Sunday, November 30, 2008

3 minutes changes towards 3 points

Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal


Full Highlight

Summary of the game

in the 14th minute, they would create the clearest chance in the first quarter of the game.

Adebayor had time and space on the right to place his cross to the far post. He found Fabregas, whose shot was kicked away by Petr Cech. As the ball flew out of the area, Gallas narrowly missed the opportunity to turn the ball home.

Fabregas would test the Chelsea keeper again almost immediately but, overall, the visitors’ flurry would be brief.

Almunia had to kick clear as Kalou sprinted through. Then, in the 24th minute, Bosingwa sent over a sharp cross to the near post and Lampard’s bullet header was gratefully clutched by the keeper.

Chelsea were starting to turn the screw. However their opening goal would be more down to Arsenal than the home side.

In fairness, its origins were unlucky. On the half-hour Gallas was harshly adjudged to have fouled Kalou inside the D. Michael Ballack took the free-kick and saw his effort deflected wide for a corner.

Almunia confidently caught Lampard’s effort at the far post but his quick throw towards Nasri on the left was misdirected. Chelsea collected the ball easily and, eventually, Bosingwa sent over a low ball towards the near post that the sliding Djourou turned it into his own net.

Only a superb challenge stopped Anelka from doubling Chelsea’s advantage straight afterwards as Arsenal began to wobble.

In fairness Van Persie forced a fine low save from Cech soon afterwards and then Fabregas fired in another effort from distance. However, Chelsea seemed to be playing with something to spare.

Anelka nearly extended their lead twice in the dying minutes of the half. First when he steered a stumbling header wide then, after Clichy’s error, the striker went clear only to make a hash of his effort.

The start of the second half saw Chelsea nearly extend their lead. In the 51 minute, Kalou tried to feed Anelka but the backtracking Clichy could only tee the ball up for Lampard who swept the ball wide from the edge of the area.

Arsenal needed something inspirational – a piece of skill, a piece of luck, an injustice - anything to lift their game.

And, right on cue, they got it.

On 58 minutes, Chelsea failed to clear their lines and Denilson tapped a pass forward to Van Persie on the edge of the area. The Dutchman looked to be offside – a replay proved he was – but that did not prevent him slamming the ball high in the net.

It was a lifeline and Arsenal grabbed it with both hands and hauled themselves back into the game.

Three minutes after the first goal, Arsenal got a second. Song was fouled by Kalou on the left and Fabregas floated the ball into the area. Adebayor headed it down and Van Persie, running away from goal, reversed a shot through a thicket of legs, beyond Cech’s left hand and into the corner of the net.

An unbelievable comeback that had arrived just when Chelsea seemed set to hammer home their advantage.

Van Persie even attempted to complete a 10-minute hat-trick but his free-kick flew high over the bar.

However, Scolari’s side were far from spent. They would launch an assault on the Arsenal goal in the latter stages.

But it would be based around possession and pot-shots. Almunia was barely troubled and, indeed, Denilson nearly added a third at the death on the break.

Comments on this game

It was a shock that we won the game.In the first-half we were completed dominated and our attacks or possession just can't execute.We did have some attack but those kind of attack will not trouble Petr Cech.Chelsea on the other hand,just kept hammering on our goals.

We were lucky that they actually failed to create any goal.It's our small mistake that allowed us to be 1-0 down at 31st minute.

In first 10 minutes in second-half,it become worse.It seemed that we had lost the hope of an equaliser,and what's our target in the game is stop Chelsea from scoring 2nd and 3rd goal.

But just one good play,we equalised the goal and 3 minutes later we were ahead in the game.Scolari will need some good time to accept such a shock.

After these two goals,we were awarded psychological boost now.Our passes worked more beautifully,our players could tackle better and we gained more possession from frustrated Blues.

And then it was our three points at Stamford Bridge.
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    Friday, November 28, 2008

    Chelsea vs. Arsenal match preview

    Chelsea vs. Arsenal - Another chaos

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    Sagna,Adebayor and Nasri are available for this match after recovering from their respective injuries.Chelsea on the other hand will miss Drogba,Belleti and Carvalho.

    Technical Talks

    This could be a physical game too,so we must be prepared for that.And we could employ 4-4-2 formation now since our strikers are back in shape.Of course,if we happened to be the defending team like our game against Man. United then we could employ 4-5-1 formation.Midfield is the most important element in football.It's the bridge between strikers and defenders.So we can't lose the midfield.

    Psychological wise,we are gaining ground since we beat Dynamo Kyiv and Chelsea drew Bordeux.However,we are still the underdog in this game.So it would be an uphill battle.


    Chelsea's home record under Scolari had not been good as compared to Jose,with their recent lost to Liverpool and Barnley(after penalty shoot-out).But we are the worst in terms of home record among the Big Four.

    Let's sit and watch this game,and see what will happen in such an unpredictable game.
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      Tuesday, November 25, 2008

      Arsenal 1-0 Dynamo Kyiv :The change we need

      Arsenal:Bendtner 87


      Rapidshare download


      Please note that above clips are not provided by myself.

      Match comments

      Despite our win,we did not really created a lot of chances and Kyiv's defence had been very tight and it's quite a job to find some flaw in their defence.Instead,Kyiv could score a goal from Gallas' mistake.That mistake could easily cost us two or three points to us.

      But I think Kyiv's mission at Emirates was just to get a point.It's not easy playing away games in Champions League,with different climate all over Europe.With winter coming close,one can play football in a place below freezing point.

      Tomorrow,I will post more about my views about whole Arsenal team.See you tomorrow.
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        Arsenal vs. Dynamo Kyiv match preview

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        A lot of thing have happened for the last three days;three goals,Gallas' return,and Fabregas' new task and commitment at Arsenal.Seriously,only Arsenal will let a such a young player to be a captain.But he's the among the oldest and veterans among the kids anyway.

        Ok,let's get back to topic.I have been busy all these days and I didn't really know Gunners as much as I did few months ago.But since I will be free for at least a month,I will have more time to update this site.

        This match will be a chance for us to prove that we are still one of the Big Fours in BPL.Our form in BPL had been really frustrated every Arsenal fans here.Besides,this will be the first time Fab will wear our captain badge,and we will see whether he could repair our deteriorating form.

        A win will at least give us some morale and confidence before we visit Stamford Bridge.
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          Saturday, November 22, 2008

          We lost it again

          Man. City 3-0 Arsenal - Match Report

          Man. City:Ireland 45,Robinho 56,D.Sturridge 90 (Pen)



          Manchester City v Arsenal


          I can't give comments this time since there is no live telecast in my country.Live Streaming seems can't tolerate my "super" internet connection.Will comment after watching the highlights.

          But by judging from the result,I don't think we made a good game at Manchester Stadium.One goal for our physical weaknesses,one goal for our injury problem,and one goal for our low morale.3-0 here seem to be very logical.
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            Man. City vs. Arsenal match preview

            Man. City vs. Arsenal - Not At This Time

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            Match Preview

            Sorry for the late match preview.I'm quite busy remaking my site now.

            The Gallas' news seemed to make this match more uninteresting for Gooners,but more interesting to our rival's supporters.

            Why Gallas add more troubles to our troubled team???It seems that he love to see Arsenal in deep problem.Perhaps he wants to make some excuses to leave Arsenal.

            Suspension,injuries and morale haunt us all together.I think this is the ever biggest crisis that Wenger experienced since he took over Gunners in 1996.

            Our team now is weak,weak and can easily broken up by anyone.Everyone dares to beat us now.

            THe only way to counter this is win,and more wins in BPL.Only 3 points in this match can shut the critics,at least for now.

            I will not make any prediction on our games anymore.Arsenal is SO unpredictable.
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              Saturday, November 15, 2008

              Another frustrating match

              Arsenal 0-2 Aston Villa


              A.Villa:Clichy 70,Agbonlahor 80



              Again and again,we lacked the physical strength throughout the game.Although we did receive more yellow cards than them,but when it comes to free-kicks,corners,crosses or even throw-in,and whatever that requires height we were totally disadvantaged.

              Take A.Villa's 2nd goal,I can't imagine if it was Walcott who played like Agbonlahor.He would probably get tackled,fouled or worst,injured.

              Our team was disorganised,and we did not have proper plans to score.

              I admit A.Villa was very determined to win this game,just like our determination to beat Devils last week.They employed the right strategy.Under Martin O'Neil as manager,Arsenal seemed to never beat them in Emirates.

              We should woke up from the penalty threat,yet we didn't.

              Here's Wenger's comment about this

              I don't agree with his comment.He should said Arsenal is NOT CONSISTENT ALL THE TIME.

              If Arsenal can't play physical,they are doomed.Don't hope to win the title.
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                Friday, November 14, 2008

                Arsenal vs. Aston Villa match preview

                Arsenal vs. Aston Villa match preview

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                Match Preview


                Only Eduardo,Rosicky and Eboue can't feature in this game.I think other players should be ready for the action.

                Strategies and Technical Talk

                I don't think I can comment much here but I think we should play with 2 strikers instead of one.We have quite a number of strikers now we should utilise them.If we happen to be the defending team then we can use 4-5-1 to strengthen our midfield.If we get conceded first then we can open up the game so our passing can be more accurate and not easily stuck to our opponent's foot.


                Although we did a good job last week against Man. United but I'm not still over confident on this match.We must beware of opponent's physical tactics and do our best from being injured or bullied by these players.Since my writing is quite weak and disorganised,I should stop now.However,I still think we could win on a small margin,2-1,1-0.
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                  Saturday, November 08, 2008

                  Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United

                  Arsenal:Nasri 22,48
                  Manchester United:Da Silva 90


                  Please note that the above clips are not provided by me and credits are given to the clip provider.

                  I have some comments over the yesterday's match.

                  On Gunners' performance

                  I guess determination made a lot of difference yesterday.The whole team was playing with their determination.They knew if they lost the game,they would be no longer challenge the title.The critics will sound louder,Wenger will be in sheer trouble.

                  Although they started rather nervously,the main fact that we were not punished by our opponent.If we were 1-0 down at first,things could be much harder.But with 2-0 cushion,our pressure was significantly reduced,although they were slightly scared of Tottenham repeat when they gave up 2 goals in less than 5 minutes.

                  Manchester United was less physical yesterday,and that really helped us to show our real skills and hence impress our fans and supporters.

                  On Samuel Nasri's goals

                  His two goals were really fantastic and that could be at least goal of the week.Although he could be lucky at his first goal,but his skill at 2nd goal was undeniably one of the best shot ever shown in Emirates.

                  Bendtner's performance

                  He did play his best,but the fact that he wanted to waste more time rather than securing the 3rd goal for us was really frustrating.He got lots of chances against Devils especially towards the extra time but he seemed to just waste time and has no intention to score his first goal against the defending champion.

                  Overall,our team really played their best yesterday and they got what they deserved.But I really hope our team could show more consistency and start beating the smaller teams who seems to play physical against us rather than playing the real football like yesterday's match.It seems that physical playing in EPL is perfectly fine,and we must face the music if we're not prepared against that.I'm scared if we injured the whole team in January and we will have to buy a team at that time.
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