Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bolton Wanderers vs. Arsenal match report

Bolton 2-3 Arsenal

Highlight videos

1.Bolton's 1st goal
2.Bolton's 2nd goal
3.Arsenal's 1st goal
4.Arsenal's 2nd goal
5.Arsenal's 3rd goal

Match Report


We started the game very well.But it's home team to score first when Taylor headed handsomely for 1 goal lead for the home team.

Arsenal still kept the possession but it was somehow not good enough for us to equalise.We had some attacks but it was all off target.

Instead,Bolton got even better with 1 man advantage and a 2nd goal for them at 44th minute,when Taylor's shot was deflected by Gallas and Almunia could not expect it to happen.


AS everyone expected Gunners to attack for all cost,it was all wrong for the first 10 minutes in 2nd half.Bolton had the free-kicks,corners and all sorts of advantages they did not have at 1st half.But fortunately they did not score their 3rd goal.

Walcott and Adebayor's presence made the difference.Minutes after their presence in the game.Arsenal got their 1st goal when Gallas took advantage of our opponent's carelessness to defend at left-side of the goal.He just easily slanted the ball into the net.

5 minutes later,Arsenal managed to equalise with a penalty kick.Hleb was taken down in penalty box,and therefore entitle to a penalty kick.Persie,although is said to be 'rusty',he's still good enough to score a penalty kick.

After that,the game was totally open.It was anyone's game.Attacks were going at both sides.

But it was Gunners who got the 3rd goal at 90th minute.No Bolton players was able to clear Fabregas soft shot in the net.It marked an end to Gunners' frustration last 5 EPL games.
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    Friday, March 28, 2008

    Bolton vs. Arsenal match preview

    Bolton vs. Arsenal match preview

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    Match Preview


    Sagna is injured for three weeks after he injured his ankle during last week's game against Chelsea.

    No players return from injury,and all other players except Sagna will be able to feature like usual for this game.Adebayor could be rested as Wenger quoted that he needs a breather.

    Technical Details

    Same style,different result

    I still can't find a reason why we drop points against Wigan and Aston Villa.We played a style that could be deadly even for a team like Manchester United,but yet we only scored at last minute of the game.

    The problem now,is our players are somehow,physically challenged.Most of our defenders are short and thin,which is a disadvantage when we handles big-sized players such as Harewood etc.

    In EPL,we need to play more aggressively,especially in this game when our opponents would be very physical to us.We should be more dynamic,and try our best to produce more counter-attack.But if we are behind,playing counter-attack seems stupid for us.

    Our strikers are slow,because they sometimes need to pass the ball to wingers first before the wingers crosses the ball to them.And our attack is not smooth enough,for example our players will suddenly stop just before penalty box,and wait for strikers,or midfielder to take their ball.The problem is all defender will be back to defend against us,and I don't think this is a good counter-attack.

    Somewhat I think Adebayor is too thin and I think he's more suitable for a header cross.Persie on the other hand will be better for ground cross.


    We can only dream for the title,and it depends on M.United and Chelsea to realise our dreams.Even Wenger does not dream for the title anymore,and prefer to strengthen his team.Perhaps we can plan for the next season.
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      Sunday, March 23, 2008

      Chelsea vs. Arsenal match report

      Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

      Match highlight video

      Match Report

      The tension always there when the Big Four clash,and this game is no different.

      Ballack fired a dangerous free-kick at 5th minute,but Almunia did a great save to deny home team a lead.

      10 minutes later,it's our turn to have a chance to score.However,Persie's shot just went wide.I guess he still finding his touch.

      At 16th minute,Ballack again shot a shot but again,Almunia saved the attack.

      Terry's sudden pass to Drogba at 24th minute could be Blues' best chance to score,but Drogba did not finish it well into our goal.

      At 38th minute,Gallas could be scoring 2nd time against his former team but it just went to post.But anyway,it was offside.

      Two minutes later,complication happened in front of our goal;lots of players trying to get the ball,but fortunately the ball went away from our goal.

      Overall,Chelsea had a better game than us.We again lacked creativity,and again it's hard to attack against a great defending team without counter-attacking.

      2nd half

      At 54th minute,Drogba could score with one to one chance but Gallas did a good job to defend against him.

      Arsenal scored first at 58th minute,when Sagna headed from a corner-kick to make Gunners lead with 1-0 score against Chelsea.

      Ashley Cole had a chance to score an equaliser at 60th minute but his header was just too wide from the goal.

      Ballack put his last shot before he's substituted but Almunia again denied his chance.At 71st minute,Blues equalised with his superb shot and Almunia can't do anything about this shot.4 minutes later,Anelka too put a hot but his attempt was just too poor.

      Drogba again became our killer when he scored the winning goal to make Chelsea lead with 2-1 score.This goal was too,from his great shot.

      Chelsea continued the possession,and we were just too weak to score any goals now.


      Chelsea deserved to win this game.They had more possession,and Drogba factor again played a huge role over our 2nd lost game so far this season.

      We can't score even when we had the control,and when we were dominated,the chances to score are microscopic.

      And our Title chance is microscopic too.
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        Friday, March 21, 2008

        Chelsea vs. Arsenal match preview

        Will Gunners bomb the Bridge

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        Match Preview


        All players except Rosicky,Diaby and Eduardo are able to play in this game.

        Technical Details

        Our last encounter with them had been showing that we played counter-attack against them.Chelsea had most of the possession but one mistake from Cech costs them three points.

        This game could be very psychological game for us and it depends too on M.United vs. Liverpool result.If Liverpool managed to win the game,then this game will be very tense for both teams but if inverse happens,then it would be less tension between two teams but the tension will be still high because if Chelsea lose this game,then Avram Grant will bear a heavy responsibility for losing their home unbeaten record.

        Again,counter-attacking game for us is sensible choice,considering the fact that we are playing away game against a consistent and a great opponent.

        Playing Bendtner and Persie together will be a good choice if we play counter-attack games.Playing Walcott at 60th minute onwards will be a good move too as Chelsea players are quite aged,and power factor is what we need at such a critical stage.But if we happen to lose 3-0 at that time,then I don't think it's necessary;we need to think about the next game.

        Our defence on the other hand,will be heavily burdened with the presence with superstars like Schevchenko(is my spelling correct?),Drogba,Anelka and many more from Chelsea's Roman Bank.I wish them good luck.

        Arsenal must break the "Bridge" to build our "bridge" to our title dreams

        This Grand Slam could decide the title winner,if we draw this game and Devils beat Reds.M.United will lead the table with 5 points and I don't think they will slip-up like we did.

        It's our fault not to win the title.The FOUR consecutive DRAWS are utterly unacceptable and this deed clearly handed the title to Devils.
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          Saturday, March 15, 2008

          Arsenal vs. Middlesbrough match report

          Arsenal 1-1 Middlesbrough


          1.Boro 1st goal
          2.Arsenal's equaliser

          Match comments

          1st half

          Starting of the game.we really dominated the game.Boro had some possession,but it was clearly shown that we controlled the game,with many dangerous attempts.

          But it was Boro scored first with their great counter-attack,although it was quite controversial since the goal could be offside.But it was great goal anyway,and I wish we could score goals like this.

          At 28th minute,Persie fired a cross but it just went out without contact with other players.I think Persie should shot the ball into the goal,since he's in the penalty box.

          At 32nd minute,Eboue was held down in penalty box,but no penalty was given.Gunnners kept the possession well but they can't find an equaliser.

          2nd half

          Again,we kept the possession well.

          At 47th minute,Persie fired a shot but it just went wide.

          At 50th minute,Gallas attempt to score an equaliser failed when his header was way our of goal.But it was offside anyway.

          Gunnners made double substitution.Persie was substituted by Walcott,and Sagna was substituted by Bendtner.Gunners tried to increase their attacking forces.

          Fabregas got a really good chance to equalise at 65th minute when it was said to be one-to-one situation.But his shot was blocked by the goalkeeper's leg,increasing Gooners' frustration.

          Fabregas tried an header at 73rd minute,but it somewhat slightly off-target.

          The equaliser came at 85th minute,when Toure's header can't be saved by the goalkeeper,and credits should be given to the defender beside him,because he obstructed the goalkeeper.

          Gunners's attack came in every second,but they failed to get three points in Emirates.

          Comments on this game

          I started to wonder why Gallas and Toure played just as they're the striker.They should focus more on their main task,that is to defend.Even they're bored to defend against Boro strikers,they should not too aggressive to attack.Leave these jobs to Adebayor and Persie.

          It's very hard to score against a defending team,and our game story was just same like our game against Aston Villa a week ago.A sudden goal,then Gunners attacked like mad,and they got the equaliser.But they just can't get all the three points.
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            Friday, March 14, 2008

            Arsenal vs. Middlesbrough match preview

            Arsenal vs. Middlesbrough match preview

            Important Announcement

            Arsenal are drawn against Liverpool in UEFA Champions League quarter-final stage.The 1st league is on 2 April,and the 2nd league is on 8 April

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            Match Preview


            Nothing much to say about the players.There are no players return for injury nor players injured in last game against Wigan.

            Technical Details

            Play our usual 4-4-2,pair Adebayor with Persie,our great arsenal at the beginning of the season and I don't think we need major change in our midfield.Again,be more flexible in our game and I don't think we will encounter any problem unless we are unlucky in this game.

            Playing against Boro is no different than playing against other team in EPL except the Big Four.Physical game,long balls and great counter-attack is characteristics of typical EPL team,and I think we should be able to cope with them,if we are in our best.


            We had somewhat giving more hope for Manchester United to regain the title with our three consecutive draws in our last 3 EPL games.As Middlesbrough will not have desire to survive in Premiership(They will not be relegated for sure) nor to fight for UEFA Cup place(I don't think they will make it to 8th place),I hope we will encounter less fights from them.Our last three games had been against Birmingham(fighting for survival),Aston Villa(fighting for last UCL spot),and Wigan(fighting for survival in EPL) and of course our opponents will do their best to steal the three points against us.

            We can't afford to drop points in this game since Devils will take the lead if we do so.And actually Devils could be the first in EPL with their one game in hand.
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              Sunday, March 09, 2008

              Wigan 0-0 Arsenal - Match Report

              I was disappointed with the result.

              From 5 points lead to 1 point negative,we seriously need to think about our game.

              Yes,the pitch was horrible but that's not the excuse.We simply could not score in this game.We did let our opponent gain some possession to open up the game but it did not seem like that.

              Our counter-attack was slow,and Wigan happened to defend well in this match.The game is not open enough for us to play our game.

              I'm speechless.

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                Saturday, March 08, 2008

                Wigan vs. Arsenal match preview

                Wigan vs. Arsenal match preview

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                Match Preview


                Persie could have chance to feature in this game,and same goes to Toure and Alex Song ,whom have chance to play too in this game.

                Rosicky remains injured and Walcott injured his thigh so he can't play in this game.

                Technical Details

                It could be a tough game for us just like the game against Birmingham few weeks ago.Rumours had been spread that JJB Stadium pitch condition is very bad to weaken our slick passing.

                Not only that,Wigan players could play very physically and I do think they will play just like the way Birmingham played against us.

                So,attacking for the rest of the game could be bad for us,if Wigan proceed to just defend against us.Even we can score,it could be in small margin and we will really work to death to just score a goal.

                SO if possible,we should try to open up the game by giving some possession to our opponent.Fabregas,Flamini and Hleb could do a great damage in midfield and our Ade could just easily deal with goalkeeper alone if our "triangles" could do a great penetration to Wigan's defence.


                We can't afford to slip up anymore in EPL games.Manchester United and Chelsea had lost their FA Cup and they will focus their attention to EPL title.I'm scared we will have hard time to catch up with Devils if we drop points in this game,not mentioning our remaining fixtures which are very tough;we need to travel to Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford.

                Our UCL fixtures must be tough for us,and we draw English teams,especially Chelsea and Manchester United,then we need to face one of them thrice.
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                  Tuesday, March 04, 2008

                  AC Milan vs. Arsenal match report

                  AC Milan 0-2 Arsenal

                  Match Highlights here
                  The clip above is not provided by myself.

                  AC Milan:-
                  Arsenal:Fabregas 84,Adebayor 90+2

                  Match comment

                  What more I can say?We can control their attacks,and we made a good counter-attack to make it 2-0 for us.

                  The key of our winning was Fabregas' goal opener at 84th minute.As Milan will need at least 2 goals to beat us,they will attack us at all cost.And we finish them with superb counter-attack,thanks to Walcott's fast pace towards Milan goal.

                  This type of game is Milan's typical winning style;win by counter-attack.And now we beat them the same way they used to beat other teams,including Manchester United.

                  But I think there were not much attack in second-half,and most of possession was just on the midfield.I think the game will be stretched to extra-time if Fabregas didn't score the first goal.But the extra-time is an advantage for us,because we had more stamina than Milan.

                  OK,let's set our head to this weekend's game against Wigan.
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                    Monday, March 03, 2008

                    AC Milan vs. Arsenal match preview

                    AC Milan vs. Arsenal match preview

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                    Match Preview


                    I'm quite confused whether van Persie has recovered enough to play at San Siro.He is still on the injury news at he has been named in the squad for this match.I hope he is really recovered now.I don't want to hear any injury news for Persie.

                    There is no return from our injured player currently so we face Milan with our current players.

                    Technical Details

                    Again,we need to defend against counter-attacks from Milan.To be frank,I don't think Milan could play attacking game for entire game,unless we had been thrashed 3-0 in just first-half.With their current squad,they don't have the stamina to attack for full 90 minutes.If the result is 0-0 after the 90+ th minute,they will play with a big disadvantage against our more powerful kids.

                    With Kaka who can score goals with himself,playing counter-attack is the wisest choice Milan can make,at least to my thinking.Their defence is not bad too.

                    On our hand,again and again we need to play with more creativity.If possible,force Milan to attack us and we will play counter-attack against them.But the problem is our counter-attacking skills is not too good,as our counter-attack will just stop at penalty box,and all defenders will have enough time to rush back to defend.This is not counter-attack.

                    So,we need to take initiative even at San Siro.We just need to play with more creativity and if we can score a goal first,it will be a very big psyhcological advantage for us.If Milan score first and the lead is just 1-0 for Milan,then I think they will pack 10 players to defend and maybe they left Kaka to counter-attack.

                    I assume Kaka is playing in this match,in case he's not here then another player will replace him.It's that simple I think.


                    What I expect from this game is our players must give a good challenge and good play at San Siro,even we lose this game.I'm not optimistic about this game,but of course I hope Gunners could win this game.I don't hope for another ugly exit;I'd enough already.Losing 5-1 to Spurs in Carling Cup,4-0 to Devils and I don't want another one here.
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