Monday, April 21, 2008

Arsenal 2-0 Reading.sorry for late match report

I'm currently very busy with my work,especially configuring my new OS,Slackware 12.0

But I'm glad that the configuration went quite OK,and the best is I can see Gunners get three points again.

It's very long time since I saw Arsenal win games.But too bad,I can't watch this game.In fact,I can't watch Arsenal game if the game is between 12 - 2 p.m(London time).

But here's the highlight;

Please note that the highlights are not provided by myself.

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    Friday, April 18, 2008

    Arsenal vs. Reading match preview

    Arsenal vs. Reading match preview

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    Match Preview


    Rosicky,Flamini,Sagna and Almunia still injured and will not feature in this game


    I think we need to review what mistakes we have made so far that made us worse than our nearest rivals Tottenham this season.To me I think is size of our squad.

    Wenger has said that he's confident with his current squad.Source:Wenger target two 'real' quality players

    But what I want him to do is to make our squad bigger,and not ditching our current squad and bring another one.

    And we need quality as well as FIT players.We don't want someone that scores every game he played and yet injured for lots of time throughout our season.Yes,injuries that experienced by Eduardo was unavoidable,but I'm irritated by the fact that Rosicky is injured for a long time,for such a normal injuries for football players.

    We have the quality to win the title and all silverware available,but we need to show our CONSISTENCY to win silverwares.
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      Monday, April 14, 2008

      M.United 2-1 Arsenal:Our season ended

      Highlights here

      I didn't expect our season could end with nothing for this time.We looked promising at the start,but we seems to lose our breath towards the end of the season.

      Talking about the game,we put a great effort to win the game but the game just not going our way yesterday.Conceded through penalties and free-kicks are always frustrating.

      ANd this shows that we need a BIGGER squad for next season,so we could rotate our players to prevent some players from being exhausted.

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        Saturday, April 12, 2008

        Manchester United vs. Arsenal match preview

        Arsenal's season defining in Mordor

        First,I would like to apologise because I can't provide a match report of Arsenal's last match against Liverpool.I'm really not free at that time.Sorry for your double frustration at that time.

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        Match Preview


        Flamini is confirmed out for three weeks,or the whole season to be exact.

        There is no return from our injured players.

        Technical Details

        This could be my last time writing about technical details in match previews,since I think I'm not qualified yet to write the technical side of football.

        Anyway,I do think we should strive to attack at all cost,since their main defender Vidic is currently injured and their 2-2 setback against Middlesbrough shows that they could crack too.They are not invincible.

        Again,I think Walcott is still better as a substitute,rather than starting him from the start of the game.

        Sometimes we need too to control our defender from going too forward into the attack.Let these jobs to our midfielder and strikers.

        For now we have three striking force,and we need to use them all together in this game.So,I think 4-3-3 is feasible for this game.


        I really hope that we will have bigger squad next season.Fabregas has been stretched to the limit for now,and yet he has to play for this game.Ferguson on the other hand,has numbers of attacking options.

        I don't agree with Wenger's statement that we should buy only one experienced player this summer.Read here

        We should buy lots of FIT players,rather than buying physically challenged and easily injured players.We should buy more players like Sagna,Adebayor who could not be injured easily unlike our Rosicky,van Persie who injured for longer time then they play this season.

        Finally,it's do or die in this game.
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          Tuesday, April 08, 2008

          Liverpool vs. Arsenal match preview

          Liverpool vs. Arsenal 3rd Action:Liverpool's season defining

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          1.Wenger - We have prepared for penalties
          2.Adebayor - We must rediscover the magic of Milan

          Match Preview

          I'm going to make it simple today,because I'm not quite free now and actually I feel sad because I can't watch this game,the game what will define our season as well as Reds'.

          Both teams have the quite same ability I must said,but for this time our mental fitness will be the factor today.

          We could be split for force as we need to prepare for the game against Manchester United this Sunday,and that could define our season as well.Liverpool on the other hand,could put their 101% on this game.Perhaps it could be a slight advantage for them,but it's quite risky for them.

          Wenger said that we have enough resources to win,but I'm not agree with his statement.I think we must have more than enough resources to win the title.Boro has really made the EPL title fight much more interesting with their fantastic game against the Devils.

          We need too to rotate our players so that some players like Adebayor could have some rests.Imagine him playing 4 times against the Big Four teams.

          Liverpool of course will have home advantage against us,and they could play our their best against us.We on the other hand,somehow can't show our 'Real' Arsenal to them.With injuries and tiredness,it's hard to play against them but we have the quality to beat Liverpool,but the main question is can we SHOW THEM OUR QUALITY?
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            Saturday, April 05, 2008

            Arsenal vs. Liverpool(EPL) match report

            Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool

              Arsenal: Bendtner 54
              Liverpool:Crouch 42


            Match Report

            Match Report

            I'm sorry to say that I didn't watch the game because I was busy at that time.

            After seeing the result,I think our title hope is over already.We better concentrated on Champions League.

            I expect Arsenal to win because Liverpool fielded a weakened team against us today.Benitez is probably starting to think about the 'next game'.

            Another strange fact is Bendtner caused Gunners to draw twice against Liverpool,which you could think is bad or good for us.I have no comments regarding this.

            Watching Liverpool's first goal against us,I think it was a simple goal yet we couldn't do anything about it.We need to defend better.

            But the good news was Bendtner's equaliser could boost up his confidence,after being blamed for his "save" from Gunners' second goal.
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              Friday, April 04, 2008

              Arsenal vs. Liverpool(EPL) match preview

              Arsenal vs. Liverpool Match Preview

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              1.The Selection Wenger has yet to make

              Match Preview


              Persie is currently injured after he injured his thigh during Wednesday's game against Liverpool

              Adebayor too is slightly injured at the same time but this time he injured his ankle.But his appearance in this game has yet to be determined.But even he could play,he would be not likely to play for full 90 minutes

              Technical Details

              AGAIN,we need to be more creative

              I'm always thinking why we drop points in EPL recently,while Devils gobble up points and goals on their opponent's expense;and that's why we just can't score against Reds last Wednesday.

              First,we lacked the creativity.Yes,we played slightly better games against Reds last time.But it seems that we need lots of energy wasted to just score a goal.Devils on the other hand,played much more easily to score.

              Slick passing is Arsenal's trademark since Wenger era.And it's Wenger who make Arsenal look so exciting to watch.But I think some addition to slick passing will be even better,it could produce better results and most importantly,a more beautiful football.

              Sorry to say,I rarely see Ferdinand or Vidic bring the ball until their opponent's penalty box.While it's good to see our defenders bring to penalty box,it leave Almunia alone when we encounter any counter-attacks from our opponents.That's why we are frustrated when we took a hard time to score a goal,they just equalise very easily.

              And same goes to Liverpool as well.While Reds take a hard time to score,their opponent equalise easily.

              We need to have more players in our squad

              Somehow I think our squad is too thin.When some of our players are injured,we seems short of options.And it happens now.I'm more concerned about our defenders.I can't imagine who could replace Gallas and Toure,if they happened to be injured at a same time.

              When I mean more players,it does not mean that we should go for a spending binge.We just need players that can qualify to replace our defenders while they are away.
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                Wednesday, April 02, 2008

                Arsenal vs. Liverpool match report

                Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool

                Arsenal:Adebayor 23

                Liverpool:Kuyt 26

                Highlight links

                Match Report


                As expected,the game started quite furiously.Why not?It's a typical EPL game and that's what we expect from a EPL game.

                We dominated the game,but Liverpool made a good progress by counter-attacking and careful defence.

                Adebayor scored first for Arsenal with his header,and credits should be given to him because he really tried to get the ball.

                But 3 minutes later,Reds equalised when Gerrard's cross managed to cross Arsenal's goal,and Kuyt just easily got the ball into the net.

                We continued to get the possession but it resulted nothing in first-half.


                We stepped up the tempo,but we were somehow unlucky and we weren't sharp enough.Liverpool,is satisfied with current score and defended more in the game.

                Hleb's penalty appeal failed although it was a clear foul on him.


                We weren't sharp enough in out attack.Control on the game means nothing if we don't score.Will post more later because I'm tired now.
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