Monday, October 30, 2006

UEFA Champions League:Arsenal vs CSKA Moscow:Discussion and prediction

Arsenal will play against CSKA Moscow at home in the UEFA Champions League group stage.

Two weeks ago,Arsenal were beaten 1-0 in the freezing cold Lokomotive Stadium.Theirry Henry controversial disallowed equalizer goal added dismay to Arsenal.Gunners will try to take revenge from that lost at home.

However,we already saw CSKA Moscow is a great team.Their player's body size and their fast counter-attacking will worry Arsene Wenger.I personally think CSKA will try to control midfield like Everton did last 3 days.Besides that,CSKA will try to concentrate more to defend and will counter-attack when there is a chance.

Here's Arsenal's standing in UEFA Champions League Group G

Group GPldPts
CSKA Moskva37

The victory against CSKA will be extemely important because if Arsenal draw,there are quite some posibility Porto will replace Arsenal in 2nd place and Gunner will have some problem.Unless Hamburg beat or draw with Porto,Arsenal must beat or at least draw with CSKA Moscow this time.
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    English Premier League:Discussion

    Here's the current Premiership table

    Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
    1 Man Utd 10 8 1 1 23 5 18 25
    2 Chelsea 10 8 1 1 17 5 12 25
    3 Bolton 10 6 2 2 10 8 2 20
    4 Portsmouth 10 6 1 3 16 6 10 19
    5 Arsenal 9 5 3 1 16 5 11 18
    6 Everton 10 4 5 1 16 9 7 17
    7 Aston Villa 10 3 6 1 12 9 3 15
    8 Liverpool 10 4 2 4 12 12 0 14
    9 Fulham 10 3 4 3 11 15 -4 13
    10 Reading 10 4 1 5 10 15 -5 13
    11 Blackburn 10 3 3 4 10 13 -3 12
    12 Tottenham 10 3 3 4 6 10 -4 12
    13 Wigan 9 3 2 4 12 11 1 11
    14 Middlesbro 9 3 2 4 9 13 -4 11
    15 Man City 9 2 3 4 6 13 -7 9
    16 West Ham 10 2 2 6 8 14 -6 8
    17 Newcastle 10 2 2 6 7 13 -6 8
    18 Watford 10 0 6 4 7 13 -6 6
    19 Sheff Utd 10 1 3 6 4 14 -10 6
    20 Charlton 10 1 2 7 6 15 -9 5

    Arsenal drop to fifth place after a drew with Everton.Fortunately,Arsenal managed to equalize otherwise Arsenal will drop to sixth place.Manchester United and Chelsea keep racing in the Premierhip when both of them earned three points from a victory over Bolton and Sheffield United respectively.West Ham finally got a win after 6 lost in the last 6 games.

    Manchester United will face Portmouth in Old Trafford,meaning it should be easy for the Devils.Arsenal will travel to West Ham to face Hammers.Arsenal should be careful because I'm scared West Ham managed to find their soul.If Arsenal can beat Hammers(West Ham),Arsenal should can take back their forth place if Portsmouth draw or beaten by Manchester United.Bolton will try to beat Wigan after being thrashed by Manchester United 4-0,especially the Devil's striker Wayne Rooney who scored a hattrick in Reebok Stadium last two days.

    Chelsea should have no problem facing Spurs in home.

    But we will see first Arsenal's performance in Champions League at home against CSKA Moscow.
    Hopefully,Arsenal can revenge their lost the Russia last two weeks.
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      Saturday, October 28, 2006

      Match Report:Arsenal 1 Everton 1

      Arsenal were held drew by Everton.

      However Everton’s first adventure into the Arsenal half led to their goal. In the 11th minute, Mikel Arteta sent a corner into the area, Kolo Toure misjudged his backward header and it thumped off the chest off the onrushing Cahill. The ball bounced down nicely for the Australian midfielder to crash his shot high into the net from close range.

      Although Gunners generated a lot of dangerous attack,Everton seems to hold the defense properly until van Persie scored a flying free-kick into the opponents net in 70th minute.After that the attacking continued but the result is same as the titie above.

      Manchester United on the other side had a great game beating Bolton 4-0 at Reebok Stadium,a little humillation to the Trotters.Liverpool managed to find their souls after defeated the only unbeaten team in the Premiership,Aston Villa.Chelsea as expected,beat Sheffield United 2-0.

      Fortunately,Arsenal managed to equalise otherwise Everton will overtake Arsenal in fifth place currently.

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        Friday, October 27, 2006

        Arsenal vs. Everton:Disscussion and Prediction

        Not long after I type this post(After a few hours),Arsenal will be playing against Everton.M.United will visit Reebok Stadium to try beat Big Sam and His Wanderers,Liverpool will be little bit worried to fight Aston Villa,the only unbeaten team so far this season and managed to drew with Arsenal and Chelsea although they will be playing in Anfield.

        Here the video if you want to recall the Arsenal's game against Everton whcih Arsenal thrashed Everton 7-0

        However,Gunners should not taken Everton lightly because of their great form this season.
        If Arsenal can earn a victory in this match it will be great because if Bolton got beaten by Manchester United,Arsenal will climb to third place of the Premiership.But I hope M.United can draw with Bolton.Why,if you analyse carefully,Arsenal can actually have the third place if they win their one match in hand.So,a draw between this two team is be GREATEST for Arsenal.

        I really hope Arsenal can win this match since Arsenal have the posibility to have 3rd place in Premiership.

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          Wednesday, October 25, 2006

          Why Arsenal could beat Reading easily,M.United and Chelsea streched to beat Reading

          Why,everyone expected a draw or even a defeat for the Gunners match against Reading.Manchester United suffered a draw whereas Chelsea is even worse,had to play with disadvantage for the rest of the season(At least half)when their main goalkeeper,Petr Cech picked up skull injury and is near death but now he's slowly recovering.

          Let me tell you something.M.United playing with full of guts and momentum.They are playing very powerfully.I sometimes even said some of the M.United goals could break the net.Whereas Chelsea are playing more defensively meaning some of their attack is more counter-attacking.

          Actually Arsenal could beat Reading easily whereas the Devlis and The Blues cannot simply because different playing style.As you know,Arsenal likes to play passing games,playing much more softly than the other two does.Some even said that Arsenal playing like Latin danca or similiar to teams who played in Primera Liga and Series A.But I admit that the injury of Cech(Chelsea goalkeeper) helped a little bit in Arsenal victory because if Lehmann is injured again,the whole world will be focused to them because they had injured 3 goalkeepers in 2 match (If they had injured Lehmann but it's not).Who would like to be focused because of bad things or behaviour.I personally think Robinson(Tottenham and England's goalkeeper) doesn't like to see the main line in the Daily Express(an England press) write "Down To you Misses Robinson".
          No offence to him,as I had also actually sympatize with him.Every goalkeeper could make mistake,so don't actually laugh too much to the goalkeeper about his mistake.

          Reading couldn't did anything to resist Arsenal's game.Although I admit Arsenal got bit of luck on the match,but I think Arsenal were handling Reading's player easily.

          Please feel free to comment me,whether it's good or bad,just let me know about it.
          Thank you for reading this post and sorry to Reading fans,no offence to you as we all are football fans and we are looking forward for better gmae.

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            Adebayor could be our for 3 weeks

            Adebayor could be out as long as 3 weeks as he suffered a thigh injury in the Carling Cup in West Brom.He was replaced at 23rd minute and was replaced by Traore.

            On the other hand,there is good news for us.Kolo Toure has committed his future to Gunners when he signed a new long-term contract.

            He joined the club on 2002 and within 4 years,he has become an important player in the team.

            "I can see myself staying here(Arsenal) for the rest of my career,why would I want to leave.I love my football here,my family is settled here and the club is ambitious.It's fantastic"Toure said.

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              Adebayor could be our for 3 weeks

              Adebayor could be out as long as 3 weeks as he suffered a thigh injury in the Carling Cup in West Brom.He was replaced at 23rd minute and was replaced by Traore.

              On the other hand,there is good news for us.Kolo Toure has committed his future to Gunners when he signed a new long-term contract.

              He joined the club on 2002 and within 4 years,he has become an important player in the team.

              "I can see myself staying here(Arsenal) for the rest of my career,why would I want to leave.I love my football here,my family is settled here and the club is ambitious.It's fantastic"Toure said.

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                Tuesday, October 24, 2006

                Carling Cup Round 3:West Brom 0 Arsenal 2

                Jeremie Aliadiere scored twice as Arsenal beat West Bromwich Albion 2-0 at West Brom yesterday.

                He scored a penalty at 34th minute and scored one more(but not penalty) just after 5 minute from half-time break.

                Perhaps Arsenal could have an exciting Carling Cup run this season.

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                  Monday, October 23, 2006

                  Premier League Table:Discussion

                  Here's the current English Premier League table;

                  Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                  1 Man Utd 9 7 1 1 19 5 14 22
                  2 Chelsea 9 7 1 1 15 5 10 22
                  3 Bolton 9 6 2 1 10 4 6 20
                  4 Arsenal 8 5 2 1 15 4 11 17
                  5 Portsmouth 9 5 1 3 13 5 8 16
                  6 Everton 9 4 4 1 15 8 7 16
                  7 Aston Villa 9 3 6 0 11 6 5 15
                  8 Fulham 9 3 4 2 11 14 -3 13
                  9 Reading 9 4 1 4 9 12 -3 13
                  10 Blackburn 9 3 3 3 9 11 -2 12
                  11 Liverpool 9 3 2 4 9 11 -2 11
                  12 Middlesbro 9 3 2 4 9 13 -4 11
                  13 Tottenham 9 3 2 4 6 10 -4 11
                  14 Man City 9 2 3 4 6 13 -7 9
                  15 Wigan 8 2 2 4 11 11 0 8
                  16 Newcastle 9 2 1 6 7 13 -6 7
                  17 Sheff Utd 9 1 3 5 4 12 -8 6
                  18 Watford 9 0 5 4 7 13 -6 5
                  19 West Ham 9 1 2 6 6 13 -7 5
                  20 Charlton 9 1 1 7 6 15 -9 4

                  Arsenal raise to 4th place with one match in hand after defeating Reading 4-0 at Maddejski Stadium.But the other match was not going the Arsenal's way.Chelsea beat Portsmouth 2-1 (A draw will be better for Arsenal),M.United beat Liverpool and Bolton earned a victory against Blackburn in Ewood Park.

                  However,I'm very happy that Arsenal could beat Reading 4-0(A huge victory) when almost everyone predict a draw as Chelsea and M.United were strugling to beat Reading in Reading's home.

                  However,the team I'm worried the most is Liverpool.I'm not a Liverpool fan myself but from the table you can see if Liverpool drop point's again(a draw or a defeat) will cause Middlesbrough,Manchester City and Tottenham to overtake Liverpool (provided the all three teams win).And the worse of all,Liverpool will be facing Aston Villa (although in Anfield) and I'm worried because Aston Villa had drew with Arsenal and Chelsea previously in Emirates Stadium and Stamford Bridge(Both are away match for Aston Villa but still can earn a point).

                  Forget about Liverpool,let's focus about Gunners.Gunners are on the right path and will be facing Everton next weekend in home.M.United on the other hand will going to Reebok stadium next week to face Bolton Wanderers.Chelsea have easy path next weel when they face newly promoted team,Sheffield United at Sheffield United's home.

                  I'm more concerned about Bolton's game against the Devils.Why?Because they both in 3rd place and 1st place in the Premiership.If they draw,M.United and Trotters will drop points which means Arsenal could overtake Bolton if they beat Everton at home.
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                    Sunday, October 22, 2006


                    Arsenal gained a 4-0 victory over Reading.

                    Chelsea gained a 2-1 victory over Portmouth and on the other hand,M.United beat Liverpool 2-0 at home previously.Bolton win away game against Blackburn 1-0

                    The match starts now.

                    Fabregas passes to Henry and he shoots.GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL.Currently it's at 2nd minute

                    Persie had a shoot but it's wide

                    So far the game continued normally.It's now at 21st minute.

                    Currently it's raining now.

                    Reading had 2 dangerous attack,one is saved by Lehmann and the other one is going wide.

                    EDIT:Bolton scored a goal.Blackburn 0 Bolton 1

                    Hoyte had a shoot but it's wide and it's at 28th minute

                    Reading had a corner at 33rd minute.

                    Fabregas and van Persie tried to shoot but it's caught neatly by the goalkeeper.

                    Henry was fouled,Arsenal got a free-kick

                    But Persie get it wide.

                    Fabregas passed to Hleb and it's GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!.It's now 39th minute

                    There's 1 minute extra-time.Reading 0 Arsenal 2.

                    Fabregas passed to Persie but he shots it wide.It was offside anyway.

                    HALF-TIME BREAK.
                    Arsenal was playing very well but Reading had great counter-attack.Great.

                    SECOND-HALF STARTS NOW.

                    Reading is controlling the game.

                    Henry passed to Fabregas,Fabregas passed to Persie and it's GOALLLLLLLL!!!!!!

                    Currently it's 51st minute.

                    Reading's corner,Doyle headed but it's wide.

                    Henry shoots but it reflected by the goalkeeper and Rosicky shoots again but it goes to the moon.

                    Hleb got the ball but he's too slow.

                    Currrently it's 58th minute

                    Steven Hunt shots but he got it wide.

                    Fabregas passed to Henry and he passed to Persie but it was taken by Reading's defender
                    Currently it's 67th minute.

                    Toure was injured.

                    Henry passed to Fabregas but it's taken earlier by the goalkeeper.
                    Penalty for Arsenal.

                    Henry shot and it went nearly into the post but it's GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
                    Currently it's 70th minute.

                    Another shot by Rosicky but it's wide.

                    Persie was substituted by Walcott and Hleb was substituted by Adebayor.

                    Seol crossed the ball but no one had it.

                    Rosicky was replaced by Song

                    Reading had a free-kick,it's wide
                    It's 81st minute now.

                    90th minute.3 minutes extra-time.Nothing to do now,just passing around.

                    FULL TIME: READING 0 ARSENAL 4

                    Henry 1st,70 minute
                    Hleb 39th minute
                    Persie 49th minute

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                      Saturday, October 21, 2006

                      Reading vs. Arsenal:Discussion and Prediction

                      Arsenal will be playing away this weekend against Reading which is expected to give Arsenal some problem same with what Chelsea and Manchester United before.

                      Forget about the game in Russia,Arsenal must focus about this game.A victory in this game will pose a big problem for Liverpool or Manchester United as they face each other in M.United's home, Old Trafford and I think Manchester United is more expected to win based on their performance in Premiership as well as Champions League.But Liverpool have chance to win if they play like a 'real' Liverpool.Chelsea in the other hand fight Pompey(Portmouth) for maintaining their 2nd place position otherwise if Portmouth win,Bolton will take over the 2nd place if they win against Blackburn.

                      I have mentioned before,if Chelsea draws with Portsmouth,Liverpool beat M.United,Blackburn beats Bolton ,Arsenal will have chance to dominate the Premiership if they beat Reading and their one match in hand(maybe it's with Wigan because Wigan is also has one match in hand).

                      Although that,I hope Arsenal's player will not injured in this game unlike Chelsea whose it's main goalkeeper were terriblly injured and he could be out for the rest of the season.But I think Arsenal can win this game if they had bit of luck and they have better defence.

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                        Tuesday, October 17, 2006

                        Match Report :CSKA Moscow 1 Arsenal 0

                        Arsenal suffered a first defeat in UEFA Champions League campaign when they lost 1-0 in Russia.

                        The first-half free-kick from Daniel Carvalho gives CSKA 1-0 advantage and they maintain it till the end of the match.Arsenal is currently at 2nd place as a result of that loss.However,two if their remaining 3 games is in Arsenal's home so that Arsenal still got some hope to be first in Group G or at least,can qualify to second-round.

                        Arsenal were not out-classed although CSKA had engineered some dangerous attack at the wing.
                        Arsenal controlled the match and of course Henry's controversial disallowed goal shows Arsenal is in bad luck.However,I think CSKA deserved a win or at least a draw in that match because of their good technical football,great counterattack and of course,a fantastic free-kick from Daniel Carvalho.

                        The formation was 4-5-1 with Henry operating as the lone striker, Van Persie and Hleb were the attacking wide men with Gilberto, Cesc Fabregas and Tomas Rosicky operating across the midfield.

                        However,Arsenal were still lucky despite their loss because all of our player were returned England uninjured unlike Chelsea's Petr Cech who will be out for the rest of the season.

                        UPDATED:Henry believes his goal was diallowed because Arsenal is not a big club.

                        Henry quoted;

                        "We're not a big club.

                        "What does it mean? That means what I'm saying - we are not a big club.

                        "The referee claimed I took it with my right arm and put it in front straight away.

                        "The goalkeeper looked at me and had a little giggle about it. The centre back clapped the ref and was taking the p*** out of him.

                        "We didn't have an amazing game but I didn't think they did too. They played on the counter-attack.

                        "I think it's a disgrace. I asked the ref what did he see and he couldn't tell me.

                        "He said at the end he didn't talk about it anymore. He was happy to talk about other stuff with the boss but not that.

                        "It was a clear goal from me, whatever you want to say about it.

                        "I'm sorry but, once again, I don't know what to say about that.

                        "To give me a yellow straight away - please, look at the replay."

                        Perhaps it's true.Arsenal is not so big club if compared to Chelsea,Liverpool,M.United and Real Madrid.I think Arsenal only loses to that free-kick.If the free-kick had not succeeded,Arsenal will achieve at least a draw in that game.

                        What to do,we had to live with that.As a example,Lehmann was also sent off in the UEFA Champions League Grand Finale in France.Think of that,the refs could also made mistake in such a important game.

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                          UEFA Champions League Match disscussion:CSKA Moscow vs. Arsenal

                          Not long after this moment,Arsenal will be facing CSKA Moscow in the capital of Russia,Moscow which means Arsenal are playing away game(which will be bit worry for us because of the weather and the biggest factor,their technical football as well as their soild defence)

                          Arsenal's game in Russia is not that good.Out of their three games,Arsenal had recorded a draw and two defeats.

                          Wenger quoted;

                          "I have always liked Russian football and the technical way they play,” said Wenger. “The last time we played here in Moscow was against Lokomotiv and it was 0-0. We did miss some chances that night but it is very difficult for any team to win away from home in the Champions League, and we have a good percentage, around 35 per cent wins.

                          We will try very hard to do that here, but it is always very difficult. We know we will be almost through if we win so this is a big game for us. But CSKA Moscow are a tough opponent.

                          They have a traditional Russian organisation in defence plus a Brazilian flair. I rate Daniel Carvalho and Wagner Love. The mixture seems to work well in their League and in Europe too.

                          "I spoke with the chairman of Porto after our game and he told me that CSKA Moscow were a good team. They have also beaten Hamburg at home, so it will be an interesting game because when we come away, we try to play.

                          “The fact that it is cold should not affect us. But CSKA like to play good technical football, so I hope they have taken care of the pitch."

                          Denilson,an 18-years-old Brazillian were included in the travelling party in Moscow. Ljungberg,Eboue and Baptista will be out in this game because of injury(see here for more information)

                          My prediction:CSKA Moscow 1 Arsenal 2
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                            Monday, October 16, 2006

                            Arsenal raise to fifth place after defeating Watford.

                            Arsenal raise to fifth place after defeating Watford.(See here for more information).

                            Here's the current Premiership table.

                            Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                            1 Man Utd 8 6 1 1 17 5 12 19
                            2 Chelsea 8 6 1 1 13 4 9 19
                            3 Bolton 8 5 2 1 9 4 5 17
                            4 Portsmouth 8 5 1 2 12 3 9 16
                            5 Arsenal 7 4 2 1 11 4 7 14
                            6 Aston Villa 8 3 5 0 10 5 5 14
                            7 Everton 8 3 4 1 13 8 5 13
                            8 Reading 8 4 1 3 9 8 1 13
                            9 Blackburn 8 3 3 2 9 10 -1 12
                            10 Liverpool 8 3 2 3 9 9 0 11
                            11 Man City 8 2 3 3 6 9 -3 9
                            12 Fulham 7 2 3 2 8 12 -4 9
                            13 Middlesbro 8 2 2 4 8 13 -5 8
                            14 Tottenham 8 2 2 4 5 10 -5 8
                            15 Newcastle 8 2 1 5 7 12 -5 7
                            16 Sheff Utd 8 1 3 4 4 10 -6 6
                            17 Wigan 7 1 2 4 7 11 -4 5
                            18 West Ham 8 1 2 5 6 12 -6 5
                            19 Watford 8 0 4 4 7 13 -6 4
                            20 Charlton 7 1 0 6 5 13 -8 3

                            From the table you can see that Arsenal is currently in fifth place overtaking Aston Villa,Everton and Reading.Personally I think next week Premiership match is even more critical. Why,Manchester United is going to face their classic one of their greatest opponent,Liverpool which only managed to get a pointat home against Blackburn Rovers and Reds will need to beat the Devils in order to keep a hope to win this season's Premiership.Of course we don't want his to happen,but I want Liverpool to win this match.Why?because Arsenal is going to benefit from Liverpool'a victory against Manchester United.Chelsea on the other hand will be worry to lose their main goalkeeper Petr Cech after he injured his skull(if not mistaken) and they will going to face the 2005-06 UEFA Champions League champion(it should be Arsenal but Arsenal cannot defend for even 15 minutes.).Furthermore,they will also face Pompey(Portsmouth) which seems to have great form this season.Fortunately,they are fighting at home.I hope Chelsea can draw Portsmouth.A draw means both teams,Blues as well as Pompey will going to drop points.

                            If Portsmouth can manage to draw with Chelsea and Liverpool can beat the Devils,Arsenal will be leading the Premiership if Gunners can win Reading and their one match in hand.One more,if Blackburn can draw with Bolton it will be extremely great for Arsenal.

                            Other articles you may be interested to read;

                            Appreciation for Arsene Wenger since he come to Arsenal

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                              Sunday, October 15, 2006

                              Wenger praised Walcott

                              Wenger praised Walcott for his flexibility.

                              "Even at that level he can be decisive and make difference.He's not real midfielder you know.I played him in the 4-4-2 on the flanks and he's like a striker in 4-4-2 upfront,or like a player in 4-3-3.But you could see if you give him a good ball you can never catch him back.I liked one or two balls he gave through the lines.

                              Although that,Wenger told media not to give too much pressure on Walcott.

                              "Theo Walcott can help-but as well it's wrong to think that a young 17 years old teenager to save a country.He certainly will be England player in future,but you can't say now:We take a player of 17 and he has to qualify for us the European Chanpionship'

                              Hopefully,our 'Theory Henry'(Walcott) can help Arsenal as well as England in future.

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                                Saturday, October 14, 2006

                                Arsenal 3 Watford 0:Match report

                                The game is going to start soon,about an hour later.Currently there are good news for us that our competitor,Manchester United is down 1-0 away against Wigan.
                                M.United equalized 1-1 currently.Oh!damn it Saha scored another goal to make Manchester United leading 2-1.Finally,Manchester United 3-Wigan 1.

                                Walcott will be playing this week as midfield.Arsenal will be using 4-4-2 formation.Robin van Persie however will be on bench and would be playing if the game requires him.

                                The game starts now.

                                Henry gets the ball but it was offside.It was at 6th minute.

                                8th minute:Rosicky shot but the goalkeeper deflects it and Adebayor had another shot and goalkeeper had another save.

                                Walcott running from left wing and passed to Adebayor but the defender tackles it
                                Fabregas running pass the goalkeeper and no one is in front the net.But Fabregas just shot it wide.

                                There is a good news for us,Blackburn Rovers scored a goal against Liverpool.

                                Lehmann had a bad kick today.Although it was not decisive,but it was dangerous.

                                Rosicky running into penalty box and passes it to Fab but it was wide.

                                Again,Henry gets the ball but it was offside

                                Again Rosicky gets the ball but was tackled by Smith,Smith was awarded a yellow card.

                                Rosicky trying to shoot,but it was taken neatly by the goalkeeper.

                                It's Henry again,it's offside again.

                                Currently it was at 30th minute,no goal so far.

                                It's GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Adebayor heads it into the net after a free kick from Fabregas.

                                King shoots but it goes to moon.

                                Smith takes a light shoot but it was NEARLY into the net.

                                Fabregas trys to cross but it was no Arsenal player in the center.

                                Henry shoots but it was just WIDE.

                                Smith nearly kicked it into the Arsenal's net but it was wide.

                                King HENRY SCORES AGAIN.ARSENAL 2 WATFORD 0

                                2 minutes extra time.

                                HALF TIME:ARSENAL 2 WATFORD 0.

                                Overall,Arsenal dominating the match but Watford defended well.They try to play 'air' ball to distract Arsenal's footballing.

                                Second-half is going to start now.Hope Arsenal will score more goals after this.

                                Second-half starts now.

                                Henry reversed pass to Fabregas but Fab shoots it wide.

                                Watford controls the match but Arsenal had sufficent defending.

                                Henry pass to Gallas but it went inbetween Gallas's legs.

                                Rosicky shoots but it went just INCHES wide from the goal.

                                It's Henry and he pass to Adebayor and then GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!.

                                On the other hand,Liverpool equalized 1-1.

                                Rosicky was substituted by Robin van Persie at 74 th minute.

                                Francis head the ball into the goal but was stopped by Lehmann.

                                Attendance:60,080 people.

                                Hleb was injured but it was minor.

                                Henry gets the ball and it's offside again.

                                Lehmann save a great shot.

                                Watford get a free kick,Young take the shot.

                                Another corner for Watford,no harm for Arsenal

                                Another Great save from Lehmann.

                                3 minutes extra time.Arsenal leading 3-0

                                Final whistle.Arsenal 3 Watford 0.
                                Good game from Arsenal.Arsenal players got no yellow card this match.
                                Good news from Anfield,Liverpool 1 Blackburn 1 which means Liverpool lost point again.
                                I hope Reading could win against Chelsea,or at least draw and some Reading players injured so that Arsenal will have a easier path next week.

                                UPDATED:Arsenal's goal against Watford video.

                                I'm sorry about the video's image which is not so clear but I think it's enough to see clearly the three goals.

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                                  Friday, October 13, 2006

                                  Arsenal vs. Watford:Discussion and Prediction

                                  This week,after two match of European Cup qualifier we can see our young players such as Persie and Hleb become more mature from year to year.Although Arsenal suffered poor start of this Premiership season,but it was slowly evaporated starting from victory over the Red Devils and continued to win 3 more match easily.

                                  Watford,the new comer of Premiership shouldn't be taken easily by Arsenal although a lot of us expect a big victory against the new comer.Our great crosser,Eboue is out for knee injury and Ljungberg is having calf problem.Baptista were also injured his hamstring on Tuesday.

                                  Watford welcomes back veteran defender Chris Powell for their critical match against us.

                                  Arsenal possible starting ;
                                  Lehmann, Toure, Gallas, Hoyte, Djourou, Hleb, Fabregas, Gilberto, Henry, van Persie, Rosicky, Adebayor, Almunia, Flamini, Walcott, Song, Aliadiere, Connolly.

                                  Watford possible starting ;
                                  Foster, Lee, DeMerit, Shittu, Mackay, Stewart, Powell, Mariappa, Doyley, Smith, Mahon, Francis, Bouazza, Spring, Bangura, Jarrett, McNamee, King, Young, Henderson, Priskin

                                  Prediction:Arsenal 3 Watford 0

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                                    Ljungberg,Eboue and Baptista out for next twogames.

                                    They will miss this weekend Premiership games against Watford and the UEFA Champions League game in Moscow because of injury.Ljungberg (calf) and Eboue (knee) injured when on international duty while Baptista injured his hamstring in a friendly played behind-closed-doors on Tuesday.However,Gallas will be expected to be fit for this weekend.

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                                      Wednesday, October 11, 2006

                                      Theo Wonder for England

                                      Walcott scored two fantastic goals to give England's Under-21 Championship final in Holland comfortable 3-0 win on agregate.He replaced Gabriel Agbonlahor at 74th minute.Ten minutes later,Walcott racing through the centre to sidefoot past the goalkeeper.Then he again put England further ahead when his blistering pace took him past the German defence and he shot fearlessly into the goal.

                                      Walcott's goals against Germany

                                      Hopefully,this will give Mclaren more confidence to put him into the England's national team and he could play at such a skill when playing for Arsenal.

                                      UPDATED:Henry is perfect training teacher for Walcott.

                                      Walcott said "I train with Thierry Henry and some of his finishing are unbelieveable,he doesn't give me much advice but he doesn't have too,watching him playing is enough"

                                      Taylor then quoted"Walcott's pace and quality for his goals is fantastic and well-timed.I don't think I have ever coached anyone as quick as him"

                                      I'm really think if Walcott is the future Henry in a few years time.Lets calculate,Walcott is presently 17 years old if I had not mistaken and Henry is 29 years old.9 years later,Walcott will be about 26 years old which at that time it will be greatest age for a football player where experience and energy both at the highest pace.

                                      Recent Articles

                                        Tuesday, October 10, 2006

                                        Great Arsenal Goals

                                        Here some great goals by Arsenal this season.

                                        Persie's 2nd goal against Chalton.

                                        I think it is the best Arsenal's goal this season so far.From the video we can see Eboue running fast into the corner side and he crossed the ball into center and Persie just had the good finishing to the goal's net.Eboue crosses has resulted at least 3 goals for Arsenal.

                                        Adebayor's goal against Manchester United

                                        From the video you can see our Gunner's kid,Fabregas took the ball from Manchester United's one of the greatest striker,Christiano Ronaldo and we can see how great his ball control passes all of the MU's defender and Adebayor does the finishing.GOALLLLLLLLLLL.

                                        I hope such of great goals could come on every Arsenal's game.

                                        Henry's goal against Real Madrid at Bernabeu

                                        What a such great goal.I dare to say this is the best goal in that season's Champions League

                                        Arsenal vs Juventus goal

                                        I think our kid,Fabregas is growing now.
                                        Great revenge from Henry because Juventus abandoned him 7 years ago.

                                        Blackburn vs. Arsenal goal

                                        Fantastic goal by Henry

                                        Recent Articles

                                          Monday, October 09, 2006

                                          A rescue by Robin van Persie earns Holland a point

                                          Holland get a Gunner's similiar rescue by Persie (although Holland is not winning the game) when he scored an equalizer at about 60 minutes of playing.Persie finally got his goal after he already hit the crossbar before half-time break.

                                          In the other way,there is a sad news for us when Freddie Ljungberg was injured.He was having calf problem at 56th minute and was called off for treatment.Sweden beat Spain 3-0.

                                          Tomas Rosicky and the Czech national team made a teriffic kill when they beat San Marino 7-0.Rosicky was playing for 63 minutes before he was substituted by Taroslav Plasil.

                                          Our main striker,Henry was suffering to see his national team,France suffered a shock defeat 1-0 by Scotland.William Gallas was not appear in this game and he is expected to play for another qualifier against the Faroe Monbe'liard.

                                          Although Hleb set up Belarus's goal but it was not enough to earn a victory when they lost 3-1 to Romania.

                                          Overall,Arsenal's player was having fantastic footballing although some of their national team lost in their qualifier.I hope they could play even greater football so that Arsenal's reputation will be greater.Best of all,there were no injury to our players except Ljungberg which was having calf problem.

                                          Recent Articles

                                            Sunday, October 08, 2006

                                            Arsenal squad 2006-07

                                            This is current Arsenal squad for 2006-07 season

                                            2. Abou Diaby

                                            3.Bacary Sagna
                                            6. Philippe Senderos

                                            9. Eduardo da Silva

                                            12. Lauren

                                            25. Emmanuel Adebayor

                                            31. Justin Hoyte

                                            The new player in our squad is William Gallas from France,Julio Baptista from Brazil,and Tomas Rosicky from Czech Republic.William Gallas came from Chelsea and Ashley Cole going the other way.Baptista came from Real Madrid after a swap deal with Reys who fulfilled his dream to Real Madrid.

                                            Hopefully,with our new players Arsenal can win the Premiership title and UEFA Champions League.It will be great if Arsenal can win the FA cup and Carling Cup as well.

                                            Feel free to mail me at to comment me,whether the comment is good or bad,I will accept it as long it could improve our blog.

                                            Recent Articles

                                              Saturday, October 07, 2006

                                              Gallas threaten to blast Chelsea and Jose Mourinho in TV interview.

                                              Gallas,who move to Arsenal in transfer deadline day,is angry at claims that he would score own goals if Chelsea refuses to play him..

                                              He also told the press the Premiership Champion would not even let him bid farewell to his team-mates.He said:"I want people to know the truth and the way to do it is to tell it to the media.".

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                                                Recent Articles

                                                  Friday, October 06, 2006

                                                  Appreciation for Arsene Wenger since he come to Arsenal

                                                  Ten years ago, dissapointed and hopeless arsenal fans were waiting for the announcement of new manger after Bruce Rioch's sacking. David dein stunned the the world by introducing Arsene Wenger as the new manger instead of the favourite candidate - Cruyff. The medias and the fans were asking: "who is arsene?" Nobody hear of him not even the die-hard gunner fans. Everyone was interested to know what he can do for arsenal.

                                                  Within days of his arrival, rumours appeared on the internet besmirching Wenger and predicting that he wouldn't last a week in the job. With the press pack descending on north London, Wenger rejected the club's advice and appeared on the steps outside Highbury and effectively dared the assembled hacks to publish or shut up. Years later, he recalled how "I received a phone call from a journalist who told me that he had photos of me with three other women and others with men and that his paper was going to publish them that Sunday. I replied: 'Don't wait until Sunday, because you risk someone stealing the information.'"

                                                  Although Wenger was officially unveiled as Arsenal's new manager on September 30 1996, he had already directed the club to sign both Remi Garde and Patrick Vieira. Five days previously, he had failed to endear himself to the first-team by making an unexpected appearance in the dressing room at half-time during a UEFA Cup tie away to Borussia Monchengladbach. Although Arsenal were winning the game, Wenger ordered that their 3-5-2 system should be dropped for a conventional 4-4-2 formation. The Gunners subsequently lost the match and the tie.

                                                  When Wenger said he could win the Premiership unbeaten,the media and press laughed at him. Perhaps now they were laughing at their stupidness.

                                                  In his 10 years in Arsenal,he has made many unknowned football player such as Henry,Pires, Ashley Cole,Toure and manymore.Instead of signing superstar for playing for him,he signed an unknowned player and made them superstar.Perhaps I think by doing that,he does not only get their skill,but their psicology as well.This will also make football in England more interesting to watch.

                                                  Recent Articles

                                                    History of Arsenal Football club

                                                    Arsenal Football Club began life when a group of workers at the Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory decided to form a football team in late 1886.

                                                    The Club played under the name of Dial Square. Their first match was a 6-0 victory over Eastern Wanderers, on December 11th, 1886. Soon after, the name Royal Arsenal was adopted and the Club continued playing in friendlies and local cup competitions for the next few years. In 1891 the Club turned professional and changed its name to Woolwich Arsenal, finally joining the Football League in 1893.

                                                    Following the First World War, the First Division was extended to 22 teams and Arsenal was voted into the top division, a position it has held ever since.

                                                    During the 1930s Arsenal won five League Championships (including a hat-trick) and two F.A. Cups and had some of the game's greatest players on its books: Alex James, Ted Drake, Cliff Bastin, David Jack, Eddie Hapgood and George Male were just the pinnacle of one of the greatest sides ever to play in the Football League. Sadly, manager Herbert Chapman died in 1934, but others continued what he had started and only the war stopped Arsenal in its tracks.

                                                    In 1947, Tom Whittaker became manager and more success followed. Arsenal were Champions in 1947/48 and 1952/53; F.A. Cup winners in 1950 and runners-up in 1952.

                                                    The '60s provided little in the way of silverware at Highbury, with two losing appearances in the League Cup Final in 1968 and 1969 being the closest thing to success. However, the decade did witness Bertie Mee's appointment as manager of the Club in 1966 and in the following decade he was to achieve one of the most significant landmarks in Arsenal's history.

                                                    In 1970/71 Mee took the Gunners to the League and F.A. Cup 'Double' for the first time, coming from behind in the Cup Final to beat Liverpool 2-1 at Wembley. Later in the decade, Terry Neill took Arsenal to three consecutive F.A. Cup Finals, winning the 1979 game 3-2 against Manchester United after a truly memorable last five minutes.

                                                    The Gunners also reached the 1980 Cup Winners' Cup Final, with a team that included Graham Rix, Frank Stapleton, Pat Rice, David O'Leary and Liam Brady. In the summer of 1986, former midfield star of the 'Double' winning team George Graham became manager and another spell of success followed.

                                                    The catalyst for future triumphs came in 1986/87 when Arsenal became the inaugural winners of the Littlewoods Cup. It was the first time the Club had won the League Cup in any of its guises. League Championships followed in 1988/89 and 1990/91; the domestic Cup 'Double' in 1993 and, finally, the Cup Winners' Cup victory against Parma in 1994.

                                                    Graham's departure from the Club was followed by a brief spell at the helm for Bruce Rioch before (in September 1996) Frenchman, Arsene Wenger arrived at Highbury, becoming the Club's first ever manager from outside the British Isles.

                                                    In 1997/98, Wenger's first full season at Highbury, Arsenal achieved the domestic 'Double', for the second time in the Club's history. The Frenchman also picked up the Carling Manager of the Year Award. A tremendous season was rounded off perfectly for French Internationals Emmanuel Petit, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and Robert Pires as the Gunners stars played their part in France's victorious World Cup campaign.

                                                    The Club also said goodbye to striking legend Ian Wright, who left Arsenal as record goalscorer with 185 goals in all competitions. 1998/99 saw Arsenal win the Charity Shield but finish runners-up in the Premiership and the following season they recorded a similar Charity Shield/runners-up combination.

                                                    With Thierry Henry, Davor Suker, Silvinho, Oleg Luzhny and Stefan Malz joining the Club, 1999/2000 started well with the Charity Shield victory over Manchester United but finished with disappointing defeat in the UEFA Cup Final at the hands of Galatasaray.

                                                    But the summer did see success for Arsenal's French contingent, current players Patrick Vieira ,Thierry Henry, Sylvain Wiltord and Robert Pires were all involved in France's Euro 2000 success, along with former stars Manu Petit and Nicolas Anelka.

                                                    More international stars, Pires, Lauren, Wiltord and Igors Stepanovs, joined in time for the 2000/2001 season, and once again Arsenal pushed Manchester United hard in the Premiership, finishing second for the third consecutive year.

                                                    The Gunners also made it to the Quarter-Finals of the UEFA Champions League for the first time, but were eliminated on the away goals rule by eventual finalists Valencia.

                                                    The season was to end in disappointment again, as Liverpool turned around a 1-0 deficit to beat the Gunners 2-1 in the first ever F.A. Cup Final held at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium.

                                                    Another busy summer of transfer activity at Highbury has given reason for optimism for the 2001/02 campaign. Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Francis Jeffers, Richard Wright and Junichi Inamoto have been added to the squad, but most of the headlines belonged to England centre-back Sol Campbell, who arrived at Highbury following a nine year spell with north London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

                                                    2001-02 Saw the Gunners write a new chapter in their illustrious history with a third 'Double'. We clinched the F.A. Cup in style with a 2-0 win against Chelsea at the Millennium Stadium. And won the Title at the sweetest of venues, Manchester United's Old Trafford.

                                                    The 2002-2003 saw dissapointment for Arsenal, losing out to Man Utd after leading the table for a long part of the season, there was consolation in winning the FA Cup at Cardiff.

                                                    Arsenal bounced back in 2004 clinching the league with plenty of points to spare from 2nd placed chelsea and reaching the quarter finals of the Champions League. The went on to write even more history as the team that remained unbeaten through the whole 2003-2004 season.

                                                    Below is the unbeaten run record:
                                                    36 win 13 draw 0 lost.
                                                    Date Score Skinny
                                                    ---- ----- ------
                                                    May 7, 2003 Arsenal 6, Southampton 1 Pennant, Pires hat tricks
                                                    May 11, 2003 Sunderland 0, Arsenal 4 Ljungberg hat trick in FA Cup final
                                                    Aug. 16, 2003 Arsenal 2, Everton 1 Henry, Pires score in season opener
                                                    Aug. 24, 2003 Middlesbrough 0, Arsenal 4 Three goals in the first 22 minutes
                                                    Aug. 27, 2003 Arsenal 2, Aston Villa 0 Campbell breaks 0-0 tie in 57th min.
                                                    Aug. 31, 2003 Manchester City 1, Arsenal 2 Two 2nd-half goals erase 1-0 deficit
                                                    Sep. 13, 2003 Arsenal 1, Portsmouth 1 Henry penalty kick salvages a draw
                                                    Sep. 21, 2003 Manchester United 0, Arsenal 0 Man. U.'s van Nistelrooy misses late PK
                                                    Sep. 26, 2003 Arsenal 3, Newcastle 2 Late goal wins it after losing 2-0 lead
                                                    Oct. 4, 2003 Liverpool 1, Arsenal 2 Help from Liverpool own goal
                                                    Oct. 18, 2003 Arsenal 2, Chelsea 1 Henry scores winning goal
                                                    Oct. 26, 2003 Charlton 1, Arsenal 1 Henry scores tying goal
                                                    Nov. 1, 2003 Leeds 1, Arsenal 4 Two more from Henry
                                                    Nov. 8, 2003 Arsenal 2, Tottenham 1 Pires, Ljungberg score two late goals
                                                    Nov. 22, 2003 Birmingham 0, Arsenal 3 1-0 lead through first 80 minutes
                                                    Nov. 30, 2003 Arsenal 0, Fulham 0 Fulham rides early season momentum
                                                    Dec. 6, 2003 Leicester 1, Arsenal 1 Last-minute Leicester goal by Hignett
                                                    Dec. 14, 2003 Arsenal 1, Blackburn 0 Bergkamp scores lone goal
                                                    Dec. 20, 2003 Bolton 1, Arsenal 1 Another late goal prevents victory
                                                    Dec. 26, 2003 Arsenal 3, Wolves 0 A double from Henry
                                                    Dec. 29, 2003 Southampton 0, Arsenal 1 Pires 35th-minute goal
                                                    Jan. 7, 2004 Everton 1, Arsenal 1 Fourth draw in last seven matches
                                                    Jan. 10, 2004 Arsenal 4, Middlesbrough 1 Henry, Pires, Ljungberg all find net
                                                    Jan. 18, 2004 Aston Villa 0, Arsenal 2 Two goals from Henry
                                                    Feb. 1, 2004 Arsenal 2, Manchester City 1 Arsenal benefit from another own goal
                                                    Feb. 7, 2004 Wolves 1, Arsenal 3 New club record of 24 games unbeaten
                                                    Feb. 10, 2004 Arsenal 2, Southampton 0 Another double from Henry
                                                    Feb. 21, 2004 Chelsea 1, Arsenal 2 Vieira, Edu overcome 1-0 deficit
                                                    Feb. 28, 2004 Arsenal 2, Charlton 1 2-0 lead after four minutes
                                                    Mar. 13, 2004 Blackburn 0, Arsenal 2 Henry scores PK, Pires adds insurance
                                                    Mar. 20, 2004 Arsenal 2, Bolton 1 Arsenal preserves 2-1 halftime lead
                                                    Mar. 28, 2004 Arsenal 1, Manchester United 1 Saha late goal earns draw for Man. U.
                                                    Apr. 9, 2004 Arsenal 4, Liverpool 2 Henry hat trick leads comeback
                                                    Apr. 11, 2004 Newcastle 0, Arsenal 0 Lehmann's great save preserves draw
                                                    Apr. 16, 2004 Arsenal 5, Leeds 0 Henry hat trick, 150th career goal
                                                    Apr. 25, 2004 Tottenham 2, Arsenal 2 Arsenal seals championship with draw
                                                    May 1, 2004 Arsenal 0, Birmingham 0 Birmingham outplayed but hangs on
                                                    May 4, 2004 Portsmouth 1, Arsenal 1 Reyes scores second-half equalizer
                                                    May 9, 2004 Fulham 0, Arsenal 1 Lone goal on Fulham 'keeper giveaway
                                                    May 15, 2004 Arsenal 2, Leicester 1 Comeback completes undefeated season
                                                    Aug. 15, 2004 Everton 1, Arsenal 4 No letdown in season opener
                                                    Aug. 22, 2004 Arsenal 5, Middlesbrough 3 Overcome 3-1 2nd-half deficit
                                                    Aug. 25, 2004 Arsenal 3, Blackburn 0 Tie league unbeaten record at 42 games
                                                    Aug. 28, 2004 Norwich 1, Arsenal 4 Three early goals secure record
                                                    Sep. 11, 2004 Fulham 0, Arsenal 3 Three late goals in nine minutes
                                                    Sep. 18, 2004 Arsenal 2, Bolton 2 Bolton twice comes back to tie
                                                    Sep. 25, 2004 Manchester City 0, Arsenal 1 Lucky bounce helps Cole's game-winner
                                                    Oct. 2, 2004 Arsenal 4, Charlton 0 Henry back-heel highlights shutout
                                                    Oct. 16, 2004 Arsenal 3, Aston Villa 1 Pires double leads comeback

                                                    Arsenal unbeaten record was broken by Manchester united when they lost 2-0 at the Old Trafford Stadium.

                                                    In the 121 years since it's foundation,Arsenal has won;

                                                    League Champions -- 1931,1933,1934,1935,1938,1948,1953,1971,1989,1991,1998,2002,2004

                                                    League Runners Up -- 1926,1932,1973,1999,2000,2001,2003,2005

                                                    FA Cup Winners -- 1930,1936,1950,1971,1979,1993,1998,2002,2003,2005

                                                    FA Cup Runners Up -- 1927,1932,1952,1972,1978,1980,2001

                                                    League Cup Winners -- 1987,1993

                                                    League Cup Runners Up -- 1968,1969,1988

                                                    European Fairs Cup Winners -- 1970

                                                    UEFA Cup Runners Up -- 2000

                                                    European Cup Winners Cup Winners -- 1994

                                                    European Cup Winners Cup Runners Up -- 1980,1995

                                                    UEFA Champions League Winners/Runners Up -- 2006 cool.gif
                                                    Arsenal FA Cup Finals
                                                    1927 Cardiff City 0 - 1
                                                    1930 Huddersfield Town 2 - 0
                                                    1932 Newcastle United 1 - 2
                                                    1936 Sheffield United 1 - 0
                                                    1950 Liverpool 2 - 0
                                                    1952 Newcastle United 0 - 1
                                                    1971 Liverpool 2 - 1 aet
                                                    1972 Leeds United 0 - 1
                                                    1978 Ipswich Town 0 - 1
                                                    1979 Manchester United 3 - 2
                                                    1980 West Ham United 0 - 1
                                                    1993 Sheffield Wednesday 1 - 1 aet 2 - 1 aet
                                                    1998 Newcastle United 2 - 0
                                                    2001 Liverpool 1 - 2
                                                    2002 Chelsea 2 - 0
                                                    2003 Southampton 1 - 0
                                                    2005 Man Utd 0-0 (5-4 on penalties)

                                                    League Cup Finals
                                                    1968 Leeds United 0 - 1
                                                    1969 Swindon Town 1 - 3 aet
                                                    1987 Liverpool 2 - 1
                                                    1988 Luton Town 2 - 3
                                                    1993 Sheffield Wednesday 2 - 1

                                                    European Finals
                                                    1970 Fairs Cup Anderlecht (Belgium) A: 1 - 3; H: 3 - 0 (4 - 3 agg)
                                                    1980 Cup Winners' Cup Valencia (Spain) 0 - 0 aet; lost on penalties
                                                    1994 Cup Winners' Cup Parma (Italy) 1 - 0
                                                    1995 Cup Winners' Cup Real Zaragosa (Spain) 1 - 2 aet
                                                    2000 UEFA Cup Galatasaray (Turkey) 0 - 0 aet; lost on penalties
                                                    2006 UEFA Champions League Final Barcelona (Spain) 2 - 1 lost in second half
                                                    Other Arsenal Statistics and Records

                                                    * 17 appearances in FA Cup Finals is a record.

                                                    * 10 FA Cup wins is bettered only by Manchester United(11).

                                                    * One of two clubs to win the League Cup and FA Cup in the same season. The other is Liverpool.

                                                    * 5 European Finals is equalled by Leeds United and bettered only by Liverpool (9).

                                                    * 77 consecutive years in the top division (up to 2003). Everton are on 49 years.

                                                    * Have won the League Championship and FA Cup (The Double) in the same season (three times: 1971, 1998, 2002). The other double winners are Preston North End (1889), Aston Villa (1897), Tottenham Hotspur (1961), Liverpool (1986), and Manchester United (1994, 1996, 1999).

                                                    * One of four clubs to have won the League Championship three years running (1933, 1934, 1935). The others are Huddersfield Town (1925, 1926, 1927), Liverpool (1982, 1983, 1984) and Manchester United (1999, 2000, 2001).

                                                    * 13 League Championships is bettered only by Liverpool (18) and Manchester United (15).

                                                    * Arsenal's total of 26 Domestic and European Trophies is bettered only by Liverpool (38) and Manchester United (30) .

                                                    * Went Unbeaten in All 38 domestic matches in the English Premier League in the 2003/2004 season.

                                                    Currently,Arsenal is at 8th place with 11 points and a game in hand which means if Arsenal wins the game in hand Arsenal wlii have only have 2 points difference with money-rolled club Chelsea and the current leader Manchester United which they both have earned same point in Premiership.Arsenal has the new 60,000 capacity stadium,namely Emirates Stadium replacing the historical Highbury stadium which leaves a lot of sweet memory for Arsenal fans.

                                                    I hope Arsenal will produce even more great football for us and nurturing more football players into super football players such as Henry,Fabregas and many nore which I couldn't list then all.

                                                    The current Arsenal's home,Emairates Stadium

                                                    Recent Articles