Friday, February 29, 2008

Arsenal vs. Aston Villa match preview

Arsenal vs. Aston Villa match preview

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Match Preview


The good news for us is Persie is back to full training today.But Wenger will not rush him back and I think he's going to play in Milan's game next week.

Toure,Rosicky, however is out for the game and I don't think we will see them in nearest fortnight.

Technical Details

Again and again,we need to be more creative in our play.I expect some counter-attacks from Villa and we need to be very,very careful against them.No more silly mistake like last week's game.

Don't give mercy to our opponent;score as much as we can,score when we can score.

We need to use lots of ways to break into Villa's defence,should they play 10 players in front of their goal.Long passes,our infamous slick passing and even counter-attacks could be applied to this game.


I admit this game could be a tough game for us.I still remembered our last game against Villa at Villa Park.We did beat them but we didn't deserve all the three points.

Devils have almost 100% probability to beat Fulham tomorrow,and we must fight for the title ourselves and not by hoping other teams will do us a favour.
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    Monday, February 25, 2008

    Should Gallas get his captain band off?

    Before I elaborate further on the above topic,I would like to say that we should see Eduardo playing on next year,if everything goes

    I refer to here.

    Like usual,I would like to refer to some interesting comments by Tony Cascarino;the narrator of this article.

    "The defender’s becoming a liability, a laughing stock. He’s 30 years old, not 3. I don’t know what the players will make of his antics within the camp, but they can’t feel good about it. Gallas has developed the habit of berating his teammates when they make a mistake, waving his arms theatrically, pulling all sorts of faces. Players hate it when they are shown up publicly like that,"

    Of course the players would show some frustration when they meet such a situation when they just can't beat a team because of careless mistake.

    I'm of course agree with his statement that Gallas made some silly actions in front of millions of people(including those who watched the game live from TV).But stripping off his captain band could be too cruel to him.

    Players,being stars nowadays don't like to get scolded but that's the punishment you get when you're playing badly.

    "It’s not like Saturday was a one-off. His behaviour was poor at Old Trafford the week before, at White Hart Lane in the Carling Cup and he messed around in the centre circle for a while after the final whistle when West Ham United scored a late goal to beat Arsenal at Upton Park last term. ,"

    I absolutely agree with the comments I quoted from the article.Kicking Nani was a silly move and it would embarrass us even more;don't you think at 3-0 behind against our bitter rivals Manchester United(at time Gallas kicked Nani) and Eboue's challenge that led to his red card wasn't bad enough?

    Let Ferguson kick him if he wants to.Who we are to educate our opponent?

    I laughed about the bold statement.Gallas wasn't at Arsenal yet when we lost 1-0 to Hammers.That's the match which I did my first match report in this site.My site was just founded at that time.

    Final say,I did not agree to have Gallas' captaincy off,since he's the only one who can be a leader to a team.But I don't hope for another Vierra in our team.

    Stop your silly action,Gallas and same to Eboue.Or otherwise we will really kick you off from Gunners.
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      Saturday, February 23, 2008

      Birmingham vs. Arsenal match report

      Birmingham 2-2 Arsenal

      Birmingham:McFadden 29,90+4(pen)
      Arsenal:Walcott 49,55

      Match report

      1st half

      We were shocked by a violent challenge on Eduardo,and the game had to be "stopped" for about 8-9 minutes.Taylor wad awarded straight red card though.

      We could be probably distracted by this incident.We controlled the game but we lacked sharpness and some creativity.As expected,Blues played their entire players to defend against us.

      When you fail to score,we get punished.And this time,there in no exception.McFadden skillfully curved the free-kick to make Birmingham fans thrilled with 1-0 lead against EPL leader.

      Then,we still control the game and had lots of attacks but it seems Birmingham who had quality of attack.

      So it could be summed up that,we lacked creativity to score.Our attack weren't sharp enough.

      2nd half

      In second-half,we still dominated the game.

      Our equaliser came when Ade's header made the goalkeeper lost the ball and Walcott scored his ever first EPL goal in this game.This made me thinking about Adebayor's first goal,which were also scored at St Andrews stadium.

      5 minutes later,Walcott again took advantage that there weren't many Blues defender surrounding him and he scored again to make us lead by 1-0.

      There were lots of chances where we could score but somehow,we lacked confidence and cold-blooded touch in this game.

      Again,when you fail to score,you get punished.

      At 92nd minute,Clichy careless mistake again costs us two points in EPL.Birmingham were awarded a penalty kick from Clichy's challenge at penalty box.

      McFadden again just easily denied our 3 points at their home with his penalty score.

      Comments on this game

      What to say?I'm of course frustrated with this result.Hopefully it would teach us to be more cold-blooded in our play.

      If Adebayor was more sharp and focussed in his finishing,no one will give a look on that penalty kick.We didn't score when we could,we think that 2-1 win is enough for us.

      In fact,there were many times when we just let go our chance with finishing half-heartedly.And I hope we know to score when we can to.
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        Friday, February 22, 2008

        Birmingham vs. Arsenal match preview

        Birmingham City vs. Arsenal match preview

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        Match Preview


        Ade,Hleb and Almunia are set to return for this game.Rosicky and Persie are still injured for at least 1-2 weeks time.Toure and Eboue are out for injury and suspension.

        Techincal Details

        Away games are always tricky for us,and this game is no different.We should be more creative in our attacking as I think Birmingham will play 9-10 players in front of their goal,and if possible they will try to exploit our defending mistake by counter-attacks.

        So we must sometimes be more creative.We could give them some sort of possession for a while,make them confident that they could win this game and we're ready to show real Gunners when they're making mistakes.But our defence could not make mistake if we decide to play like this.

        I still remember last time when Arsenal drew 1-1 with Birmingham at home,I was very frustrated and it were caused by our over dominance and lack of creativity.Over dominance is okay of course,but our lack of attacking creativity costs us two points in EPL.


        As we are the first team playing this weekend,a win could pressure MU more by having 8 points gap before they play Magpies.A lost or stalemate would stimulate their game more.
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          Wednesday, February 20, 2008

          Arsenal vs. AC Milan match report

          Arsenal 0-0 AC Milan

          Match Download

          1.1st half
          2.2nd half

          Comments on this game

          I can't complain much on our players' performance,but Milan really defended well and we lacked a little bit of luck in this game.

          I admit we could be in serious problem now as we will go to San Siro without any advantage from here.But we have to be optimistic and we have to only draw with goal(s) to qualify into quarter-finals.
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            Monday, February 18, 2008

            Arsenal vs. AC Milan match preview

            Arsenal vs. AC Milan match preview

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            3.Wenger gets six-strong fitness boost for Milan game

            Match preview


            There is a good news for us.Adebayor,Flamini and Clichy,who were on duty against Devils last week is available and Sagna is back too.

            But Persie,Rosicky and Diaby is still injured and could not feature for this game.

            Technical Details

            From my point of view,we should strengthen our defence against sudden counter-attacks and set pieces,which section that we're weak.Especially with AC Milan's players' good experience,we should be very,very careful in our defence.We should give more attention to Kaka of course,he could demolish teams with himself and our demolisher,Manchester United is one of teams that get wrecked by Kaka alone.

            We should have no problems with our attacks and what we need to do is to have more control on midfield and we are set to win easily,should God bless us.


            This game is a must-win game for us before we visit Milan together with Liverpool.We must concede as less goals as possible as we concede away goals here.If we could do it I hope we could win for at least 3-0,if we want to have some security in San Siro.

            If we draw this game,we are in dangerous position.If we lose this game,then it's hopeless for us and we better concentrate on EPL.
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              Sunday, February 17, 2008

              Wenger:We need to recover to beat Milan on Wednesday


              I would like to comment on this article

              "At the moment it is unbelievable. When we lose in the cup we get a hiding. We don't concede in the League but when we do concede we do it well."

              It a funny fact that for so far this season,we got knocked-out with a big goal margins.Last time we lost 5-1 to Spurs,now we lost 4-0 to Devils.

              "Nobody was fit on the bench and all of them were recommended as risky. The most dangerous to player was Clichy who I did not touch at all. The others had hamstring problems."

              So why you made the triple substitution at first place.Do we want more injury problems to them?With 3 goals down and at Old Trafford,I think it's impossible to even get a draw,not mention a win.

              If it's for consolation goal,don't you think we took a big risk just to entertain frustrated Gunners?
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                Saturday, February 16, 2008

                Manchester United vs. Arsenal match report

                Manchester United 4-0 Arsenal

                Manchester United:Rooney 16 Fletcher 20,74 Nani 38

                Match Highlights

                Match Report

                Devils dominated the possession from the start of the game and they did not wait for long to score after Rooney's header made United lead with 1-0 score.

                Then,4 minutes later Fletcher made it miserable for us with his header to make the score 2-0 for Devils.

                At 38th minute,Carrick's long pass to Nani proved another goal for United.Nani just easily kicked us for humiliating 3-0 defeat at Old Trafford.

                At second-half,Gunners were left demoralised and at 48th minute,Eboue were sent out for his hard challenge to Nani.

                Three minuted after Wenger made triple substitution on Fabregas,Hleb and Eduardo for Senderos,Flamini and Adebayor,we were conceded again for the 4th time after Fletcher again headed for Devil's 4th goal in this game.

                Manchester United could win even 5-0 or more but they seems to had is enough to their enjoyment.

                Comments on this game

                We totally lost our concentration and no wonder we lost on a such a high goal margin.

                We were outplayed throughout this game and United really played well to my opinion;their counter-attack were quick and sharp against our "possessed" defender.

                I could say nothing more about this.Hopefully this game will teach us to be more focussed on games.
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                  Thursday, February 14, 2008

                  Manchester United vs. Arsenal match preview

                  Manchester United vs. Arsenal match preview

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                  2. Man Utd to take Welbeck gamble against Arsenal
                  3.We're down to 'bare bone' for Old Trafford tie

                  Match Preview


                  I guess our injury crisis has become more critical as even our top goal scorer,Adebayor is now injured because of muscular problem,as stated at

                  So the list of strikers available now are only Bendtner and Eduardo,and it could be only these two that will fight Devils in their place.

                  The only consolation is our main defender Eboue and Toure is available for this game as I think they should have sufficient rest after returning from African Cup.Diaby is featuring in this game too if I'm not mistaken.

                  Technical Details

                  Injury problems have limited our flexibility on our playing style.But I think our defenders have less injuries compared to our midfielder and strikers.

                  Therefore,I think the key now is to have a good defense and counter-attacks when we have a chance.Especially against one of the strongest team in EPL,our defense must be fool-proof and goal-proof.But we have strongest attack ever in EPL,based on the goals score in EPL.


                  We're quite unlucky to meet Devils and same goes to them.They may have strong attacks but same goes to us too.

                  With our current "bare bone" squad,I don't expect a win for us.A win of course will be good for us but we have more important things going ahead,UEFA Champions League game against Milan this Tuesday.

                  Let's see what's going to happen in this match.
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                    Tuesday, February 12, 2008

                    Arsenal vs. Blackburn match report

                    Arsenal 2-0 Blackburn

                    Arsenal:Senderos 4,Adebayor 90

                    Match Highlights

                    1.1st Goal
                    2.2nd goal

                    Please note that the clips are not provided by myself.

                    Premiership Analysis

                    I'm sorry that I can't comment much about this game because I'm not watching this game.Therefore,I will comment about our position in EPL.

                    Let's take a look at current EPL table;

                    Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                    1 Arsenal 26 19 6 1 54 18 36 63
                    2 Man Utd 26 18 4 4 50 14 36 58
                    3 Chelsea 26 16 7 3 38 17 21 55
                    4 Everton 26 14 5 7 41 23 18 47
                    5 Liverpool 25 11 11 3 40 17 23 44
                    6 Aston Villa 26 12 8 6 48 34 14 44
                    7 Man City 26 12 8 6 34 29 5 44
                    8 Portsmouth 26 11 8 7 36 26 10 41
                    9 Blackburn 26 10 9 7 32 33 -1 39
                    10 West Ham 25 10 7 8 30 23 7 37
                    11 Tottenham 26 8 8 10 48 41 7 32
                    12 Middlesbro 26 7 8 11 23 38 -15 29
                    13 Newcastle 26 7 7 12 29 47 -18 28
                    14 Sunderland 26 7 5 14 26 45 -19 26
                    15 Bolton 26 6 7 13 26 35 -9 25
                    16 Wigan 26 6 5 15 24 42 -18 23
                    17 Birmingham 26 5 7 14 25 38 -13 22
                    18 Reading 26 6 4 16 30 53 -23 22
                    19 Fulham 26 3 10 13 25 44 -19 19
                    20 Derby 26 1 6 19 13 55 -42 9

                    Of course it would very nice for to distance ourselves from the 2nd and 3rd spot,thanks to Man. City and Liverpool who made Devils and Blues dropped points.This shows we could have a good fight for the title,and silence all the pundits who talk bad about us.

                    Manchester United played not well against Man. City;their attack wasn't sharp enough and I didn't expect Devils to be beaten by their rivals.But football is round so we should not be shocked.

                    Chelsea vs. Liverpool match was not exciting at all.Same playing style,same attacking and defending style and it produced a very boring game and both teams will be not happy over this.

                    The fact that Liverpool dropped points last two days worsen for them when all their EPL rival that fight for the 4th place;Everton,Aston Villa and Man. City got their valuable 3 points.Portsmouth seems threatening too for the Reds.

                    Tottenham stayed fierce with their 3-0 win over EPL's sheep,Derby.


                    Hopefully we could use this advantage to have more chance to win the EPL title and Champions League as well.
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                      Saturday, February 09, 2008

                      Arsenal vs. Blackburn match preview

                      Arsenal vs. Blackburn Rovers match preview

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                      Match Preview


                      I guess injury news is getting more severe now and even Kolo Toure will have to play almost immediately after his return from African Cup Nation.

                      The followings are in our injury news for now;


                      I think for now we have only 13-15 fit players for this match.

                      Technical Details

                      I'm certain confident that 4-5-1 is completely out for now,unless we are willing to use our 2nd team player.The major thing is the replacement for our injured players.

                      Lehmann could easily replace our Almunia.In fact,this is another good chance to prove his worth to Wenger.

                      Should Toure come back,he would get back his usual place,replacing Senderos.

                      Walcott will replace either Diaby or Rosicky.But he will more likely to replace Diaby.


                      Since Man. City did us a favor yesterday,we must do them a favor too with this win tonight.

                      And with Chelsea and Liverpool's draw result yesterday,this is a very good chance for us to extend the lead by 5 points.
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                        Saturday, February 02, 2008

                        Man. City 1-3 Arsenal

                        Manchester City 1-3 Arsenal

                        Man City: Fernandes 28
                        Arsenal:Adebayor 10,89 Eduardo 26

                        Match video download

                        1.1st half
                        2.2nd half

                        Match report

                        All started well for Gunners,they controlled the match and Adebayor scored just 10 minutes from the start of the game.

                        Then.Gunners played even more aggressively and nothing could be done by Erikkson's side except defending.Ade tried to score one more but it's not his time yet.

                        At 26th minute,Eduardo's goal was simply stunning and well done.Praise to Adebayor too for his good header.Ade's header was better nowadays.

                        But 2 minutes later,Corluka exploited profitably Clichy's mistake to clear the ball or passing the ball to Lehmann and he gave the task of scoring to Fernandes,who just easily converted that mistake to goals.

                        But Man. City could not done better than exploiting mistakes.Gunners kept controlling the possession but no goals were produced until the half-time break.

                        In second-half,Man City could do nothing but to defend against powerful Gunners.They had some chance but their attack was just too weak.

                        Gunners finally finished Man. City hope to defend their home record when Ade scored again to give Gunners 3-1 win over Manchester City.

                        Match comments

                        We played very well today.Our passes were accurate and we controlled the game well.

                        But our defence was somewhat,not strong enough.Although our opponent had a little attack,but we nearly being conceded if Man. City's striker was better.Fortunately,Man. City's strikers were performing not up to par.

                        Our attack too was very good,but they somehow slowed down their attack themselves.A lot of time when we had chance to score,we just wasted them like that.

                        We were seem to attack without confidence today.Lots of overpassing happened.Final say,we could score more today,not just three.
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