Saturday, March 31, 2007

Four for Arsenal

Arsenal were thrashed 4-1 at Anfield by Liverpool.

Crouch scored as early as 5th minute as a result of cross by Alvaro Arbeloa and I would like to comment on this goal.

I think the back pass from Jermaine Pennant is really great,but Alvaro Arbeloa's cross to Peter Crouch could be prevented if there were some Arsenal players there and I concluded this goal as Arsenal's carelessness in defending and Pennant's great back pass.

The second goal comes from Crouch header,if I had not mistaken.This goal is really fantastic and it's not Arsenal's fault,it's Crouch's great header.

Arsenal's only goal comes from Gallas when he pushed the ball using his d**k.It's quite funny actually and this is MY FIRST TIME I saw someone who scored using his d**k.

Talking about this game,Arsenal's performance wasn't up to par.Arsenal did not had enough control of the game and again bad finishing but the bad finishing were lessly like to happen because Arsenal's chance were minimal.

So I didn't have something so say about Arsenal,Gunners performance is same like we did against Everton.

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    Friday, March 30, 2007

    Liverpool vs. Arsenal review

    Liverpool will meet Arsenal for third time for this season.

    Arsenal will have slight advantage over Liverpool since Arsenal had already scored 12 goals and conceded 4 this season and Arsenal will also had some disadvantage with its poor form in Premiership recently.

    I want to tell Arsenal if they play like they did against Everton fortnight ago,Liverpool will thrash Arsenal like Arsenal did to Liverpool in Carling Cup.Like Arsene Wenger mentioned in Liverpool vs. Arsenal review in Arsenal website,Gunners have not too bad defence and too bad attack this is not enough to shine out in Premiership as well as the other three competition.And Wenger takes responsibility of Arsenal's poor form this season.Although I agreed that Wenger is responsible on Arsenal's poor form this season but there ae a lot of factors that contributed to Arsenal's bad play in this season such as player's injury and I think Theirry Henry should take responsibility for Arsenal's bad form of play because he is the captain of Arsenal and I think he is the best player of Arsenal yet he did not play well this season.

    I hope Henry's form will be better next season.

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      Friday, March 23, 2007

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        Monday, March 19, 2007

        Match report:Everton 1-0 Arsenal

        Arsenal lost 1-0 at last-minute when Johnson scored the winning goal at injury time.

        But what frustrating me was the Arsenal wasn't playing up to expectation.I think Gunners were outplayed by Everton.Why?Arsenal,being quite a poor finisher,needs more chances to increase chances to score goals but in this game Arsenal chance were minimal.

        I saw a lot of mis-passing by our kids.Perhaps it may be caused by our transition period but this transition period were costly for us.Wenger said he want to finish as number two but when I think about this game I think this was too ambitious.Unless Chelsea's form drop tremendously,I don't think we can finish as number two.We better secure first our third place so that Liverpool don't easily get back their third place.

        I can see how our poor finishing finished us.Aliadiere,Kolo Toure as well as out senior Ljungberg finished awfully.I forgive Kolo Toure as his job is to defend so I didn't expect him to score goals but the another two I mentioned previously really disappoints me as Gooners myself.Same goes to Fabregas but he serves his task as a midfielder.

        I think Arsenal should be lucky to lose only 1-0.In second-half,60-70th minute if I not mistaken I saw one of our player,mis-pass to Everton player which could be costly mistake if Everton took their chances well.

        I'm sorry for my harsh comment but deep in my heart I'm Arsenal fan.I think Arsenal need BIG IMPROVEMENT to win Chelsea,Manchester United,Liverpool and hence other great European teams.

        By the way here's the current Premiership table;

        Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
        1 Man Utd 30 24 3 3 70 20 50 75
        2 Chelsea 30 21 6 3 54 19 35 69
        3 Arsenal 29 16 7 6 51 24 27 55
        4 Liverpool 30 16 6 8 44 20 24 54
        5 Bolton 30 14 5 11 35 38 -3 47
        6 Everton 30 12 10 8 38 26 12 46
        7 Tottenham 30 13 6 11 43 44 -1 45
        8 Reading 30 13 5 12 43 38 5 44
        9 Portsmouth 30 11 9 10 36 31 5 42
        10 Blackburn 30 12 4 14 36 41 -5 40
        11 Newcastle 30 10 7 13 34 39 -5 37
        12 Middlesbro 30 9 9 12 32 36 -4 36
        13 Aston Villa 30 7 13 10 29 35 -6 34
        14 Fulham 30 7 13 10 31 44 -13 34
        15 Man City 29 9 6 14 22 34 -12 33
        16 Wigan 30 9 6 15 30 44 -14 33
        17 Sheff Utd 30 8 7 15 25 44 -19 31
        18 Charlton 30 7 6 17 28 49 -21 27
        19 West Ham 30 6 5 19 23 51 -28 23
        20 Watford 30 3 11 16 19 46 -27 20

        However Gunners still in 3rd place because Liverpool drew 0-0 with Aston Villa.
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          Sunday, March 18, 2007

          Everton vs. Arsenal preview

          Arsenal will face Everton for routine Premiership game.

          Gunner's are still haunted by injuries problem as the following players injured;

          Theirry Henry(groin/stomach)
          Robin van Persie(foot)
          Theo Walcott(operation on shoulder)

          And Emmanuel Adebayor sees out the last game of his suspension this weekend.

          However,Eboue and Toure is available for this match and I hope Arsenal will do its best in defending and what I worried the most is Arsenal's finishing and defending.

          Everton on the other hand will have home advantage and will try to keep UEFA Cup dreams alive and Arsenal will try to get second place which means Arsenal will not need to play qualifying round to UEFA Champions League.

          But it seems hard when Chelsea keep their form with easy 3-0 win over Sheffield United.

          Manchester United seems sure for winning their title with easy 4-1 win over Bolton Wanderers.

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            Wednesday, March 14, 2007

            Arsenal move to 3rd place,win 1-0 over Aston Villa

            Arsenal moved up to 3rd place after a 1-0 win over Aston Villa.

            Well every Arsenal fans complained Arsenal had not enough luck,this one does not.Abou Daiby diverted Julio Baptista’s shot past the flat-footed Thomas Sorensen and I think this are very lucky to Arsenal.

            Arsenal as well as Aston Villa had a lot of chances.Talking about our chances,again Arsenal did poor on finishing especially Jeremy Aliadiere who cannot convert his two times of one-to-one situation into the net.Imagine if there were no Diaby to deflect the ball into the net,all Goonners will be frustrated with the failure.

            Another this was the poor defending as I had saw Arsenal's back-four's defense was easily broken by Villa players.Arsenal must be lucky enough to Villa's failure to finish well.

            And at second-half,the things going even very unfavorable to Arsenal as Aston Villa had control of the game.Gunners attack were minimal and again,Villa's finishing is quite bad,or at least unable to score on one-to-one situation.

            After a lot of frustrations I have learned that the winning team comes from a team who can did his finishing well or convert his chance into a goal and not a team who had a lot of possession,a lot of chances but failed to convert it into a goal.

            It's good that Arsenal secure another important three points in Premiership

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              Aston Villa vs. Arsenal preview

              Arsenal's lost in the three major competition in just 11 day had been frustrating and we must stop that.Arsenal,if could win almost of the remaining games will have a hope to get the second place shall Chelsea's performance drop dramatically.

              There are good news for us when Rosicky,Hoyte and Flamini will be available for this game.

              However,Arsenal will play without most of the strikers as van Persie,Henry,Adebayor will not be available.
              Shall Arsenal win this game,Arsenal will take away the third place from Liverpool.

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                Thursday, March 08, 2007

                Arsenal may win nothing this season

                Arsenal may win nothing this season when PSV Eindhoven killed their last hope to win a sliverware this season.

                PSV's Alex become top and the only scorer in this game as he scored an own goal at 58th minute and a equalizer for PSV at 83rd minute.

                I felt sad about this result as Arsenal suddenly lost all its competition,first is Carling Cup,second is FA Cup and this Champions League.

                However the only Gunners weaknesses is the poor finishing.If Arsenal players could improve their finishing or at least convert 70-80 % of their chances to goal then I think Arsenal could score a lot of goals.

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                  Wednesday, March 07, 2007

                  Arsenal vs. PSV Eindhoven review

                  Arsenal will face PSV Eindhoven in second-league play at home in UEFA Champions League.

                  Arsenal need to be careful as if PSV can score a goal there Arsenal need to score at least two goals margin in order to qualify into next stage.

                  However our captain Henry will be availible for this game and I hope he will gave hidden advantage for Arsenal as his presence increase burden to PSV's defender.

                  Gunners must play harder in this game and the reast of this championship,as Champions League is the only cup that Arsenal has chance to win or otherwise Arsenal has nothing for this season.

                  And in my opinion,Senderos shouldn't be played in this game as he sometimes make silly and sometimes costly mistakes and playing him in this type of game put Arsenal on risk.

                  And of course,PSV will try their best to defend their 1 goal advantage and make some counter-attack maybe.

                  On the other hand,Liverpool qualify on away goals when Barcelona only managed to score one goals at Anfield.Chelsea also qualify to next round with 2-1 win over FC Porto.

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                    Friday, March 02, 2007

                    Arsenal vs. Reading preview

                    Arsenal will play Reading for normal Premiership game.

                    Gunner's three lost in a row in different championship has been worrying us,with many key players injured and Adebayor and Toure were facing match suspension in Carling Cup final against Chelsea.

                    Here's the league table;

                    Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                    1 Man Utd 28 22 3 3 65 19 46 69
                    2 Chelsea 27 18 6 3 48 19 29 60
                    3 Liverpool 28 16 5 7 44 19 25 53
                    4 Arsenal 26 14 7 5 48 22 26 49
                    5 Bolton 28 14 5 9 33 32 1 47
                    6 Reading 28 13 4 11 42 36 6 43
                    7 Everton 28 11 9 8 36 25 11 42
                    8 Portsmouth 28 11 8 9 36 29 7 41
                    9 Tottenham 28 11 6 11 36 40 -4 39
                    10 Blackburn 28 11 4 13 33 38 -5 37
                    11 Newcastle 28 10 6 12 34 37 -3 36
                    12 Middlesbro 28 9 8 11 32 34 -2 35
                    13 Aston Villa 27 7 11 9 28 33 -5 32
                    14 Fulham 28 7 11 10 30 43 -13 32
                    15 Man City 26 8 6 12 20 32 -12 30
                    16 Sheff Utd 28 8 6 14 24 40 -16 30
                    17 Wigan 28 8 5 15 29 44 -15 29
                    18 Charlton 28 6 5 17 24 47 -23 23
                    19 West Ham 28 5 5 18 18 46 -28 20
                    20 Watford 28 3 10 15 16 41 -25 19

                    And here's this weekend Premiership fixtures;

                    Shall Manchester United beat Liverpool,Arsenal will take advantage if they beat Reading.
                    Chelsea will face Portsmouth away and Bolton face Blackburn Rovers at home.

                    Arsenal must do something,they cannot allow another lost in another Championship eventhough Arsenal cannot win the Premiership Title.
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