Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fulham 1-0 Arsenal :Match report

Fulham:Hangeland 21

It was a big frustration for us to get beaten in just 2nd match in EPL.

Since the beginning of the match,our squad is disorganised and we seems to lose our direction.The worse is Gallas did not react quickly enough to clear the ball,and that cost us the game.

Fulham had a great counter-attack as well as defence,but I think if we could play better,or play our usual play that will be good enough to get at least,a goal.

Again,I think we need a bigger squad for this season.It's just a week after the season started and we're seem to have injury problem.

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    Saturday, August 23, 2008

    Fulham vs. Arsenal match preview

    Fulham vs. Arsenal match preview

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    Match Preview

    First,our injury list only consist of five players,Fabregas,Diaby,Rosicky,Eduardo and Senderos.These five players is among our top arsenal.However,I hope the remaining squad can do good enough to gain three points at Craven Cottage.

    I really want a bigger score margin from our side.1-0 win is really not enough to show out out power to other teams.Yes,1-0 win is good enough for 3 points but in terms of psychology 1-0 shows that we are not among the title contenders.Especially with strength with all the EPL teams nowadays,we need to show that we are still one of the Top Four.

    I really want to see how our team performed in away games as well.We drew quite a lot of away matches actually and this cost us the title.If we managed to draw less 2 or three matches and won these games,the title could be ours.

    Let's see how Gunners performed in away matches.
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      Saturday, August 16, 2008

      Arsenal 1-0 WBA 0


      Arsenal:Nasri 3
      WBA: -

      I'm quite disappointed with the result,although they gained the three points.I thought that Arsenal can gain three goal differences as well.

      I did not watch the game actually.So I can't comment a lot on this game.If the game is played at Sunday 4 p.m (London Time) I will usually have a better chance to watch them.I can only watch all the games after this November,after all my things are finished.

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