Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Arsenal bid for Lita.Our "homesick" finally gone


Arsenal were interested with Lita,an English player.

It's great if we could get him to our team,since the presence of him can lessen the critics of some people who complain Arsenal has no or too little Englishman in the team.

On the other hand,Reyes is finally leaving Arsenal for deal with Atletico Madrid for undisclosed fee.

I'm sad about the whistle against Matterazi during Arsenal-Inter Milan match.

I'm seriously against any tauts,or any other action that will create unpleasant feeling on the player itself,whether the player is Gunners or the opponent player/visiting team's player.You may argue he's doing something wrong,but PLEASE PUT YOUR DISPLEASURE USING THE RIGHT WAY,PUT THAT FEELING AWAY DURING THE GAME.I'm sad when I see supporters boo the players during the play,or trying to injure players during the play.

But I'm happy that Arsenal fans are still polite when they watch the game in the stadium.

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    Monday, July 30, 2007

    Arsenal won their first "silverware" for this pre-season

    Arsenal won the first Emirates Cup,and this is what should Arsenal get.

    The play had been improving but the finishing on the penalty box is still average,but Arsenal had tremendous hold on the midfield.

    In the play Arsenal was dominating the game,with Inter Milan just can attack by counter-attack and Inter scored the goal opener at 62nd of the game.

    But I must admit that both Arsenal's goal in that game was simply fantastic.Hleb's shot was just the best and the goalkeeper just cannot do anything about thatt.

    And the winning goal was even better,Persie's calmness was the main factor of the victory of the game.I hope for more goals like this,maintain your calm on the penalty box.

    But the defense had to be improved,as the facts that Gunners were conceded a goal for each match is bad,which mean Arsenal had to score at least two goal to seal the victory just nicely.

    Let's see how Gunners performed in away games.

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      Sunday, July 29, 2007

      Arsenal beat Paris-Saint Germain 2-1,but..........

      Arsenal beat Paris Saint Germain 2-1,but I'm not happy with that.

      I still see that Arsenal,just performed averagely and I can't see some improvement that Wenger claimed.

      Maybe my expectation is too high,but I don't think Arsenal can challenge the title with our performance now.Furthermore Arsenal was playing at home,so I expect Arsenal to score at least three goals or more.

      Arsenal could score three goals actually,but the missed penalty-shoot just makes me feel unhappy.Although the penalty shoot-out is dependent to luck as well,but I saw the way Bendtner kicked the penalty too easy to be spotted by goalkeeper.

      We will see how Arsenal performs against Inter now.

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        Saturday, July 28, 2007

        Wenger:Arsenal can fight for the Title


        Seriously I have heard it many times and if he really to prove it,we will see how Gunners is going to play against Paris Saint-Germain just about two hours later after I type this post.

        But I'm happy that Wenger remains faithful about Arsenal

        "I have shown since I've arrived here that I'm very faithful to the club," the Frenchman said.

        "I think I've always shown my commitment for the club and I'll come out at the right moment to speak about the future, especially about my future.

        "I cannot announce things when they are not signed, not done, not discussed.

        "If I had signed for one year when I arrived, everyone would have thought that was a long time. There's still one year to go."

        He added: "What I want first is our immediate future to be bright.

        "We want to start well, we are all committed."

        I'm happy about that since I have faith with him.

        I will post the match report of the game against Paris Saint-Germain.
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          Friday, July 27, 2007

          Angel are close to Arsenal


          Gunners are getting close to Angel Di Maria,an Argentinian.

          And here his video clips;

          It's a very long clip.

          But as many people said,Wenger usually buy the player that all people will not expect him to but.Players like Eduardo and Sagna is coming by surprise,but all players that Wenger "seems" to be interested in will NOT COME to Gunners.We had seen The Boss quoted that he wants to buy Trazeguet,but Trazeguet is nowhere to be seen at Arsenal.

          And one more,I even mentioned about this player before.

          I'm must admit that I really want Gunners to get him to Emirates but it seems to just a dream.

          But Angel seems interested to come to Arsenal,after hearing the following quotes from him;

          "They [Arsenal] were speaking with me, and all is going well - not only on personal terms but also the talks with Rosario Central.

          "It would be great, especially if it benefits my family and Rosario Central. I would like that all to be resolved as soon as possible, because the Argentinian season begins in two weeks."

          Let's see whether he will become our fifth signing this summer.

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            Thursday, July 26, 2007

            Arsenal will have to improve more and more,after lost 1-0 to Salzburg

            Arsenal lost 1-0 to Salzburg in Austria tour.

            I don't want to elaborate further about this game and you can go to Arsenal official website to see the match report.

            Yes,the result is harsh to Arsenal,but I think there is something to do with our FINISHING AGAIN.Remember,the game I mentioned above is just a friendly game and in EPL,the teams would not give mercy to us,and when it near the end of the season it's even worse because some teams will be fighting for survival in Premiership.

            I don't want to hear "We can see that we have a lot of attack but the luck is not on our side".I had it enough for two seasons.And the quote "I can see that we are improving" is useless without action.Arsenal must show that they are really improving,instead of saying that we have a lot of potential.As the say goes "Actions speaks louder than words",we must really show the result.

            And I'm surprised that Gallas is the captain of this game.

            Wenger have even said that Gallas could be the captain of Gunners,instead of Gilberto.

            “In every game you need a captain,” he said. “William has all the ingredients needed to be a captain along with Kolo and Gilberto. He has a lot of experience.

            “Also centre back is the best position to captain the team because you are in a position to see all the problems on the pitch. It is a better position than a centre forward or a wide player.

            “But we go game by game right now. At the moment the captain problem is not the biggest one. The biggest problem is to be fit.”Wenger quoted.

            What you think if Gallas is Arsenal's new captain.I will be surprised if Gallas is our captain.It's hard to me to accept him as our new captain,especially after he questioned Wenger's policy.

            Anyhow,if he's really committed to Arsenal,I'm going to support him.

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              Wednesday, July 25, 2007

              Wenger believes Gunners don't need to pay $$$ to get the title


              Yes,you don't need to spend money to win the title,but it would cost you time instead.Yes,you could say the team is improving but we had spent almost two seasons,(it could be more) to get them to better play.

              I'm happy to hear that Wenger just looking for developing the player he have,since it will contribute to better coordination of player.If you always but a lot of new player,you will need to rework the coordination of the team.

              For example,when Shevchenko came to Chelsea,many think that he will shine there but it's not.Why?because he isn't have good coordination with Chelsea's team.Drogba on the other hand,is already suited and used to the coordination of the team and the result?He score a lot of goals,including his two goals against us.

              So the most important thing when we get new players is to make him work with his teammates.Let's take Henry as example,if Barca manager didn't control properly the three giants,Etoo,Ronaldinho and Henry then the three players will have a conflict,who's going to finish the attack?Who's going to start the attack?

              Therefore,the more great player you have,the manager have to work harder to make them work properly.It's just like chess when you have to manage our piece well,know where's your direction.

              But I'm not saying we should not buy great players,just we should be careful when we buy too much great players.You will have to manage them properly.If not,disaster is going to happen to you.

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                Tuesday, July 24, 2007

                Ljungberg leaves Arsenal because of Henry leaving

                Source:The Sun

                Factors why he leave Arsenal;

                1.Arsenal let a lot of "Invincibles" go away
                2.David Dein is leaving

                Therefore I conclude he's leaving because he think Arsenal has no direction,he can't be hero to the club now but he can be hero to West Ham instead.He wants to bring glory to Hammers,the same way how he bring Arsenal to one of the best club in EPL.

                The above two reason I stated on top of my post was just ridiculous.For the 1st reason,the "Invincibles" will eventually leave Arsenal some day.Everything that comes will have a go someday.For the 2nd reason,he's using same excuse with Henry.Why there are only two players,Henry and himself leaving when all the players will experience the lost of Dein?

                Anyhow,I think his departure would not bring anything bad to Arsenal,I'm just scared he will bring glory to West Ham.

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                  Monday, July 23, 2007

                  Ljungberg leaves Arsenal,and goes to West Ham


                  Actually I never expect him to go to West Ham,I expect him to go to non-EPL team.
                  Anyhow,I wish him all the best there and I hope he will have a good time there.

                  But this is not the biggest trouble,I expect him to go but I couldn't imagine that he will go to Hammers.It's the takeover problem.

                  The two billionaire seems to have interest to Arsenal,although one of them is Chelsea's fan.But I'm happy that the share holders is doing something to prevent both billionaire from owning our precious club.

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                    Sunday, July 22, 2007

                    Arsenal hit by takeover possibility


                    Arsenal currently face a possibility of takeover by two men,Stan Kroenke and Bernie Ecclestone.

                    Stan Kroenke is rich America billionaire whereas Bernie Ecclestone is is the president and CEO of Formula One Management and Formula One Administration.

                    But if Arsenal face takeover from any people who are more interested in making profit with Arsenal than to develop Arsenal,then Arsenal is in big trouble.

                    The owner will try to raise the ticket price,which a lot of Arsenal fans will dislike but a lot of players,just for more jersey sales and not for improving Arsenal's game.

                    I prefer the current owner rather than the other two,who would you prefer to be Arsenal owner?

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                      Saturday, July 21, 2007

                      Wenger:Persie is Arsenal's arsenal

                      The Boss expected Persie to be his main striker from now.

                      And he claims that Persie have some characteristics of Henry as well as Bergkamp.

                      Wenger quoted that he has developing very very well now,thanks to Adebayor who makes room for him.

                      I agree with Wenger,I think Persie had really developing very well since last two seasons,before that he was very hot-tempered I think.But now he has much more better attitude now and he can score goals most importantly but his metatrasal injury cuts his form in EPL and the other competition.

                      But our defense is not really improved,I remembered that we were conceded at least a goal every game and it is really dissappointing performance.Our attack,is good but not sharp enough and has a bad finishing.

                      But if you want to know whether Arsenal has improved or not,it's simple.Wait until next week and we can know how far Arsenal had improved so far like Wenger said.

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                        Friday, July 20, 2007

                        Eduardo:I must do more to prove my self


                        Eduardo finally made his first appearance as Gunners in Austria,when he become substitute at 69th minute of the game.

                        Talking about this friendly game against Genclerbirligi,Arsenal won gracefully with 3-0 win.

                        Here's the highlight of the game;

                        Nice play from Gunners,but can Arsenal maintain the form until the END of the next season of EPL?

                        On the other hand,I think Ljungberg will stay in Arsenal,after the Boss said he has probability of 90% to stay at Arsenal.

                        “Freddie is a winner,” said Wenger. “We have a very big squad, maybe not in numbers but in quality. We have many young players so the experienced ones have to show the way - not only footballistically but mentally - for a successful season.

                        “Last season Freddie had tremendous problems with his hamstrings so we will see how it goes this season. He will be part of the squad.”He said.

                        I personally think it's good if Ljungberg stay here since we have many young squad and we need him to guide all the kids here.

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                          Thursday, July 19, 2007

                          Reyes wants to return to Real Madrid


                          I think Real wouldn't want Reyes to their team,they have much better player than him to focus on.

                          But my statement does not mean I want him to stay at Arsenal,instead I want him to leave Arsenal before the next season starts.We don't like home-sick players in our teams.

                          But what you think about where he is going instead aside from R.Madrid?Chelsea,Barcelona,or other teams.

                          My opinion could be wrong,but this is my opinion so I must express it.

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                            Wednesday, July 18, 2007

                            Fabregas:I want to captain Arsenal


                            I think he has to wait at least 5 year to be Arsenal captain.

                            Currently Gilberto is the Arsenal captain,which I think is better than Henry.Why?

                            Though Henry is more skillful than Gilberto,but Gilberto has the quality of a captain.A captain is not necessary to be the best player in a team,but he can motivate his team mates to play the game well.

                            Though Brazil has a lot of much skillful player(in terms of attacking) than Gilberto himself but Gilberto da Silva is elected as captain of Brazil football team.

                            What's your opinion about his statement?Feel free to express your opinion

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                              Tuesday, July 17, 2007

                              Wenger:Don't compare Eduardo with Henry


                              Does Wenger mean Henry cannot play in team?And this contributes to Arsenal poor performance,even if Henry is in the game?

                              But I think we can compare with Rodrigo Palacio,if he sign a deal with Gunners.Why?I personally think the purpose of this deal is to directly replace Henry as Arsenal's skipper.But if he didn't come to Arsenal,it is all-talk only.

                              There's another interesting article at Arsenal.com

                              I would like to quote some of Wenger's comment here.

                              "A number of issues affected the way we played in our first year at the stadium. The pitch is bigger so we needed to show more patience. We were used to getting from one end of the pitch to the other very quickly at Highbury so we had to adapt. In previous years we scored a lot of counter-attacking, direct goals, but at Emirates teams have more time to regroup behind the ball. Because of that we scored a lot of different types of goals last season.

                              "Another lesson we had to learn was to use the width of the pitch more effectively and get more crosses into the box. You could see that we were getting there last season. We became more dangerous with our crosses and more patient in our build-up. We became more efficient in closing our opponents down too. I felt we allowed them too much space early in the season but that has changed.
                              I agree with his view about the new stadium's size compared to Highbury.Highbury is a quite a small place anyway and the difference between new ground(Emirates) and Highbury is very big,therefore affecting Arsenal's way of playing.But someone can argue we can play reasonably well in Old Trafford or Bernabeu where their place is not small if compared with Emirates.Anyway,if he wants to prove that Arsenal had changed,Arsenal must do better in next season.Arsenal had embarrassed by smaller teams like West Ham etc. last season.

                              "The negative history which afflicted some teams at Highbury did not exist last season. Instead, visiting teams were motivated to win their first game at Emirates Stadium and were not dragged down by bad memories at the ground. An element of that will have gone in the new season but, most importantly, we have found an efficient way of playing and can rely on our own strengths.

                              It's normal when you change to something new to us.I remembered when my father changed car from a car with manual transmission to auto transmission,my father still likes to shift gears even though he did not have to in the beginning.But of course as you become more familiar with it,you possess more confidence and skills.

                              "Indeed, I think there are two things that summed up last season. First, if you make a table of the results against the other teams in the top four, then we are top. Then if you make a table against the teams in the top half, Manchester United have 43 points, we have 40, so do Chelsea, and Liverpool have 33.

                              "That shows that we lost the championship against teams in the bottom half of the table. So that is where we will have to be much more efficient this season. We have to be consistent in our mental preparation, in our ruthlessness as well.
                              The keyword in EPL is "consistency".In EPL,the club have to be always winning,getting the full three points and prevent others to get their three points(with a win against your opponent).

                              "There are plenty of positives to take from last season. The mental strengths of my team are clear: we were behind in more games than anyone else but kept coming back. We lost only one game when we were leading - and that was against Chelsea in the Carling Cup Final.

                              "We scored 21 goals in the final 15 minutes of league games. The next highest was 15 or 16 so we are by far the most efficient team in the last 15 minutes. All of that tells you that we have a mixture of mental strengths, of potential, but that there is also a naivety, and sometimes we have not been ruthless enough when we could have killed games off. It is these two ingredients which have to be improved.

                              I didn't like that.It's better to get a 'headstart' rather than 'jumpstart'.I mean we should not always chasing from behind.You wouldn't like to chase time,or racing with time.And this explains why Arsenal drew many games this season.Usually Arsenal were conceded a goal,and then playing hard,conduct many attacks and finally scored an equalizer.Is it good like that?I think it's better to play hard score goals first and then maintain your play.

                              DO NOT PLAY FOR DEFENSE AFTER YOU HAVE SCORED A GOAL.I have seen a lot of team .If you watched Asian Cup recently try to recall the game between China and Iran(or Iraq,I don't sure about that) where China were two goals ahead and Iran/Iraq scored a goal before half-time break.

                              In second-half,China instead of maintaining their play,they pack all their players for defense and finally,Iran scored the equalizer.Result:China 2-2 Iran.

                              I hope Arsenal will fare better next season,especially at home.The fans do not like to spend money to watch their favorite team lose or draw.

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                                Monday, July 16, 2007

                                Arsenal set to break their transfer record on Rodrigo Palacio

                                Source:The Sun

                                I think this guy is to directly replace Henry as main Arsenal skipper.He even will wear shirt No.14 if he come to Arsenal.

                                Actually I didn't know much about this player but since it is mentioned that he's an Argentinian player,I have a quite bad feeling about him because Argentina just lost to Brazil 4-0 in Copa America recently.But I know I can't judge him like that.Forget it.

                                But I have concerns regarding Arsenal's financial ,if Gunners have successfully signed him then Arsenal will be even burdened by the purchase of player.

                                But just now I came across a interview with our chairman,Peter Hill-Wood at Arsenal official website

                                And of course I would like to quote some of his answers here.

                                In terms of the money Emirates Stadium, on the outside at least, is perceived to be a financial drain which the Club is still paying off.

                                It's actually the reverse. Relocating to Emirates, as mentioned, has increased the income of the Club. Not only from the number of seats that we've got - 60,000 rather than 38,000 - but also the overall facilities we provide. We have conference and banqueting facilities which are used on non-matchdays and we now have a more structured approach to stadium tours whereby more than 75,000 people have visited the stadium this year. Hopefully people think they're getting good value for money. The stadium has not held Arsenal back at all in terms of bringing in players. It's actually given us the opportunity to compete with the biggest clubs in the world. If we had stayed at Highbury that would have limited our resources and over the long term affected our ability to financially compete with the top sides.

                                As more and more is paid off the debt do you believe Arsenal's ability to compete will increase further still?

                                It's going to generate a lot more money. Yes we have to pay the debt off, but don't forget the debt is a 25-year fixed-rate bond, so it's very manageable and that means the stadium can have nothing but a positive impact on developing the football team. That is what we are here for after all.

                                I'm glad to hear that.Emirates Stadium had tripled Gunners income but I definitely want Arsenal to further expand their stadium.Our stadium's capacity is still less than Old Trafford which can fit almost 80,000 people,with some expansion.

                                And I even more happy to hear that Arsenal's new stadium debt is 25 year fixed-rate bond,which Arsenal did not being too burdened by the debts.But 25 year is quite a long time to go.I didn't know what will happen to Arsenal in that time.

                                What were your highlights of the first season at Emirates Stadium?

                                The highlights for me were just attending the matches with 60,000 people there, which we had for every match. The atmosphere I thought was tremendous. People were nervous that we wouldn't retain the atmosphere we had at Highbury but I think it's been, if anything, better.

                                I'm also surprised when Arsenal fans could fulfill the new Stadium in a very short time.I noticed Emirates Stadium were full in every Arsenal's game there.I still remember the Sir Alex Ferguson mentioned that Emirates Stadium will nor be full.All Arsenal fans countered his statement very quick and well.

                                But while Arsenal new stadium can give Arsenal a new spell,Gunners must now strengthen their play and make sure their home game will improve compared to last season.

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                                  Sunday, July 15, 2007

                                  Reyes sent back to Arsenal


                                  Reyes had been sent back to Arsenal because Real could not agree with the proposed 13 millions pound from Arsenal.

                                  I don't sure about this transfer is good or not,but unless Reyes can cut his "homesick" attitude,we better sell him to another club.We don't like a player who thinks about other things when they should commit themselves in the football club.

                                  On the other hand,Arsenal beat Barnet 2-0 at Underhill Stadium.Source:Arsenal.com

                                  This win surely will boost our confidence as well our preparation for next EPL season.

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                                    Saturday, July 14, 2007

                                    Fergie:Arsenal will be better off without Henry

                                    Source:The Sun

                                    I didn't understand why he make this statement.

                                    Is it because he had experienced it himself,when Nisterooy and Roy Keane leave the club last season(Roy Keane is back now in Premiership as manager now) and Manchester United become EPL champions just after they leave the club,or he just give a sweet talk to Arsenal fans.

                                    Though Arsenal get 16 million pounds from the departure of Henry,the purchase of several new player has not giving Arsenal profit from this sale.Arsenal just done some exchange.

                                    Here's Arsenal profit from sale of player;

                                    Henry:16 Million
                                    Aliadere: 2 million
                                    Muamba:2 million.

                                    TOTAL:20 MILLION POUNDS

                                    Lupoli is going to Florentina for free of chare.

                                    Here's Arsenal spending in player.

                                    Eduardo da Silva:10 million
                                    Bakary Sagna:6 milion
                                    Fabianski:2 million
                                    Nordtveit:2 million

                                    TOTAL:20 MILLION POUNDS.

                                    So Arsenal just traded Henry,Aliadere and Muamba for Eduardo,Sagna,Fabianski abd Nordtveit.

                                    Do you think this exchange is worth it?I think so,but the worth of this exchange is not to be seen in this nearest time.

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                                      Friday, July 13, 2007

                                      Fabregas is going to stay in Arsenal

                                      Source:Channel 4

                                      Fabregas is staying in Arsenal,despite Real's interest to him.

                                      "I'm very grateful to Real and it is an honour that such a great club is interested in me. But after the departure of Thierry Henry to Barcelona I couldn't leave Arsenal in the lurch."He said.

                                      I'm very happy to hear him to stay in Arsenal as he has a bright future if he's going to stay in Arsenal.If he's going to Bernabeu,he couldn't progress more as there are too much star players at there.In Arsenal Fabregas could have more freedom as well as chances to play in important games.

                                      Tomas Rosicky and Flamini is also going to stay in Arsenal as well.

                                      I hope the players are settled now as the new seasons is getting nearer and nearer.I don't want some important player to warm the bench just because he's isn't settled yet.

                                      Just like Ashley Cole,his departure just before the Deadline Day in August has caused Arsenal to be left-back "less" for a few weeks.

                                      Just now from the article in the source I quoted above,Fabregas mentioned Samuel Eto'o will be perfect replacement for Henry.

                                      I know that,but if it's like that,Arsenal will be most proabably consider a swap betwenn Henry and him,but I don't think Barca is going to agree to this swap.

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                                        Thursday, July 12, 2007

                                        Gunners had secured Bakary Sagna finally

                                        Finally,Arsenal officially announced that they had successfully secured a 4 year-deal with Bakary Sagna.

                                        Here's his first interview with Arsenal.com

                                        I have to admit though,that he has Drogba-like look and I really hope that he will bring glory to Arsenal.

                                        Who do you think will become next Gunners.Feel free to tell me.

                                        Recent Articles

                                          Wednesday, July 11, 2007

                                          Arsenal is poised to sign 4 year-deal with Yoan Gouffran,Ljungberg


                                          Arsenal is set to sign another French player,Yoan Gourffran,as shown at picture below;

                                          Picture from http://www.unfp.org

                                          This is his detail;extracted from wikipedia

                                          Date of birth May 25, 1986 (1986-05-25) (age 21)
                                          Place of birth Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, France
                                          Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
                                          Playing position Striker, Winger
                                          Club information
                                          Current club Arsenal F.C
                                          Number TBD
                                          Youth clubs
                                          2001-2003 SM Caen
                                          Senior clubs1
                                          Years Club App (Gls)*
                                          SM Caen
                                          Arsenal F.C
                                          79 (23)
                                          0 (0)
                                          National team
                                          2006 - present France U-21 8 (1)

                                          He was born in 1986,which mean he's only 21 years old and he's a striker!He can pair up with Ade or Persie.But I'm more concerned about defender.I think Arsenal should sign more defender.But Arsenal had already signed Sagna anyway.

                                          On the other hand,Ljungberg is linked with Florentina.Source:FansFC.com

                                          I think Ljungberg is not important to us anymore since last season.His performance had sadly disappointed many Arsenal fans and I think he's better when he's still red-haired.

                                          What's your opinion about this two incident?Let me know.
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                                            Tuesday, July 10, 2007

                                            Arsenal is getting close in getting Bakary Sagna

                                            Gunners are close to get another player Bakary Sagna from Auxerre ,as pictured above.

                                            The deal could be completed after both club agree on a fee.Source:The guardian

                                            He's even already in London and ready to complete medical checkup.

                                            I really hope Arsenal could get him,how's your view on this player?

                                            Recent Articles

                                              Monday, July 09, 2007

                                              Gallas critizing Wenger's policy


                                              I think he's only half-correct.Why?

                                              Gallas quoted

                                              "Around us, all the teams are recruiting but what is planned to compensate for the departure of Titi Henry?

                                              "I am not at Arsenal to play for third place. It is necessary to recruit players of reputation because the young players have many qualities but the season is very long.

                                              Arsenal's is not definitely play for 3rd place.Arsenal wants to challenge the title although they are now in crisis(financial,Henry leaving etc).

                                              Yes,Arsenal too wants big player but Arsenal can't;with Emirates debt and competition from other club like Chelsea,Liverpool,Man.U and even Man.C and West Ham is financially capable now.But Arsenal too must at least try to acquire some big names.

                                              I think for some big players,money is not their main concern;they have too much money anyway.Their weekly wages can surpass my father's annual salary.Their concern in their carrier is how the club which he is playing has any good promising future.Arsenal has that.

                                              "The young players are thirsty for victories but Arsenal must obtain results to gain titles. If not, one will have to change policy and do the same as the other teams: recruit with more means.

                                              "I will have a discussion with Arsene Wenger and board members to know the objectives of the club this season and what they wish to set up to build an even more competitive team."

                                              Again he's stressing Arsenal is not competitive now.Recruit,recruit and more recruit,is it free to do that.I wonder if the world's top ten richest man hold 1 club per person,I wonder if they would buy players with billion of money.That will be crazy.

                                              And I like Arsenal style,Arsenal produce a lot of big names in the football.
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