Thursday, November 30, 2006

Match Report:Fulham 2 Arsenal 1

Arsenal suffered back-to-back defeat when they lost unexpectedly 2-1 to FUlham.

Arsenal were again conceded from corner kick at as early as at 5th minute.Arsenal tried to make something good but were conceded again at 19th minute.Arsenal scored back one goal from a fantastic free-kick from Robin .van Persie.

Arsenal was not playing good at this game,with no dangerous attack at first-half.Arsenal just made normal possession and Fulham defended well and attacked dangerously.If there was no free-kick for Arsenal,I wondered if Arsenal will lost 2-0 to a team who had previously normally thrashed 3 to 4-0.Arsenal could not score from 'real attack',like passsing to player and to another player and the striker finished into the net.Or simple,other than corner-kick,free-kick and penalty.

Fortunately,our current competitor were also failed to take the all three points from this mid-week soccer.Portsmouth drew with Liverpool 0-0,Bolton lost to Chelsea 1-0,Everton were thrashed 3-0 at Old Trafford.But this year I can still accept that Arsenal still in transition player.However,if another season is also like that,I don't know what Arsenal will be.

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    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Fulham vs. Arsenal:Discussion and prediction

    Arsenal will face Fulham this Wednesday at Fulham's home.

    I hope Gunners will not be disheartened after losing 3-1 to Bolton Wanderers.I remembered when Arsenal 49 match -unbeaten run were broken by Manchester United and since then Arsenal only collected 6 points from 6 games and this caused Chelsea to win the 2004-2005 season Premiership Title.

    Arsenal record against Fulham is always good even at Fulham's home.In last 6 matches,Arsenal win all the games and scoring 16 goals with 2 goals with reply.But Arsenal fans like me should not be TOO OVER CONFIDENT THAT ARSENAL MUST DEMOLISH FULHAM by 3 to 4-0.

    After a few incident like the CSKA,Middlesbrough,Aston Villa and all matches in Emirates actually,I don't start thinking like"ah,Fulham is just a small team,must thrash them one".

    But I think Arsenal could win this game at least.

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      Monday, November 27, 2006

      Premiership analysis

      The picture above shows the current Premiership results.

      The Trotters curse at Reebok Stadium to Arsenal becomes more powerful when Bolton beat Arsenal 3-1 and this is the first time Arsenal were conceded 3 goals in a match since 2005(if not mistaken).Fortunately Portsmouth were also lost to Newcastle United 1-0 so that Arsenal's distance with Portsmouth were lessen.Manchester United on the other hand drew with Chelsea,which means Man. Utd. is still leading the Premiership by 3 points so far.

      Here's the current Premiership standing;

      Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
      1 Man Utd 14 11 2 1 30 7 23 35
      2 Chelsea 14 10 2 2 24 8 16 32
      3 Bolton 14 7 3 4 15 13 2 24
      4 Portsmouth 14 7 2 5 19 12 7 23
      5 Aston Villa 14 5 8 1 16 10 6 23
      6 Arsenal 13 6 4 3 21 10 11 22
      7 Reading 14 7 1 6 16 18 -2 22
      8 Everton 14 5 6 3 18 12 6 21
      9 Liverpool 14 6 3 5 15 15 0 21
      10 Tottenham 14 5 4 5 13 16 -3 19
      11 Wigan 13 5 3 5 17 16 1 18
      12 Fulham 14 4 5 5 14 20 -6 17
      13 Middlesbro 14 4 4 6 11 17 -6 16
      14 Man City 14 4 4 6 10 16 -6 16
      15 West Ham 14 4 2 8 10 16 -6 14
      16 Blackburn 13 3 4 6 11 17 -6 13
      17 Newcastle 14 3 4 7 9 15 -6 13
      18 Sheff Utd 14 2 4 8 8 19 -11 10
      19 Watford 13 1 6 6 10 19 -9 9
      20 Charlton 14 2 3 9 10 21 -11 9

      Arsenal could stand back at third place if Chelsea could beat or draw Bolton at Reebok Stadium,Manchester City could beat or draw Aston Villa at Villa Park and Liverpool could beat Portsmouth.

      I personally think that Arsenal is out of title race which I think is Manchester United and Chelsea racing to win the Premiership title.What Arsenal can do is perform well in UEFA Champions League and Carling Cup although Carling Cup is small competition,winning the Carling Cup title is still something to proud about.
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        Saturday, November 25, 2006

        Match Report:Bolton 3 Arsenal 1

        We had an exciting first-half especially the the extra-time where Anelka scored a stunning goal against Gunners and Gilberto Silva equalized just after that.

        Arsenal were shocked with Faye's header goal.After that,Eboue were pushed harshly to the ground and made controversial because the guy who pushed him just got a yellow card.

        After that,Bolton keep dominating the game with attacks.

        Arsenal need to be more physical,but please no foul.

        In second-half,Arsenal kept attacking and Ljungberg headed to post.However,Anelka punished Arsenal with his 2nd goal at 76th which made Arsenal for the first time of the Premiership this season Arsenal were conceded 3 goals in a game.

        Adebayor were also stroke to the post.

        We will have to look to overtake Bolton at Wednesday which Bolton will face Chelsea at Reebok Stadium again.

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          Friday, November 24, 2006

          Discussion and Predictiom:Bolton vs. Arsenal

          Arsenal will travel to Reebok Stadium to break their record.That record is Arsenal will lost to Bolton every time they travel to Reebok Stadium.

          The problem is ARSENAL MUST WIN EVERY GAME in order to catch up or take advantage of M.United's match against Chelsea which either of them must drop points or both will drop points incase it's draw.

          Fortunately,Arsenal comeback to beat Hamburg 3-1 last 3 days gave Gunners some confidence otherwise they will go there(Reebok Stadium) with a lost before that match.
          In case you don't know,Bolton's style of playing which is very physical is very disadvantage of Arsenal playing style which very gentle,passing there passing here,playing slowly like Spanish Primera Liga or Italian Series A.

          But if Arsenal could win this game,this is very rewarding,we can came closer to Chelsea or the Devils or both,we could keep some distance from Bolton themselves and could even take back to third place in case Portsmouth lost or draw with Newcastle.Newcastle's form seems to coming back,with a drew with Gunners which make Gunners drop to fourth place,I hope Newcastle could help Gunners regain back their third place.

          But I really hope that Arsenal could beat Bolton this time,considering Arsenal could drop till to 6-8 place in case Arsenal lose to Bolton.

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            Gallas could recover sooner.

            We have good news from Arsene Wenger when he announced that William Gallas and Tomas Rosicky could recover earlier.

            However he said that both of them could not feature for this weekend's crucial game against Bolton Wanderers.

            "I don't think Rosicky is ready [for Bolton on Saturday] but he has a chance to be available for Fulham.

            "As for Gallas we will see, he will not play against Fulham and Tottenham could be a bit premature but he has a chance to be available for Porto."

            On the other hand,Lauren and Abou Diaby will return early of next year.

            That's good,they can return earlier so that Arsenal could have better defence as well as attacking.

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              Wenger responded to FA Charge of improper conduct

              Wenger had responded to the FA (Football Association) regarding to his improper conduct with West Ham manager Alan Pardew during recent Arsenal's match against Hamburg.

              He has admitted the charge and would like to a personal hearing from FA.

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                Thursday, November 23, 2006

                Fabregas:Walcott is the one of the world's best

                Cesc Fabregas quoted that Theo Walcott is one of the world's best.

                Theo Walcott came off from the bench during the Arsenal's match against Hamburg and caused terrific havoc among the Hamburg defence and helped Arsenal to win 3-1.

                Fabregas quoted

                He(Walcott) is the best player of that age playing in the Premiership.When Theo comes on for the last 15 or 20 minutes you can see he can do something. He's so quick, so powerful and showed that once again this evening. For the third goal I thought he had gone too far but he put it perfectly on Baptista's head.He has not asked me for advice, no.He is a very clever boy and he knows more than what a player of his age should know. His family is always close to him and they treat him so well at Arsenal..The advice is always from the boss, from Thierry. I'm just 19. I'm nearly the same age so I can't give him advice.

                But he is a great guy and I think getting called up for the World Cup has definitely helped him.


                Yeah,Walcott,Fabregas as well as all Arsenal team is growing from time to time.
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                  Wednesday, November 22, 2006

                  Champions League Group G analysis

                  Here 's the current Champions League Group G standings

                  Group G Pld Pts
                  ARS 5 10
                  POR 5 10
                  CSK 5 8
                  HSV 5 0

                  Arsenal come back to first place after beating Hamburg 3-1 at Emirates Stadium.CSKA sprang a surprise 2-0 defeat to FC Porto at Lokomotive Stadium.

                  This group is quite complicated.Match Day 6 will be critical game for Arsenal,FC Porto and CSKA Moskva.

                  Here's the fixtures for Match Day 6

                  Hamburg vs. CSKA Moskva
                  Porto vs. Arsenal

                  Arsenal will travel to Portugal and will be hoping for at least a draw to secure qualification to the second-round.CSKA in the other hand must beat Hamburg to qualify into the second-round.Porto will refuse a draw with Arsenal because if CSKA beat Hamburg,CSKA will rise to 1st place,Arsenal will be at 2nd place I think and Porto will qualify to the UEFA Cup fight.

                  Hamburg I hope will show some result even they cannot qualify yo the next round.To Hamburg fans,do you will be ashamed that Hamburg lost all the UEFA Champions League matches.If yes,show some result at Match Day 6,make at least a draw with CSKA or even a win is better.

                  But Hamburg player,good game by you all.You show a great game against Arsenal and even shock Gunners with a stunning goal.

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                    Tuesday, November 21, 2006

                    Match report:Arsenal 3 Hamburg 1

                    Arsenal beat Hamburg 3-1 at Emirates Stadium.

                    Arsenal as well as I were shocked as early as 4th minute when Arsenal were down 1-0.Oh Man!Is Arsenal is going to lost or drew the match at Emirate Stadium again.

                    Arsenal as same as the previous matches,generated a lot of attack but the ball seems refused to get in.When I see Hleb kicked the ball into the post I started to worry and thinking why the Hamburg's stroke when hit the bar,it would reflected into the goal,Gunners stroke when hit the post,reflected to out side.I become sad for the first-half.

                    When the second-half started,things still gong bleak for Arsenal till the 52th minute,which Fabregas pass to Persie resulted an equalizer for Arsenal.I started to think,Arsenal only need to draw in order to be second in the Group G if Arsenal could beat Porto at Matchday 6,Arsenal will qualify into the second-round.But just after that,Henry were booked which means he will miss the important match against Porto this December.Hamburg made some counter-attack but it weren't too dangerous.Lehmann kept the ball neatly.

                    At 83th minute,Arsenal lead the game when the goalkeeper failed to kept Eboue's shot neatly and instead,it went into the net.

                    Baptista heads to strengthen the lead when Baptista scored his first goal for Arsenal at 89th minutwe

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                      Monday, November 20, 2006

                      Premiership Analysis

                      Here's the current Premiership table;

                      Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                      1 Man Utd 13 11 1 1 29 6 23 34
                      2 Chelsea 13 10 1 2 23 7 16 31
                      3 Portsmouth 13 7 2 4 19 11 8 23
                      4 Arsenal 12 6 4 2 20 7 13 22
                      5 Aston Villa 13 5 7 1 15 9 6 22
                      6 Bolton 13 6 3 4 12 12 0 21
                      7 Everton 13 5 5 3 17 11 6 20
                      8 Reading 13 6 1 6 15 18 -3 19
                      9 Wigan 12 5 3 4 16 13 3 18
                      10 Liverpool 13 5 3 5 14 15 -1 18
                      11 Fulham 13 4 5 4 14 19 -5 17
                      12 Man City 13 4 4 5 10 15 -5 16
                      13 Tottenham 13 4 4 5 10 15 -5 16
                      14 Middlesbro 13 4 3 6 10 16 -6 15
                      15 Blackburn 13 3 4 6 11 17 -6 13
                      16 West Ham 13 3 2 8 9 16 -7 11
                      17 Newcastle 13 2 4 7 8 15 -7 10
                      18 Sheff Utd 13 2 4 7 8 18 -10 10
                      19 Watford 13 1 6 6 10 19 -9 9
                      20 Charlton 13 2 2 9 9 20 -11 8

                      Arsenal dropped to fourth place after a 1-1 drew with Newcastle.Portsmouth replaced Arsenal at 3rd place after beating the new comer Watford 2-1 at home.The Devils on the other hand managed to salvage their 3 points after beating Sheffield .Utd 2-1.

                      Let's look at next week Premiership Fixture;

                      Sat - 25 Nov 06

                      Charlton v Everton
                      A Villa v M'brough
                      Fulham v Reading
                      Liv'pool v Man City
                      West Ham v Sheff U
                      Bolton v Arsenal

                      Sun - 26 Nov 06

                      N'castle v Portsm'h
                      Tot'ham v Wigan
                      Man Utd v Chelsea

                      Arsenal will have some tough time facing Bolton especially at Reebok Stadium which Arsenal haven't beat Bolton there for a few years.But of course we all looking for the giants clash at Old Trafford.Chelsea must win the match or The Blues will have hard time chasing Man United which leaves 6 points distance if Chelsea lose the game to the Devils.

                      But this is the not the decisive match for Arsenal,it is the match against Hamburg.However,CSKA will face Porto at home which means Porto posibility to beat CSKA is very low.If Gunners can beat Hamburg,Arsenal only need to draw with Porto or can even lost(but not too much and beat Hamburg 3-0 or more).
                      I hope we all will not get a game like CSKA where Gunners had so many chances but can't even score a goal.
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                        Saturday, November 18, 2006

                        Match report:Arsenal 1 Newcastle 1

                        Arsenal drew 1-1 with Newcastle.

                        Sudden counter-attack by Newcastle made Arsenal once again behind in Emirates stadium despite dominating the game.No shock for all Arsenal fans because we had experienced it many times,be it with Aston Villa,Middlesbrough and CSKA Moskva.

                        Persie were injured and was replaced by Henry.

                        In the second-half Gunners kept generating shots and shots to Newcastle but Shay Given block all the shots.Once a while Newcastle counter-attacked to Arsenal's defence.

                        The equaliser goal came when Henry scored a free-kick goal,similar to van Persie score against Everton.The attack continued but all of them end as frustation.

                        Like one of my commenter,Arsenal needs consistency.Last week we could see Arsenal could beat Red giant 3-0 but drew with the third last Newcastle in home.

                        Besides that,Arsenal need to be careful to counter-attack.Put at least 3 defender in Arsenal's defense.Maybe Gunners already done that but quite a lot of time Arsenal were conceded goal by sudden counter-attack.

                        Actually Gunners controlling all the match that it played but somehow all of them ended with frustration and anger.But Arsenal style of play will pay one day.

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                          Friday, November 17, 2006

                          Arsenal vs. Newcastle Utd:Discussion and Prediction

                          Arsenal will play Newcastle United 12 hours from the time I type this post.

                          Arsenal record against Newcastle especially at home is better in recent time but overall Newcastle has better record against Arsenal.However,since Wenger has taken charge of the manager of the Gunners,Arsenal has improved tremendously and Newcastle mismanagement made Newcastle worse recently.Newcastle is at 18th place in this season Premiership currently whereas Gunners is third with one game in hand.

                          Arsenal will need to win this game(actually Arsenal will have to win all games)to maintain the third place or strengthen Gunners third place before facing Bolton at Reebok Stadium.I don't sure whether Arsenal could beat Trotters or not but we must score like we did against the Reds.

                          Bolton and Aston Villa(both are having same points with Gunners)will face Everton and Wigans respectively and I hope both will have a draw.Sheffield United or the Blades will have hard time facing the roaring Devils although they are facing them at home.

                          My prediction:Arsenal 2 Newcastle 0

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                            Monday, November 13, 2006

                            Premiership table analysis

                            Here's the current Premiership table;

                            Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                            1 Man Utd 12 10 1 1 27 5 22 31
                            2 Chelsea 12 9 1 2 22 7 15 28
                            3 Arsenal 11 6 3 2 19 6 13 21
                            4 Aston Villa 12 5 6 1 15 9 6 21
                            5 Bolton 12 6 3 3 12 11 1 21
                            6 Portsmouth 12 6 2 4 17 10 7 20
                            7 Everton 12 4 5 3 16 11 5 17
                            8 Wigan 11 5 2 4 16 13 3 17
                            9 Liverpool 12 5 2 5 14 15 -1 17
                            10 Fulham 12 4 5 3 13 16 -3 17
                            11 Reading 12 5 1 6 13 18 -5 16
                            12 Tottenham 12 4 3 5 9 14 -5 15
                            13 Middlesbro 12 4 2 6 10 16 -6 14
                            14 Man City 12 3 4 5 7 14 -7 13
                            15 Blackburn 12 3 3 6 10 16 -6 12
                            16 West Ham 12 3 2 7 9 15 -6 11
                            17 Sheff Utd 12 2 4 6 7 16 -9 10
                            18 Newcastle 12 2 3 7 7 14 -7 9
                            19 Watford 12 1 6 5 9 17 -8 9
                            20 Charlton 12 2 2 8 9 18 -9 8

                            Finally,Arsenal climb to to 3rd place after could ever done it last week but Gunners themselves lost to West Ham 1-0 at Upton Park.Fortunately,Sheffield United and Fulham help us to make the Trotters(Bolton) and Portsmouth drop points.Watford were thrashed 4-0 by Chelsea(expected).Manchester United managed to revenge their two time lost to Blackburn Rovers last season when the Devils beat Blackburn 1-0 to keep leading the Premiership table.

                            Here the next Premiership fixture;

                            Sat - 18 Nov 06

                            Man City v Fulham
                            Arsenal v N'castle
                            Chelsea v West Ham
                            Everton v Bolton
                            Portsm'h v Watford
                            Reading v Charlton
                            Sheff U v Man Utd
                            M'brough v Liv'pool

                            Sun - 19 Nov 06

                            Wigan v A Villa
                            Blackb'n v Tot'ham

                            Firstly,we talk about Arsenal's game against Newcastle United.Arsenal enormous 3-0 win over classic rivals Liverpool will be sure boosting Gunners confidence after 2 draws and a lost despite their dominance in their games.Of course I hope Arsenal could win this game and take some advantage before facing Hamburg at 22nd November and Bolton Wanderers at November 25th.

                            Liverpool is going to play away games next week.If you don't know,Liverpool had lost 5 of their 6 games(including the game against Arsenal)and scored only 1 away goals so far(in Premiership).Benitez and his gang has to recover from Gunner's shot to beat Middlesbrough.

                            Next is Everton vs. Bolton.I'm not sure who is going to win this game but I'm sure this game is going to be an exciting match.
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