Monday, April 30, 2007

Arsenal wins over Fulham

Arsenal set another routine win over Fulham in Emirates.

This win is as revenge to embarrassing defeat to Fulham last year which was really disappoints us .

The first goal came as early as 4th minute when Baptista The Beast headed the ball from Adebayor's cross.

However,Arsenal failed to score another goal in first-half although they had dominated the game with numerous chances.

In second-half,Arsenal still dominated but Arsenal were shocked with Davies's shot into Arsenal's goal just right.

But Arsenal regain their confidence with Adebayor's Henry like goal which were scored on 84th minute.Hleb put another hole into nearly sank Fulham with his normal yet successful penalty score.

And Arsenal is set to prevent Chelsea,or at least take revenge from our Carling Cup defeat.

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    Saturday, April 28, 2007

    Arsenal vs. Fulham preview

    Arsenal will face Fulham at home for another routine Premership match.

    Perhaps if Arsenal is thinking to secure their 4th place,Arsenal had already done it because Bolton and Everton dropped points against Chelsea and Manchester United which means Manchester United's point gap between Chelsea had increased to 5 points.

    Liverpool on the other hand will face Portmouth but I think Liverpool are set to all-out on the more important match against Chelsea in Champions League because I think it's going to be same no matter you are in 3rd or 4th place,you get the Champions League spot and you still have to play some qualifying games even you are in 3rd or 4th place.

    The next will be the fight for survival in EPL.Sheffield United,West Ham,Charlton or even Arsenal's rival this weekend Fulham will face risk of being relegated from the Premiership next season.

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      Sunday, April 22, 2007

      Rival match ends with draw

      A long-range strike from Jermaine Jenas deep into injury time shattered Arsenal's hope to complete another memorable comeback at White Hart Lane on Saturday.

      However,Arsenal fans might had thought Gunners had to lose the game when Robbie Keane headed for Tottenham's goal opener.In fact the threat came as early as 1st minute when Berbatov tried high ball to Gunner's goal but fortunately it went wide.Thing wnet even worst for Arsenal when Ljungberg had to be sent off because of hamstring injury.

      In second-half,it's all Arsenal's game,with some counter-attack from their rivals.The equalizer only came on 63rd minute when Toure easily finished Fabregas's free-kick into the Spur's goal.

      Arsenal seems came closer to their goal to have their three points in the game when it's Adebayor's turn to convert Fabregas's free-kick into a goal.

      When it seems Arsenal could take back all the three points,Jenas denied it with his long range stroke to Arsenal's goal.

      But I'm quite satisfied with Arsenal's performance in this game although they may have a lot of space to improve.And Jenas's late equalizer is quite harsh to Arsenal.

      And Gunner's hope to get the 3rd place gets even further when Liverpool increase their point distance to 4 points and I'm quite surprised when their goal difference is 32 goals compared to Arsenal which is only 26 goals.I looked back at a time,it's about last November-December when their goal difference is only 0 goal and Arsenal's goal difference is about 16 goal.

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        Saturday, April 21, 2007

        Tottenham Hotspur vs. Arsenal preivew

        Arsenal will face its North London rival,Tottenham.

        Recent two consecutive win had recovered Gunner's confidence of the game I think.Tottenham on the other hand want to finish as Top six in Premiership which require them the win 4 out of their remaining 5 games in their Premiership game therefore the win against our team is a must for them.But Arsenal will not let them win easily.

        Fabregas,who had scored in two recent game however will be not available for this game because of virus,Ljungberg will be out for this match because of hamstring problem.

        To me Arsenal must be careful because they are playing against Tottenham in White Hart Lane and we must forget our 3-o win over them in Emirates Stadium in last Premiership game.

        Wenger insisted that he is not leaving despite the exit of Arsenal's vice chairman David Dein from the club.

        “I can only say I am committed to do as well as I can for the club and for the team as long as my contract lasts,” he said. “I have always done that.”

        Wenger discusses any new deal at the very end of its tenure and he insisted it is business as usual this time around.

        “At the moment, I do not think about that,” he said. “The summer of 2008 is still quite a long [way away], and after that I will see.

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          Wednesday, April 18, 2007

          Arsenal's confidence become stonger

          Arsenal continue their form with 3-1 win over Manchester City.

          But I must apologize for my delayed report which is caused by problems with my HD in my computer.

          And I am very happy with Arsenal's performance,their finishing are getting better and our striker can start scoring and I would love to see how they score but I was not able to watch the game so let's see it on Youtube;

          The first goal came from Rosicky who came from behind and score a goal for us,similiar to what he did against Bolton last week.

          Manchester City equalized at 40th minute,caused by Lehmann's mis kick to Joey Barton and Michael Johnson managed to nudge a pass into the path of Beasley in the left-hand channel.

          Just after everyone would thought that Arsenal will end with a draw,Fabregas denied it with his stunning strike to Man. City's goal.Arsenal's three point were even secured by Baptista's goal which came from Hleb's dribbling skill and he gave the ball to Baptista to finish the chance with a goal.

          But Arsenal need to be careful with their defending,though they defended quite good for the rest of the game,but Manchester City's goal against Arsenal could be avoided with better defending.

          But Arsenal will have to wait a little longer to regain their 3rd place because Liverpool beat Middlesbrough 2-0.Chelsea thrash West Ham 4-1.

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            Tuesday, April 17, 2007

            Arsenal vs. Manchester City preview

            Arsenal must keep winning in order to regain their third place in Premiership.

            Arsenal however still needs improvement in their finishing or otherwise all Gooners will be frustrated again like what they experience in the Arsenal's match against CSKA moskva.

            Nothing to say about this game,let Arsenal try their best to win the game.

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              Sunday, April 15, 2007

              Arsenal strengthen their fourth place and target fot 3rd place

              Arsenal came back from behind to beat their bogey team,Bolton 2-1 at home.

              However,Arsenal supporters were shocked when Nicolas Anelka fired them ahead after 10 minutes.But Arsenal equalized 20 minutes later when Tomas Rosicky suddenly came from behind and beat Jussi Jaaskelainen to score a stunning equalzer.

              But I really want to praise Fabregas for his great goal scoring and this is what we need to make Arsenal a better team,a good finishing and calm at in front of goal unlike a lot of our kids which tend to shoot to nowhere or to goalkeeper which wasted our chances.

              But at 76th minute where we had a situation when we had two Arsenal players against Jussi Jaaskelainen only but we cannot make our third goal which I think we really deserved it but our finishing still not good enough.

              But at least Arsenal still secure three point from this game.

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                Friday, April 13, 2007

                Turning point for Arsenal

                Arsenal's game against Bolton will be turning point for Arsenal or Arsenal risk the chance to lose Champions League spot.

                Arsenal's game looks even more bleak with a boring 0-0 with Newcastle,fortunately Bolton were also tied down by 1-1 draw against Everton.

                So this game will be a decisive game for Gunners,and Arsenal's last two match is against Chelsea and Portsmouth and Arsenal's remaining match is going to play a lot of tough team like Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

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                  Monday, April 09, 2007

                  Newcastle vs. Arsenal preview

                  Arsenal must forget their three straight Premiership defeat and try their best to beat Newcastle although it is an away match.

                  Nothing much to say about this game.A win is a must in order to keep up the 4th place and hence,try to steal back the 3rd place.And of course this weekend match against Bolton will be crucial to us in order to strengthen their 4th place.

                  Although Arsenal had went through a lot of defeats this season,lost three Championships in just 11 days,but we must look bright.As the say goes "failure is the highway to success".

                  Remember that Arsenal was founded by just a few workers and today Arsenal Football club had been known well by all over the world so nothing is impossible.

                  I also know that a lot of Arsenal fans started to be disappointed and change their favorite team to M.United,Chelsea,Liverpool or others but as a loyal fan you must have faith with your favorite team regardless of anything happened to the team.

                  If you think Arsenal is a bad team then you think about second division team like Wolves,Northampton.But their fans still support these teams,regardless of anything happened to their team.But I have to admit that Arsenal had to buck up and start improving otherwise Arsenal will not be one of the Big Four.

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                    Sunday, April 08, 2007

                    Emirates fortress gone

                    Arsenal lost first time at Emirates Stadium to a near-relegation team West Ham.

                    Bobby Zamora broke Emirates fortress with his great kick to beat Jens Lehmann and made their Premiership hope alive.

                    Talking about our performance,our performance still same,a lot of chances but fail to score even a goal.A lot of people is going to say "Arsenal have a lot of attack but somehow they failed to score or convert the chance into goal.If they can convert their chance to a goal,I guess they can score 10 goals already".I guess these are the reason why Arsenal is stuck at 4th place.

                    Wenger made mistake but not about the strategy or the game,he made mistake with his players.He should told the coach to teach our kids how to convert chances into goal or he need to buy two or three experienced player to help our kids progress more onto their footballing career.I think our kids are nervous in front of our opponent's goal.I saw they always kicked to the goalkeeper,or shot wide from the goal.

                    But I must admit that Arsenal's luck was in minimum with some of Arsenal's attack went to the post.

                    Liverpool came from behind to beat Reading 2-1,Chelsea beat Spurs 1-0 and Rio Ferdinand made Chelsea's title hope alive with his own goal in Manchester United's match against Portsmouth which enable Portsmouth to win 2-1 over the Devils.

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