Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Arsenal qualify to final,beating Spurs 3-1

Arsenal beat Tottenham 3-1 or 5-3 on aggregate.

Arsenal controlled the game in first-half but no goals were produced as Tottenham defended well.

In the second -half,things are more interesting as Tottenham is considered had a slight lost in away goals therefore they attack more.Still,Gunners take control of the game but Tottenham had more on counter-attack.

Thing get hot when Adebayor scored a goal through a pss by Tomas Rosicky at 77th minute.

Just when I think Gunners could finish Spurs in 90 minutes,Mido denied that by scoring an equalizer through a header.

Tottenham had the control since then till the 95th minute(including extra-time) resulted from their equalizer.

Hey,this is a first time since this blog is here I write report on Arsenal's 120 minute game.

Just before the first-half of the extra time ends,Aliadiere punished Tottenham's defender failure to clear the ball completely by scoring a precious 2nd goal for Gunners.

Rosicky added one more 8 minutes after this,his shot goes to the post and fortunately for Arsenal,Pascal Chimbonda bounced the ball into Tottenahm's goal.

This is the first time since Wenger's in-charge in Arsenal to qualify to the Carling Cup final stage.

Talking about Premieship,Chelsea beat Blackburn Rovers 3-0,Manchester United thrashed Watford 4-0 and one consolation for Arsenal,Bolton drew 1-1 with Charlton.

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    Arsenal vs. Spurs preview

    Arsenal will face Spurs on Carling Cup 2nd league.

    The 2-2 draw in White Hart Lane is a small advantage for Arsenal only need less than 2 goals draw(eg:0-0 or 1-1) to qualify to Final stage.He had seen last Carling Cup round where Arsenal lost to Wigan because of away goal.So every thing is very important especially if it involves two great teams playing.

    Arsenal could play under pressure I think as I saw Arsenal made a comeback from behind to beat Manchester United 2-1,a precious 1-1 draw with Bolton and of course the 2-2 draw with Spurs in 1st league.

    And I observe that Arsenal goals come more often after the 80th minute or 15-20 minutes from final whistle.

    One more,today is considered Deadline Day for player transfer so I don't think Arsenal could buy any player to lessen the injury problem to Gunners itself.

    Only Arsenal and Tottenham are not playing mid-week Premiership game today so Arsenal and Tottenham will have 'one game in hand'.

    If Arsenal could beat Bolton at 14th February 2007,the FA Cup 5th round against Blackburn will be played on 21 February 2007.

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      Monday, January 29, 2007

      Arsenal/Bolton draw Blackbrun Rovers in FA Cup 5th round

      Arsenal or Bolton will host Blackburn in FA Cup fifth round.

      The replay in Reebok Stadium will be played on Wednesday 14 February 2007 at 8.05 p.m(England Time)

      Here's the all FA Cup 5th round draw;

      Chelsea v Blackpool or Norwich
      Watford v Ipswich
      Preston v Manchester City
      Plymouth v Derby
      Manchester United v Reading
      Arsenal or Bolton v Blackburn
      Bristol City or Middlesbrough v West Brom
      Fulham v Tottenham

      Chelsea,again drew another non-Premiership team.Manchester United drew another Premiership team like Arsenal.

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        Arsenal in danger,drew 1-1 with Bolton at home

        Gunners break even with Bolton at Emirates Stadium.

        This means Arsenal must score at least one goal in Reebok Stadium in order to progress into FA Cup 5th round.The worst is they had only one win in Bolton's home in their last seven visits.

        Arsenal were even shocked with visitor's opening goal at 50th minute by Nolan.

        But Arsenal did not give up,they increased their attacks,put Baptista in the game and defend their Emirates unbeaten record.Finally Kolo Toure saves the day for Gunners when he headed the ball from Fabregas's free-kick.

        Arsenal continued their attack and tried to avoid replay in their bogey place but Trotters defended successfully until the final whistle.

        Chelsea on their other hand made their 3-0 smooth win over Nottingham Forest at Stamford Bridge.Manchester United beat Portsmouth 2-1.

        I really hope Gunners could break their "Reebok Stadium" curse and progress into the 5th round.And draw easier team to play over in the 5th round.

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          Saturday, January 27, 2007

          Arsenal vs. Bolton preview

          Arsenal will face their bogey team Bolton in FA Cup 4th round.

          And the worst of all a lot of regular players are injured,William Gallas (thigh), Alex Hleb (hamstring), Robin Van Persie (foot), Emmanuel Eboue (ankle), Freddie Ljungberg (hamstring) and Johan Djourou (hamstring). In addition, Gilberto will be seeing out the final game of his suspension.

          Shall Arsenal do not win this match,Arsenal will have hard time playing in Reebok Stadium where Gunners were lost all their game there in recent 2-3 years.

          I think Jens Lehmann will be rested in this match following Wenger's quotes;

          "I think Thierry will play but Jens is out just to rest him.”

          And Nicolas Anelka and El-Hadji Diouf will be playing so Arsenal has to be careful with them but out 'beast' will increase Gunner's chance as Bolton tend to like play 'physically' with Arsenal so Baptista the Beast sure will help us.

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            Thursday, January 25, 2007

            Match report:Tottenham 2-2 Arsenal

            Arsenal drew 2-2 with Spurs in Carling Cup semi-final(1st leg).

            Things seems to be going bad when Berbatov scored for Spurs as early as 12th minute and Baptista's own goal at 21th minute.

            Baptista however then scored two equalizer goals for Gunners,making it seems to be small victory for Arsenal as they have advantage of 2 away goals.

            And it seems Tottenham was dominating at first-half as they had more attacks But fortunately Arsenal started pushing back at second-half and of course,equalized.

            This weekend,Gunners will face Bolton for FA 4th round at home.I hope Arsenal could take revenge and progress further in FA Cup.

            It's a good result by Gunners,we can see that they can play under pressure and they need only less than 2 goals draw in Emirates in order to progress into the fianl stage.

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              Wednesday, January 24, 2007

              Tottenham vs. Arsneal prewiew

              Arsenal will face Spurs in Carling Cup semi-final stage League 1.

              Chelsea confirmed to the final game when they beat Wycombe 4-0 at home(5-1 on aggregate) so in order to go to final Arsenal must try their best to win this game,or at least a draw(more goals draw will be better eg:2-2,3-3,6-6) so that Gunners could have higher chance to qualify to Final stage.

              Some of Gooners must said that Arsenal schedule is unfair if compared to Chelsea.Arsenal have to face Liverpool and now have to win over Tottenham in order to qualify to final stage whereas Chelsea have to only win over two non-Premiership team.But as in schedule,we had to follow that and we show our power when we beat Liverpool twice 3-1 and 6-3 in Anfield and came from behind to get 3 points 2-1 victory over current Premiership leader M.United.

              So if Gunners could beat Spurs Arsenal could have higher chance to get Carling Cup based on the team both of team face.

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                Arsenal made Premiership Title open for all

                Arsenal beat Manchester United 2-1 in Emirates Stadium.

                Last minute goal by Theirry Henry made The Premiership Title open again for all otherwise with 9 points difference between Manchester United and Chelsea,Man United is sure 99% to win the title.

                With the Liverpool's 2-0 victory over Chelsea,they managed to slim up their point difference from 8 points to 5 points and Arsenal slim to 6 points.

                Hope Arsenal could go for the PREMIERSHIP TITLE,or at least get the RUNNER-UP rank.

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                  Tuesday, January 23, 2007

                  I apologise

                  I'm sorry for not updating my blog for this few days.

                  I will post the match report between Arsenal and Manchester United and match preview between Tottenham and Arsenal.

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                    Saturday, January 13, 2007

                    Blackburn vs. Arsenal preview

                    Blackburn will try to take revenge from their embrassing 6-2 loss to Arsenal.

                    Arsenal will have to worry about their great continous 4 win recently although they themselves have a great form with scoring 9 goals in Anfield in two game with Liverpool.

                    Playing with Blackburn is totally different with playing with Liverpool.So I think Arsenal should not be carried away with enourmous scoreline against Liverpool(if they are).
                    But with the return of Henry and Adebayor I think Arsenal still could win this game,although the win would be minimal like 2-1,2-0 or 1-0.

                    Manhcester United will face Aston Villa again,Chelsea face Wigan at home and Liverpool will try to recover their form if they could beat Watford.

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                      Wednesday, January 10, 2007

                      Beast Attack in Anfield

                      Reds get a exceptional 'Beast Attack' in their home Anfield.

                      Liverpool was aiming to take revenge at their embarrassing 3-1 defeat at home.However,all was calm till Aliadere scored his first goal in Anfield at 27 minute.However,Liverpool's Fowler equalized just 6 minutes later.

                      And the 40th to 45th minute is the most miserable moment for Liverpool ever.Baptista scored two goals(40 and 45th) and Song scored one in just before half-time break.

                      In the second-half Baptista torn Liverpool apart in that game with his third goal at 60th minute.

                      After that Liverpool tried to do something and refused to be humiliated this way.And it resulted with Gerrard' goal at 68th minute and Hyypia at 80th.When the Reds just think they can made it 5-5,"The Beast" killed their hope with his 4th goal in the game.

                      And the result:Liverpool 3-6 Arsenal.

                      I did not expect Arsenal will have this result.The last game when Liverpool were scored 6 goals in a game was back to 1930 where Sunderland won 6-0 in Anfield.

                      And now Gunners must ready to face another revenge attempt by Blackburn this weekend.

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                        Tuesday, January 09, 2007

                        Arsenal drew Bolton in FA Cup 4th rounf

                        Arsenal drew Bolton Wanderers in FA Cup fourth round.

                        Bolton had been Gunner's bogey team from few years ago,with Bolton only lost one match to Arsenal in 7 years.Although the match is played at Emirates Stadium,I think Arsenal is going to worry about it.

                        Hope Arsenal could break Anfield fortress again.

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                          Saturday, January 06, 2007

                          Liverpool 1-3 Arsenal

                          The Gunners marching into the fourth round after beating Liverpool 3-1 at Anfield.

                          Liverpool was actually dominating the game.However,Arsenal was better in converting their chances into goal when Tomas Rosicky scored a fantastic first-timer goal into the Liverpool's net.Dudek just cannot do anything about that.

                          Just minutes from half-time break,Rosicky punished Liverpool's defender's mistake with another goal which means Arsenal were ahead of 2 goals in Anfield.

                          In second-half,Liverpool take control of the game and risen their hope when Kuyt made first goal for Liverpool in the game.

                          Just when Liverpool fans thought they can made another Istanbul wonder,Carragher mistake let Henry kill their hope with Gunners third goal.

                          This is the first time Liverpool were beaten in their homeground since October.

                          Liverpool perhaps will try to take revenge two days later in Carling Cup Championship.

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                            Can Gunners break Red's Army Defense

                            Arsenal will travel to Anfield Stadium to play Liverpool in FA Cup 3rd round.

                            This game is very classical giant clash and this is the first time Arsenal will play two matches in three games with Liverpool.We must be unlucky as we have to meet Reds in just in Fa Cup 3rd round.I think this clash should be at least in FA Cup quarter-final.

                            As Gunners are playing away game,the chances of Arsenal winning the game will be lesser especially if they are playing against big team.But if Gunners can draw the game(of course a win will be better),the replay game will be played in Arsenal's home which means Arsenal chance to win is greater then Liverpool.

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                              Wednesday, January 03, 2007

                              The Return of the King Henry

                              Arsenal back in form again with 4-0 win over Charlton.

                              Howver,Arsenal had to wait until the 30th minute when our King Henry scored a penalty goal. Hoyte then scored his first Premiership goal just before half-time break.

                              In second-half,Gunners dominating the game with a lot of dangerous attack but Arsenal only scored their 3rd goal in 75th minute when Van Persie shot another penalty goal into the Charlton's net.He added one more to make it 4-0 to Arsenal.

                              It seems Arsenal are getting boost start for this 2007 as Theirry Henry returned to our squad and therefore giving our kids some direction so shine.

                              Chelsea on the other hand failed to lessen their point distance with Manchester United as they suffered 3 draws in a row when they drew again with Aston Villa.

                              Here's the current Premiership table;

                              Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                              1 Man Utd 22 17 3 2 49 15 34 54
                              2 Chelsea 22 14 6 2 37 17 20 48
                              3 Liverpool 22 12 4 6 32 16 16 40
                              4 Arsenal 22 11 6 5 41 19 22 39
                              5 Bolton 22 12 3 7 27 21 6 39
                              6 Portsmouth 22 10 6 6 33 22 11 36
                              7 Tottenham 22 9 5 8 26 28 -2 32
                              8 Everton 22 8 7 7 28 22 6 31
                              9 Reading 22 9 3 10 30 30 0 30
                              10 Man City 22 8 5 9 19 25 -6 29
                              11 Blackburn 21 8 4 9 24 29 -5 28
                              12 Fulham 22 6 9 7 22 32 -10 27
                              13 Aston Villa 22 5 11 6 23 25 -2 26
                              14 Newcastle 22 7 5 10 23 28 -5 26
                              15 Middlesbro 22 6 6 10 21 27 -6 24
                              16 Sheff Utd 22 6 5 11 17 29 -12 23
                              17 Wigan 21 6 4 11 23 32 -9 22
                              18 West Ham 22 5 3 14 12 33 -21 18
                              19 Charlton 22 4 4 14 17 40 -23 16
                              20 Watford 20 1 9 10 12 26 -14 12

                              Gunners climbed back to 4th place,one point behind The Reds.The Devils failed to extend their point distance as they too drew 2-2 with Magpies.

                              Arsenal must now ready to fight Liverpool twice in 3 days.If Arsenal win both match,Liverpool will lost their chance to win Carling Cup as well as FA Cup.
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