      Even Arsenal could not win the title for this season,at least we are improving.

                                      I'm sorry if my post makes you all angry,especially Man U fans.

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                                        Monday, October 08, 2007

                                        Premiership analysis 9/10/07

                                        Let's see the current EPL table;

                                        Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                                        1 Arsenal 8 7 1 0 19 6 13 22
                                        2 Man Utd 9 6 2 1 11 2 9 20
                                        3 Man City 9 6 1 2 14 7 7 19
                                        4 Liverpool 8 4 4 0 14 4 10 16
                                        5 Portsmouth 9 4 3 2 17 12 5 15
                                        6 Blackburn 8 4 3 1 9 6 3 15
                                        7 Chelsea 9 4 3 2 8 8 0 15
                                        8 Aston Villa 8 4 2 2 12 8 4 14
                                        9 Newcastle 8 4 2 2 13 10 3 14
                                        10 Everton 9 4 1 4 12 11 1 13
                                        11 West Ham 8 3 1 4 9 8 1 10
                                        12 Reading 9 3 1 5 10 18 -8 10
                                        13 Birmingham 9 2 2 5 8 12 -4 8
                                        14 Wigan 9 2 2 5 8 12 -4 8
                                        15 Middlesbro 9 2 2 5 10 16 -6 8
                                        16 Sunderland 9 2 2 5 10 16 -6 8
                                        17 Tottenham 9 1 4 4 16 18 -2 7
                                        18 Fulham 9 1 4 4 12 16 -4 7
                                        19 Bolton 9 1 2 6 9 14 -5 5
                                        20 Derby 9 1 2 6 5 22 -17 5

                                        Persie lifts Gunners to the top of the table with his two goals against Sunderland.Manchester United finally cured their "1-0" disease with their 4-0 win against Wigan.With Ronaldo,Rooney and Tevez in the score sheet I'm sure Manchester United have regained their soul.Bad news for us.We will have to be more careful otherwise they will punish us.

                                        I'm not sure the team that we are going to play with in our one game in hand.Hopefully it's not against Liverpool,Aston Villa or Newcastle.

                                        Man. City keep up the beat with their neighbor with their stunning 3-1 win against Middlesbrough.Fernando Torres on the other hand saved Liverpool from their first lost in EPL this season with his last-minute header against Tottenham.

                                        Spurs played quite well actually but I think their goalkeeper was sometimes careless and it could cost the team a lot.Paul Robinson sometimes can't catch the ball properly and he just reflects the ball away from the net and this sometimes could give the chance to the opponent to score against them.As a result,Tottenham missed another important two points in EPL.

                                        Avaham Grant was granted a relieve after The Blues gained a 1-0 victory against Bolton and Bolton will have to cover the bottom of the table after Derby Country,the team that was beaten 1-0 by Reading.

                                        As there are no game for around 12 days from now,I would like to take this time to change my blog a little bit probably,and to invite any blogger our here,especially blogger who blog about Arsenal to exchange links with by blog.

                                        My blog might not have as much traffic as your blog after all,but exchange links can give benefits to both side.Thank you.

                                        But I will try to update my blog by daily basis if possible,or 2 days once if there are no any news about Arsenal.
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                                          Sunday, October 07, 2007

                                          Gunners scored three goals,just enough to get three points from Black Cat

                                          Persie saved the day for Gunners with his winning goal at 81st minute.

                                          But it's all well for Arsenal in beginning of the game as the first goal came as early as 7th minute of the game.They could scored earlier at 6th minute actually but there were fouls before Persie shot the ball into the net.But it was fated that Arsenal scored their first goal and Persie did that again with his stunning shot to the post and deflected into the goal.

                                          Things even better for us when Senderos double Gunners goal 7 minutes after the first goal.It's sometimes nice to see defender score goals,but their main task is to defend so I think the goal should be scored by striker or attacking-midfielder.But if strikers can't score,let the defender score the goal for them.

                                          As Arsenal were "too comfortable" with their 2-0 lead within 15 minute,Keane's team canceled that with Wallace's goal at 25th minute.I think that goal was caused by defending mistake,so I think it could be avoided if we are more strict in our defense.I could be wrong too,I must see the goal a few times to analyse that.

                                          Starting from that,Black Cat started to gain some play but Gunners still dominate the game.

                                          In second-half,here came the shocking moment for all Gunners.Gunners was "headed to trouble" by Jones just about 5 minutes after 2nd-half has started.

                                          After that,I think Gunners were slightly nervous at that time,and with their careless shot and unplanned attack added salt to injury for Gunners.Sunderland on the other hand played even better and better.

                                          However,Gunners started to gain control of the game around 60+ th minute and the attack kept coming to Sunderland's defense.Sometime Black Cat did some counter-attack and scared some Gooners out here I think.I was scared too.

                                          Finally,our mighty Persie showed the power with his winning goal at 81st minute.But the goal came from all.The coordination of the player was very good and we get rewarded for that.

                                          At injury time,Walcott could score his first goal in EPL but his shot just could hit the post.Talking about Walcott,he's really a good mid-fielder I think,because he could bring the ball fast to our opponent's penalty box and this would help our striker to score the goal easier.He's more suitable to become an attacking mid-fielder I think,just like Fabregas and Hleb.

                                          That just reminded me about Hleb.He got injured at his private part,which I think is very painful but he should be able to recover very quickly.Just few hours will do I think.

                                          This was really a genuine win for us,we really fight for three points this weekend.Sunderland gave really good fight to us,and with their 2 goals in Emirates I'm sure they gave their best too.

                                          Anyhow,Arsenal gained another important 3 points and another 1 goal margin.

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                                            Saturday, October 06, 2007

                                            Arsenal vs. Sunderland match preview

                                            Arsenal must at least draw tomorrow to stand on top of EPL table,since Man U are already back in their form with their big 4-0 win against Wigan.

                                            After Man U cured their "1-0" disease,I wish Arsenal could too since Arsenal started to suffer that.And this is a good chance for Arsenal to maintain their form before traveling to Anfield and face Slavia Prague and Manchester United next.If both team(Gunners and Red Devils) keep their form intact the match against Man. U will be extremely interesting to watch.

                                            It's time to back to the topic now.Ok,the main point to talk about this game is of course infamous ex-Man U captain Roy Keane who has a lot of memories with Gunners in his playing career.And his fight with our ex-captain Patrick Vierra is very unforgettable to Gooners as well as Devils out here.

                                            We are also looking to extend our unbeaten record and our main target is of course,to surpass our 49 match unbeaten record.But we must take it slowly.We has still 39 games to go and talking about that will pressure our player.Let's take it game by game.

                                            Wenger also stated that he has difficulty to choose

                                            Sometimes he don't sure which player to choose,as the current players perform very well but they are not main players.Wenger sometimes scared the seniors spoiled Gunners great form that formed by our young players.Our goalkeeper are a good example.Almunia are doing very well for Arsenal.Lehmann on the other hand always made stupid mistake,despite saved Arsenal from many goals that should be conceded.

                                            Let Wenger choose what player to be played and I wish him all the best.

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                                              Friday, October 05, 2007

                                              What's your opinion about my site

                                              Before that,I would like to highlight some news about Arsenal.

                                              Lehmann,Gallas are set to return to full

                                              However,both of them are not ready yet to feature in Arsenal's game against Sunderland.

                                              Rosicky and Song on the other hand are not injured anymore but they are still not fit for playing.

                                              Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood hopes Kroenke could join the board to defend against Usmanov's takeover.

                                              Now,it's time to ask all my viewers,readers and anyone who has seen my blog about how's your view about my blog?I would like to hear from you all.

                                              And I would like to ask you all whether my blog needs tweaking,or has any viewing problems.Especially for Internet Explorer 6 user,do you notice my post column goes to bottom?Or is my blog has any problem with Linux and Macintosh browsers?

                                              Do you like the current theme of my blog,or you think my blog's theme needs some change?

                                              PLEASE INFORM ME IMMEDIATELY IF YOU FOUND ANY PROBLEM WITH MY BLOG.

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                                                Wednesday, October 03, 2007

                                                Gunners get another 3 points in UCL

                                                Late score by Persie made Gunners headed for 6 points in UCL.

                                                But I think we are going to be worried again for the first 70 minutes of the game.Usually if we don't score even after 70 minutes,we will be worried to death.

                                                Since I didn't watch the match(But I saw the goal scored by Persie) I can't provide my full view of this game.I will comment on Wenger's comment instead at here.

                                                "We decided to put pace in the game and score early, but we did not manage to do it. We felt superior and we were - but as long as you do not score you must not become too nervous or impatient, and therefore be open to the counter-attack. We kept going, were intelligent and in the end scored the goal which gave us a deserved win. Patience is linked with maturity and we were conscious of that at half-time. The turning point was maybe they had a chance when their player went through, who I thought was offside. They could not take their chance and after that, Van Persie put one in the net."
                                                It could be major factor why Arsenal perform better this season compared to last season.Arsenal did not improve their skills,they improve their mental performance instead.Especially if our kids are talented,we need to train them to have more maturity and mental strength.And mental strength is one of the factor why experienced player is better the a young player.Their skill is about the same,and young player's skills could be better than the other one.But as experienced player gain more experience,they get more mental strength and they kept calm in most of the football occasion.Young player on the other hand begin to worry when their shots went wide,they are being attacked etc.

                                                Young player are superior when they are leading but not when they are chasing their opponents.This could explain some people's theory that Arsenal could win they score first,but usually lose or draw when they are being conceded first.Last season,our mental strength isn't strong enough compared to our opponent's but it's entirely different this season.

                                                "It says something about the focus of the team. Even though it was not the most glamorous of games, we had good focus and a good team display. Overall the team is hungry."
                                                We need to win all games to be superior.Let's say if Arsenal are not beaten for 100 games continuously and they are beaten in their 101th game,all media will be concentrate on Arsenal's first LOSE in 101 games.But if Arsenal win the game,no one will care about this since Arsenal is unbeaten for 100 games already,it does not surprising if Arsenal can keep unbeaten for 101 games.

                                                "That is now our challenge - how long can we extend this run? How can we try to be inspired by that kind of consistency, but it is too early to compare a run like we did before. In 49 and nine, there is 40 games difference. Let's go step by step and try to win the next game, which is Sunderland at home."
                                                We can't just shot our goal is going to be unbeaten for 50 games for instance when you are just unbeaten for 10 games.I'm fully agree with him;let's go step by step by beating Sunderland this weekend.We get to extend our home record as well.

                                                I'm really sorry for this time for unable to provide a match report for this game.
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                                                  Tuesday, October 02, 2007

                                                  Arsenal vs. Steaua match preview

                                                  Arsenal will play Steaua Bucharest away from home fro UCL group stage games.

                                                  Hleb,Lehmann,Gallas,Eboue will of course miss this game because of injuries.

                                                  But the main concern is Steaua had a very good record against English teams at home.They has won 4,drew 1 out of their 5 games against EPL teams.But we will try to make them lose for first time at their home.

                                                  Referring to here,they seems to have changed coach recently just like Chelsea side I think.And recent great record of Arsenal will boost our confidence tonight.

                                                  I came across an interesting comment from Wenger,

                                                  Normally everyone wants to beat us, not only God
                                                  I think he means with Arsenal's record now,everyone has a desire to beat Gunners.It's like they want to get the pleasure of beating big teams and Arsenal fail to the category they want to beat the most.So Arsenal must be careful with that.Don't be scared with Steaua great record against EPL team.The record of any team does not matter in a game.

                                                  I think he even quoted that EPL title is harder to win compared to UCL title because you have to play 38 games in 9 months.In this moment you will have to deal with injuries,suspension of players etc and this really makes EPL a tough title to be won.In UCL instead you play much lesser games than EPL,though the teams in UCL could be stronger than EPL's.

                                                  He commented that UCL is completely dependant on your luck instead.I think it applies more in the situation when penalty shoot-out is played.If there are two teams who can drew even after playing for 120 minutes,I think they are equally great actually.In penalty shoot-out,it all depends on your luck.

                                                  I'm sad that I could not watch the game live because there are no live telecast in my country.My reader in Singapore even complained that there are no live telecast in Singapore as well.

                                                  For those who want to watch Gunner's game live,you can check here

                                                  But I don't sure is p2p streaming is legal or not in your country.In my country,p2p is completely blocked.PLEASE TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN RISK.
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                                                    Monday, October 01, 2007

                                                    Premiership analysis 1/10/07

                                                    Let's see current EPL table;

                                                    Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                                                    1 Arsenal 7 6 1 0 16 4 12 19
                                                    2 Man Utd 8 5 2 1 7 2 5 17
                                                    3 Man City 8 5 1 2 11 6 5 16
                                                    4 Liverpool 7 4 3 0 12 2 10 15
                                                    5 Everton 8 4 1 3 10 8 2 13
                                                    6 Portsmouth 8 3 3 2 15 12 3 12
                                                    7 Blackburn 7 3 3 1 7 5 2 12
                                                    8 Chelsea 8 3 3 2 7 8 -1 12
                                                    9 Newcastle 7 3 2 2 10 8 2 11
                                                    10 Aston Villa 6 3 1 2 7 4 3 10
                                                    11 West Ham 7 3 1 3 9 7 2 10
                                                    12 Wigan 8 2 2 4 8 8 0 8
                                                    13 Birmingham 8 2 2 4 7 10 -3 8
                                                    14 Middlesbro 8 2 2 4 9 13 -4 8
                                                    15 Sunderland 8 2 2 4 8 13 -5 8
                                                    16 Fulham 8 1 4 3 12 14 -2 7
                                                    17 Reading 8 2 1 5 9 18 -9 7
                                                    18 Tottenham 7 1 2 4 10 12 -2 5
                                                    19 Bolton 8 1 2 5 9 13 -4 5
                                                    20 Derby 8 1 2 5 5 21 -16 5

                                                    Gunners are still in the top of the table with 19 points in 7 games,trailed by Red Devils by 2 points by they had played one game more than us.

                                                    The Top Four place in EPL has been not changed,with all of the teams collected the full three points last week,of course with Man City getting the biggest goal margin among the other top three of the table,with their 3-1 win over Magpies.

                                                    Portsmouth could be the top gainer for this EPL week with their 7-4 win over Reading.I wonder if I really watch the game,I could see as much as 11 goals.We seldom get this chance in EPL matches.

                                                    Everton too maintained their place with their 2-0 win over Middlesbrough,and I think Chelsea must do something about their performance drop this season.They had drawn 3 times in a row at Stamford Bridge,and with loss of Drogba(red-carded) and Terry(cheek injury) I'm sure they will suffer more.

                                                    Bolton drew with Derby Country,which means there will no change at all in bottom three of the table unless Spurs could beat Aston Villa later.
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