Saturday, December 30, 2006

Match Report:Sheffield Utd 1 Arsenal 0

Arsenal failed to maintain their form last week when defensive error from Toure gave Arsenal a surprise defeat.

Sheffield United was playing well as they are playing against Gunners playing style,but I think Sheffield United cannot beat us if Kolo Toure did not make mistake at near half-time.And I saw Arsenal made a lot of passing error,causing Sheffield to get free throw-in.Arsenal were also playing without key players like Henry,Gallas,Hleb and Adebayor,but I don't think the absence of them will cause defeat to Sheffield United.And this defeat caused Arsenal to drop to fifth place.

But as Arsenal fans did not expect this defeat,we had to accept this.I hope they could learn something new from this game.

Devils maintain their form with another win over Reading.Chelsea had another upset,this time by Fulham.And Manchester United now extend their point distance from 4 points to 6 points.
Liverpool beat Tottenham 1-0 and Bolton beat Portmouth 3-1 at home.

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    Friday, December 29, 2006

    Discussion and Prediction:Sheffield Utd vs. Arsenal

    Arsenal will be playing away this time with another new comer Sheffield Utd.

    Last Arsenal's game against Watford reminds us not to dismiss smaller team despite their poor performance in Premiership so far.You must know every team that qualified to play in Premiership is a great team,so Arsenal must play as strong as thay could in order to win this game.If Arsenal lose or draw in this game,they will drop points.

    If you noticed last season,if Arsenal lost just only one more game,Gunners will play in UEFA Cup you know every point,every match is important for us.

    So I hope Arsenal could play their best in this game.

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      Wednesday, December 27, 2006

      Match report:Watford 1 Arsenal 2

      Arsenal managed to beat Watford 2-1 at Vicarage Road.

      Things started to going the Gunner's way when Gilberto again scored from a corner-kick at as early as 10th minute.However,Watford kept their fighting spirit and their desire to be 'giant killer' made Watford equalized at 23rd minute.Watford controlled the game's possession but they seems not having quality of possession.

      In second-half the game went on.Arsenal and Watford seems to have balanced game with both teams have a lot of chances.However,Watford were outclassed by a well-skilled Persie when Persie scored Arsenal's winning goal of this game.

      With this win and Blackburn's victory over the Reds,Arsenal climbed to 3rd place and reduce their point distance with Chelsea with 10 points. Manchester United on the other hand extend their lead over Chelsea by 4 points,thanks to Reading who made Chelsea drop points in Stamford Bridge.

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        Tuesday, December 26, 2006

        Watford vs. Arsenal:Discussion and Prediction

        After Gunners celebrated their Christmas with a 6-2 win over Blackburn,Arsenal will face new comer Watford for second time for this season.

        Although Watford seems to be playing badly so far this season,but we must know that every opponent in Premiership is a tough opponent.Arsenal history clash against Watford is not much,they meet only 20 times since Arsenal was born.

        Arsenal had win 11,lost 9 and drew 1.Arsenal must keep their consistency and win every Premiership game from now in order to have chance to win the Premiership Title

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          Saturday, December 23, 2006

          Blackburn burned

          Arsenal gave Blackburn a terrible 6-2 defeat at Emirates Stadium.

          However the visitor shocked Gunners when Nonda gave Blackburn a early 1-0 lead over the Gunners.But soon Gilberto Silva equalized through a header from corner-kick.Hleb gave us relief when he scored calmly into the net,not like before when they tend to be more nervous and miss the chances.Adebayor made it third from penalty shot.

          In the second-half both teams playing more slowly than the first-half till Nonda headed in Blackburn's second goal at 69th minute.Blackburn seems to have chance to make Gunners drop points again in home but Robin van Persie shattered their hope with his perfect control of the ball and shot it into the goal.He again made Blackburn conceded 5 goals in single match first time of this season and good team work from the Gunners rewards them their 6th goal in this match.

          At least Gunners were assured of their happy Christmas this year.I hope Arsenal could keep this performance more consistently.

          Here all result in Premiership this week.

          Arsenal 6-2 Blackburn
          Villa 0-3 M.United
          Wigan 2-3 Chelsea
          Fulham 0-0 West Ham
          M.City 0-2 Bolton
          Newcastle 3-1 Tottenham
          Liverpool 2-0 Watford
          M'Boro 2-0 Charlton
          Reading 0-2 Everton
          Portmouth 2-1 Sheffield Utd

          And here is current Premiership fixture

          Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
          1 Man Utd 19 15 2 2 41 10 31 47
          2 Chelsea 19 14 3 2 33 13 20 45
          3 Liverpool 19 10 4 5 28 15 13 34
          4 Arsenal 19 9 6 4 35 17 18 33
          5 Bolton 19 10 3 6 22 15 7 33
          6 Portsmouth 19 9 5 5 28 17 11 32
          7 Tottenham 19 8 4 7 23 25 -2 28
          8 Everton 19 7 6 6 24 20 4 27
          9 Reading 19 8 2 9 20 25 -5 26
          10 Aston Villa 19 5 10 4 21 21 0 25
          11 Newcastle 19 7 4 8 20 21 -1 25
          12 Fulham 19 6 6 7 18 28 -10 24
          13 Wigan 19 6 4 9 22 26 -4 22
          14 Middlesbro 19 5 5 9 17 24 -7 20
          15 Man City 19 5 5 9 15 24 -9 20
          16 Sheff Utd 19 5 5 9 15 25 -10 20
          17 Blackburn 18 5 4 9 18 28 -10 19
          18 West Ham 19 5 3 11 11 24 -13 18
          19 Charlton 19 3 3 13 13 33 -20 12
          20 Watford 18 1 8 9 11 24 -13 11

          Chelsea nearly added their distance with M.United but Robben made Chelsea leave JJB stadium with 3-2 victory over Wigan.Manchester United on the other hand maintained their form with 3-0 win over Aston Villa.Liverpool win easily 2-0 over Watford.

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            Friday, December 22, 2006

            Arsenal vs. Blackburn Rovers:Discussion and Prediction

            Arsenal will try to beat Blackburn today after a disappointing draw with Portmouth.

            Arsenal's schedule will be very tight this week as Gunners will have to play 4 matches in 10 days and will have to face Liverpool two times in 3 days(following reschedule of Arsenal vs. Liverpool match(Carling Cup) at 9th January and the another game for FA Cup 3rd round at 7th January).I think it is very seldom for Gunners to face Reds 2 times in 3 days.

            Arsenal next four match is be against Blackburn(today's match),Watford,Sheffield United and Charlton.So I hope Arsenal could win all these games because M.United,Chelsea and Liverpool will have a harder team to fight in their next 4 match.

            Although Blackburn were having a extraordinary performance last season,their performance in this season(till December this year) is quite bad as Blackburn is currently standing at 16th place at Premiership.Maybe the absence of Bellamy affects the team but I think there is another reason for this.

            Speaking about Arsenal,Arsene Wenger said that he would not make player purchase at next January tranfer.Instead he said that he would have posibility to sell player.

            Tomas Rosicky will be fit for this game however Gallas and Henry is not yet to be fit till next January.

            Here's this weekend Premiership fixture

            Fulham vs. West Ham
            Wigan vs. Chelsea
            Aston Villa vs. Man United
            Liverpool vs. Watford
            Portmouth vs. Sheffield Utd
            Man. City vs. Bolton
            Reading vs. Everton
            Middlesbrough vs. Charlton
            Newcastle vs. Spurs
            Arsenal vs. Blackburn

            I think Arsenal will have hard time to get back to 3rd place since Liverpool will face Watford at home.But who knows,Watford will give us a surprise gift to us for Christmas.

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              Thursday, December 21, 2006

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                Tuesday, December 19, 2006

                Carling Cup:Liverpool vs. Arsenal match postponed to January 9

                The game had been postponed due to heavy fog.The referee had decided to postpone the match after a second pitch inspection found conditions unsuitable for play.

                The game will be replayed on 9th January 2007.

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                  Carling Cup:Liverpool vs. Arsenal:Discussion and Prediction

                  Liverpool will try to take revenge from their embarrassing 3-0 defeat at Emirates Stadium.

                  Liverpool are smiling happily at Arsenal's drew result with Portsmouth as the result takes Liverpool to the 3rd place.

                  Arsenal seems to be linked with Liverpool,Arsenal will have to face Liverpool in Carling Cup as well as in FA Cup.Liverpool's fate in Champions League seems to be not that good since they will face Barcelona in the knock-out stage.

                  Nothing much to be said in this match.I'm sorry because I failed to provide Arsenal vs. Portsmouth match report and Premiership analysis.

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                    Friday, December 15, 2006

                    Arsenal will face PSV Eindhoven in Champions League knock-out stage

                    Arsenal were drawn to face PSV Einhoven in last-16.

                    Here's the full fixture of UEFA Champions League last-16.

                    Porto vs. Chelsea
                    Lille vs. Manchester United
                    As Roma vs. Lyon
                    Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich
                    Barcelona vs. Liverpool
                    Celtic vs. Milan
                    Inter Milan vs. Valencia

                    All English team got easy match except Liverpool who have to fight Barcelona.

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                      Discussion and Prediction:Arsenal vs. Portsmouth

                      Gunners will face Portsmouth to strengthen their 3rd place position.

                      Recently,especially last week our kids starts to give good result to us with a drew with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and a late win at JJB Stadium.However,our defence sometimes worries me as I had see the game against Chelsea and Wigan where our defender makes decisive mistake and Arsenal could have conceded goal if Arsenal is in bad luck.However the luck seems to be in our hands.

                      Portsmouth on the other hand is improving tremendously compared to their last season when they were almost eliminated to Division 1 but they just collected enough points for them to stay in Premiership.This season they have shocked us with such a great performance and win most their Premiership game.

                      However,I don't think Portsmouth with beat Arsenal in Emirates Stadium,maximum will be draw again if Arsenal isn't playing seriously.

                      I don't think Arsenal skill loses to the other team especially M.United,Liverpool and Chelsea,it just Arsenal loses on the consistency.Liverpool at the beginning of the season was also performed badly,but now they started to keeping their good performance on every match.

                      In Premiership,each team compete for consistency,not about performance.Of course if their performance is bad then they will lose point.We saw Arsenal can beat M.United at Old Trafford,becoming the second team to draw with Chelsea after Aston Villa but what Arsenal loses to them is consistency.Why Arsenal could lose point to team like West Ham,Middlesbrough,Manchester City when they could thrash the best team ever on Premiership 3-0.

                      I think Arsenal must take every Premiership game like the way they take on the game against the Devils and The Blues.Even you win Manchester United it is also 3 points and if you win Watford it is also 3 points.I wonder if the smaller team beat the bigger team they could get 4 points for that,the Premiership will be much more interesting to watch.

                      Ok,lets see the other fixtures in Premiership this weekend;

                      Charton vs. Liverpool
                      Newcastle vs. Watford
                      Wigan vs. Sheffield United
                      Reading vs. Blackburn
                      Aston Villa vs. Bolton
                      Everton vs. Chelsea
                      Manchester City vs. Tottenham
                      Fulham vs. Middlesbrough
                      West Ham vs. Manchester United

                      The most interesting game to me to watch is the game Villa vs. Bolton.Why?It involve Arsenal as their points are extremely close to Arsenal.If they could draw them it will be good.The second wil be the game West Ham vs. Manchester United.Why?because I want to see how West Ham perform now after Alan Pardew were sacked.

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                        Thursday, December 14, 2006

                        Ade made it 3 point and 3rd for Arsenal

                        Arsenal regained back their 3rd place after Adebayor scored a late winning goal for all three point at JJB Stadium.

                        Although Arsenal was defending at first-half,but Arsenal start took control of the game starting from the 60th minute.Kolo Toure was defending well.Although Senderos made some mistakes,I think he will learn with this mistake.

                        The goal is quite controversial actually,not about the goal is about the tackle which caused a free-kick for Gunners where the goal comes from.Paul Jewell was quite frustrated actually because Wigan had a lot of attack(although it was not dangerous enough),and then when they made a mistake they were punished heavily.

                        Arsene Wenger hailed Arsenal fighting spirit and said if it was last season Arsenal could lost 1-0.

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                          Wednesday, December 13, 2006

                          Discussion and Prediction:Wigan vs. Arsenal

                          Arsenal will face Wigan to regain their one game in hand.If Arsenal could win this match,Gunners will regain their third place.

                          Wigan poor performance recently had really something to concern as Arsenal could take advantage from that.Another good news for us is our full-back leader Kolo Toure could feature for this match after being suspended for one match before.However,as I said before Henry and Gallas will only return on early next year so of course they could not play in this game.

                          After I saw our kids performance last Sunday,I have confidence that Arsenal could beat Wigan this Wednesday.The team who Arsenal thrash 3-0,Liverpool could also thrash them 4-0,why we cannot?

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                            Tuesday, December 12, 2006

                            Premiership analysis

                            Here's the last week Premiership result

                            Man Utd 3 Manchester City 1
                            Blackburn 1 Newcastle 3
                            Liverpool 4 Fulham 0
                            Middlesbrough 1 Wigan 1
                            Portsmouth 2 Everton 0
                            Tottenham 5 Charlton 1
                            Watford 0 Reading 0
                            Bolton 4 West Ham United 0
                            Chelsea 1 Arsenal 1
                            Sheffield United 2 Aston Villa 2

                            Here's the current Premiership table;

                            Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                            1 Man Utd 17 14 2 1 38 9 29 44
                            2 Chelsea 16 11 3 2 26 9 17 36
                            3 Portsmouth 17 8 4 5 23 14 9 28
                            4 Liverpool 17 8 4 5 23 15 8 28
                            5 Bolton 17 8 3 6 19 15 4 27
                            6 Arsenal 16 7 5 4 26 13 13 26
                            7 Reading 17 8 2 7 19 21 -2 26
                            8 Aston Villa 17 5 10 2 21 17 4 25
                            9 Tottenham 17 7 4 6 20 21 -1 25
                            10 Everton 17 6 6 5 20 17 3 24
                            11 Wigan 16 6 4 6 20 21 -1 22
                            12 Man City 17 5 5 7 14 20 -6 20
                            13 Fulham 17 5 5 7 16 27 -11 20
                            14 Newcastle 16 5 4 7 15 18 -3 19
                            15 Middlesbro 17 4 5 8 14 22 -8 17
                            16 Sheff Utd 17 4 5 8 13 22 -9 17
                            17 Blackburn 16 4 4 8 14 21 -7 16
                            18 West Ham 17 4 2 11 10 24 -14 14
                            19 Charlton 17 3 3 11 13 28 -15 12
                            20 Watford 16 1 8 7 10 20 -10 11

                            Arsenal dropped to 6th place as Arsenal made a point at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge.Arsenal could take back their 3rd place if Gunners can beat Wigan tomorrow.Fortunately Sheffield struck a draw with Aston Villa or otherwise Arsenal could drop to 7th place.

                            Chelsea task to to win again Premiership Title for this season become even harder as they are now 8 points distance with the current Leaders Manchester United.

                            Liverpool seems to find back their soul as they beat Fulham 4-0 after thrashing Wigan 4-0 which means they are now getting 6 points and 8 more positive goal difference.
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                              Monday, December 11, 2006

                              'Lamps post' is lighted for Arsenal

                              Arsenal had a lucky drew with Chelsea yesterday as Blues launched a lot of 'Lamp's post attack' to Arsenal defence.

                              In first-half,things are looking duller as no goals are produced by neither side.However,Chelsea launched quite a lot of attack,and the most dangerous is when Lampard shot into the post and the Essien's shot which was cleared by Fabregas.

                              In the second -half,things are looking more exciting as Chelsea take most of the possesion but however our kids were defending well and luck was at our side.The presence of Arjen Robben even more dangerous as he always took a dangerous run at Arsenal's right side and made a mess in Arsenal's defence.

                              However,thing's are turned up as Flamini's shot into the net at 78th minute stunned the 'Special One' and made all Arsenal fans including me shouted"GOAL".

                              Chelsea mounted up the pressure and Drogba kept attacking but it did not suceed,the worst is Drogba had slight injury(I see him walk like an injured man) and the Blues had to wait until 84th minute when Essien made a curved attack into the net and Lehmann could do nothing.

                              Arsenal's best chance came when Ljungberg made a cross into Chelsea's penalty box but Hleb just too nervous and didn't take the chance well.

                              At last minute,Chelsea try to take all the three points.But Gunners held on until the final whistle.

                              Great footballing from Arsenal.I never think Arsenal could take points from this game as a lot of our regular player are injured,this games is played at Stamford Bridge and Chelsea loads of quality footballer.

                              To Arsenal player especially our kids,I salute you as you could drew with a team who has a lot of galaticos.

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                                Friday, December 08, 2006

                                Can Arsenal win the fight in Stamford Bridge

                                Arsenal will face another 2005-2006 Premiership Champion Chelsea in Stamford Bridge.

                                Arsenal's record against Chelsea since the takeover by a Russian billionaire had been not so good.To make the matter worse,Theirry Henry and Tomas Rosicky were injured and Kolo Toure were suspended.However,Djourou will be fit to replace Gallas.

                                But incase Arsenal DROP POINTS(which means if Arsenal draw or lose to Chelsea)in this game,Arsenal could drop up to 7-9th place.(see the table below)

                                Arsenal 15 7 4 4 25 12 13 25

                                Portsmouth 16 7 4 5 21 14 7 25

                                Liverpool 16 7 4 5 19 15 4 25

                                Reading 16 8 1 7 19 21 -2 25

                                Everton 16 6 6 4 20 15 5 24

                                Aston Villa 16 5 9 2 19 15 4 24

                                Bolton 16 7 3 6 15 15 0 24

                                Here's the list of fixtures involving the teams in the table above

                                Fortunately Portmouth will Everton,which means one of the team or both teams could drop points this weekend.

                                I hope this could encourage Arsenal to win this game,like how Arsenal beat Manchester United in Old Trafford although Arsenal drew two match and lost one match before that.

                                And we will see who is Arsenal going to face in UEFA Champions League last 16.
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                                  Wednesday, December 06, 2006

                                  Arsenal qualify to knock-out stage

                                  Porto drew 0-0 with Arsenal in UEFA Champions League Match Day 6.However,this is enough to send both teams to knock-out stage.

                                  Although Porto dominated the game with a lot of dangerous attacks,but Arsenal were lucky enough not to being conceded and 2 Porto's shot which hit the post.

                                  In second-half,Arsenal had better control in the game compared to first-half.But when it arrives to 80th minute,both teams seems to 'play safe' with no attacks on both teams.I think it's just like a training session for both teams.

                                  Actually,it doesn't matter who wins the game,both will qualify as Hamburg come back from a defeat to beat CSKA 3-2 at the end.

                                  Manchester United on the other hand also comes back from a defeat to take revenge on Benfica with 3-1 win in Old Trafford.

                                  Here's the all Champions League Match Day 6 result;

                                  A Chelsea 2-0 Levski
                                  A Barcelona 2-0 Bremen
                                  B Sporting 1-3 Spartak Moskva
                                  B Bayern 1-1 Internazionale
                                  C Galatasaray 3-2 Liverpool
                                  C PSV 1-3 Bordeaux
                                  D Olympiacos 1-1 Shakhtar
                                  D Roma 1-0 Valencia
                                  E Dynamo Kyiv 2-2 Real Madrid
                                  E Lyon 1-1 Steaua
                                  F Man. United 3-1 Benfica
                                  F KĂžbenhavn 3-1 Celtic
                                  G Porto 0-0 Arsenal
                                  G Hamburg 3-2 CSKA Moskva
                                  H Anderlecht 2-2 AEK
                                  H Milan 0-2 Lille

                                  The UEFA Champions League knock-out stage will be played on February next year if I'm not mistaken.

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                                    FC Porto vs. Arsenal:Discussion and Prediction

                                    Arsenal will travel to Portugal to fight for a place to UEFA Champions League knock-out stage.

                                    Here's the fixtures of Matchday 6 for Group G;

                                    Porto vs. Arsenal
                                    Hamburg vs. CSKA Moskva

                                    And here's the current Group G table;

                                    Group Playedd Pts
                                    ARS 5 10
                                    POR 5 10
                                    CSK 5 8
                                    HSV 5 0

                                    This group is the most complicated group as Arsenal,FC Porto and CSKA Moskva has chance to qualify to knock-out stage.Arsenal must at least draw with Porto to ensure qualification to next round.CSKA on the other hand must beat Hamburg to have chance to qualify.

                                    The absence of Theirry Henry and Tomas Rosicky till next year really worried us as both of them is very important for Arsenal.Therefore we will have to rely to Adebayor and Persie to beat Porto this time.For your information,Porto were never lost so far to any English club,they had win four and drawn four out of their 8 match against English club so far.

                                    Fortunately,Arsenal win against North London derby Tottenham Hotspur gave back some confidence after lost back-to-bak to Bolton and Fulham.

                                    I hope Hamburg could at at least one point from this match against CSKA and Arsenal could at least draw with Porto this game.

                                    On the other hand,Manchester United will have to take revenge as they will face another Portugal team Benfica who break the Devils hope to qualify to knock-out stage during the 2005-2006 season.If the Devils lose again this time,Manchester United will be heavily dependant to Premiership to gain some Title this season.

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                                      Monday, December 04, 2006

                                      Premiership analysis

                                      The above shows the last week Premiership results.Arsenal back on track after beating Tottenham 3-0(For full report click here) Manchester United maintain their form after beating Middlesbrough 2-1 in Riverside Stadium.Portsmouth drew with Aston Villa which means it benefit the Gunners by Gunners regained their third place.Liverpool break their away goal drought handsomely after thrashing Wigan 4-0.Chelsea were not playing this week,so Chelsea's point difference with the Devils were increased by 6 points although Chelsea have one game in hand currently.

                                      Here's the current Premiership table;

                                      Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                                      1 Man Utd 16 13 2 1 35 8 27 41
                                      2 Chelsea 15 11 2 2 25 8 17 35
                                      3 Arsenal 15 7 4 4 25 12 13 25
                                      4 Portsmouth 16 7 4 5 21 14 7 25
                                      5 Liverpool 16 7 4 5 19 15 4 25
                                      6 Reading 15 8 1 6 17 18 -1 25
                                      7 Everton 16 6 6 4 20 15 5 24
                                      8 Aston Villa 16 5 9 2 19 15 4 24
                                      9 Bolton 16 7 3 6 15 15 0 24
                                      10 Fulham 16 5 5 6 16 23 -7 20
                                      11 Man City 15 5 4 6 13 17 -4 19
                                      12 Tottenham 15 5 4 6 13 19 -6 19
                                      13 Wigan 14 5 3 6 17 20 -3 18
                                      14 Blackburn 14 4 4 6 13 17 -4 16
                                      15 Middlesbro 15 4 4 7 12 19 -7 16
                                      16 Sheff Utd 16 4 4 8 11 20 -9 16
                                      17 West Ham 15 4 2 9 10 18 -8 14
                                      18 Newcastle 14 3 4 7 9 15 -6 13
                                      19 Watford 14 1 6 7 10 20 -10 9
                                      20 Charlton 15 2 3 10 11 23 -12 9

                                      Arsenal's third place is quite vulnerable because there are three teams Portsmouth,Liverpool and Reading which is have same point with Arsenal and another three teams Everton,Aston Villas and Bolton Wanderers which have only one point behind Arsenal.To maintain their third place next week,Arsenal must perform extraordinary to beat 2005-2006 champions Chelsea.But the most important is the away match against FC Porto which Arsenal must at least draw to ensure qualification to UEFA Champions League knock-out stage.
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                                        Saturday, December 02, 2006

                                        Match report:Arsenal 3 Tottenham 0

                                        Arsenal get back their form after beating Tottenham 3-0 at home

                                        Adebayor scored from his sudden storming attack and there is no defender,only the goalkeeper defended Adebayor and of course Adebayor did the finishing into the net.

                                        3 minutes before half-time break,Rosicky were fouled in penalty box and Gilberto scored the second goal from penalty-kick.At 72th minute,Gilberto wrecked Spurs hope when he once again scored a penalty kick.

                                        Despite their enourmous win,2 of Arsenal's goal in this match is scored by penalty.However,Arsenal deserved to win by their control of the game and many dangerous attacks.

                                        I think this win is very important for Arsenal to face Porto this Wednesday,which could decide whether Arsenal could qualify to knock-out stage or not.And of course this include another London derby clash in Stamford Bridge next week.

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