Monday, December 31, 2007

Arsenal vs. West Ham match rpeview

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Match Preview


Persie is out for this game due to injuries,Bendtner is out because of suspension.

Others could feature for this game.

Technical Details

As we are playing at home,the best is to play 4-4-2.We should be more flexible with our opponent's tactics.I can't talk much about what players should play because I don't think it will make difference in the game.What I mean here is in midfield position.As Bendtner and Persie is sure out for this game so the only option available is Dudu and Ade.

West Ham should practice open game against us,which I think is good for us but it would be bad to us as well if we can't control the game.


Yes,it could be two sides revenge,West Ham wants to revenge their 1-0 lost to us and we want to revenge our only home defeat to Hammers.We could see them beating Devils last weekend so we should be more careful against them.I still remembered that I immediately switched off my TV because I saw Gunners conceded two goals against them in just 40 minutes at Highbury.

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    Saturday, December 29, 2007

    Arsenal top of the league again,beating Everton 4-1

    Everton 1-4 Arsenal

    • Everton:Cahill 20

    • Arsenal:Eduardo 47,58 Adebayor 80 Rosicky 94

    Arsenal didn't play their best actually,but I'm very glad that Everton made such a lot of decisive mistake,and of course the fact that we could exploit them profitably makes us top of the table again.

    Everton played a good game actually,they have a quite strong midfield and strikers but their defense was absolutely rubbish.Same goes to them when playing Devils last weekend when they lost to a penalty that was caused by a silly tackle.

    First half

    It's nothing wrong with our team until the 10th minute onwards.We started to lose out possession and that's where the nightmare started for Gooners.

    Jim Cahill's goal at 20th minute was resulted from placement of Bendtner.If he wasn't there then the ball will went wide.

    Then,it's downhill for us.We passed the ball weakly,our ball control was bad and we can't harm them.Everton was good in air so they could easily gain possession from a long ball pass.


    It's Everton fans nightmare now.Eduardo equalized just 2 minutes after 2nd-half started.Clichy's long ball had succeeded to fall on Eduardo's control.No doubt,he is the best finisher in our squad.I don't sure whether Ade could score in such circumstances.

    At 58th minute,he made it again.It was about the same goal except it was not from a long ball.

    Bendtner was out at 73rd minute following a harsh tackle to Johnson.

    About the red card awarded to Bendtner,I think I will accept it since it's not a red-card anyway;it was the second yellow card that sends him out.Why Bendtner made such a silly tackle?If he didn't made it we could play him and Adebayor together,that's the best time to do such an experiment.

    Another stupid mistake by Everton's defender made Ade score finally.It's hard to miss such a chance.I think David Moyes should look back on their team's mistake now.

    Rosicky took advantage again from Everton's demoralized play to score Gunners 4th goal in this game.
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      Thursday, December 27, 2007

      Everton vs. Arsenal match preview

      Arsenal must forget their last game and head on to Goodison Park to beat Everton in order to maintain the hope for EPL title.

      In our last game,I think we had played with a team with more closed game but I think Toffees would not play like that.While it's good for our playing style,their counter-attacks are always deadly for their opponent's.A team that could make Devils struggling in Old Trafford and only lost on penalty is a tough team of course.

      I came across an article;
      Wenger slams Portsmouth defending tactics

      Yes,their tactics was somehow unethical,but it's legal and we should blame ourselves for the game.As we progress more,our EPL opponent could be just want to draw against us and not lose the game.It's better than playing their usual game and lose 4-0 to us.

      The key to win the title,aside from consistency;and the key for consistency is flexibility in our style of playing.

      Technical details of the game

      But I could not understand why Wenger refused to play 4-4-2,and always use 4-4-1-1.We know that Ade sucks being alone as strikers.

      We should be more flexible with our opponent.If Everton plays an open game,then we could play our usual passing but if they play closed game like Portsmouth did,we could try to shoot more and play more to Liverpool's style.

      We can try too the combination of Ade and Bendtner.I think it's better like that.


      Persie is out for this game and I'm not sure of Gallas's presence in this game.Other than this two players,we could play our other players as usual.

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        Wednesday, December 26, 2007

        Arsenal 0-0 Portsmouth

        Gunners stumbled to 2nd place after facing a colorless draw at Fratton Park.

        It's pretty hard to play our usual football against a very closed-team;a team that tend to defend more than attack.It can be concluded that Portsmouth just want a draw from this game,and they got it.

        I think we should shoot more in this game,rather than playing our usual passing game because just as I said before,it's very hard to play Wengerball against a solid-defending team.Yes,I mentioned before in my previous post that Pompey's defense isn't strong enough,but the problem is their main task today is just to defend,so it isn't that hard anyway to defend with 11 players,against 10 opponent's player.

        SO the main problem is actually we didn't play a freer game this time,most of our passes were blocked efficiently by ex-Gunners Campbell and other defenders.Again,we were slightly "outphysicalled" by our opponent's defender.

        We did let them have some counter-attack to open up the game,but they still scared to counter-attack more bravely.

        Now it's time for us to trail Devils now.

        We did had some chances through,but not a lot as usual.

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          Tuesday, December 25, 2007

          Arsenal vs. Portsmouth match preview,live streaming

          Merry Christmas to all,and let's hope Gunners could win another game in Boxing Day.

          Live Streaming

          Match preview

          The very good thing for us is no one is injured I think,so we could play them with full team,if Wenger wanted anyway.

          But playing Pompey away from home could be a tricky game for us,and with their full of pace strikers like Benjani,we could out-physicalled by them.But I'm sure we can break their defense as I don't think their defense is strong;I mean they could make mistakes easily and of course I hope they will make more in this game.It's up to us to exploit that.

          I'm still think that we should use Ade for this game,despite the rise of Bendtner recently.Though his finishing is somehow quite poor,but he has more shooting power.We could substitute him with Bendtner,if he performed badly.

          Or we could use both together,and Persie will not play in this game.Sometimes we have to do some experiment.However,I don't think we should risk our valuable three points for this combination.

          We will have to stay in 2nd place for a while,if Devils beat Black Cats in Boxing Day.

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            Saturday, December 22, 2007

            Arsenal vs. Spurs match report

            Arsenal 2-1 Tottenham

            Arsenal:Adebayor 47,Bendtner 75
            Tottenham:Berbatov 66

            Robbie's Keane missed penalty kick proved costly to the team as Bendtner quickly came in to punish them.

            But it's Arsenal who got the header just 2 minutes after 2nd-half started.This goal is really typical Gunners goal;it was produced by great passing,and the best of all the finishing was Theirry Henry-like.

            Gunners continued to control the game.But somehow Spurs managed to equalize,thanks to Keane's great back-heel kick to Berbatov.We can't blame our defense on this goal.

            But Toure's tackle on Berbatov nearly costs us the game,and it could be EPL title as well.I didn't see the need to foul someone in that time.Berbatov can't do anything dangerous there.

            Bendtner's goal just after he came in was absolutely fantastic.He really took the opportunity by himself.This is the first-time I saw a Gunners jumps that high to head the ball into the net.

            And again,we had the same weaknesses;we tend to relax a little bit after scoring.But luckily it was not on defending,it's on out attacks.I think we should try our best to gain as many goals as possible,especially in this match we had plenty of chances to score.

            But glad the three point falls to our hand again.Luck was on our side.
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              Friday, December 21, 2007

              Arsenal vs. Tottenham match preview

              Before talking further about this match,I would like to announce that Gunners are going to face AC Milan in 2nd-round in UEFA Champions League.

              Live Streaming for this match;


              Match Preview


              Thankfully our 2nd team can ease our 1st team's burden a lot,and yet can help us progress in Carling Cup.So I think we could play with full force now maintaining our good records against Spurs and our unbeaten home game so far.

              Technical details of the game

              We can play the formation we used against Chelsea I think.As Tottenham play a very good counter-attack now,we need to be careful when we are attacking them;I'm scared that we will slack on our defense then.Especially with our "attacking defender",it's going be tiring for our defenders to defend and attack at same time.

              But if we can score,we can weaken our opponent's form at least a bit and keep controlling the possession.That's the key to win.Play our game and don't let them gain the possession if possible,because that's expected by me and all fans here.

              About the formation,I think the start-ups will be 4-4-2.If everything going well,we can sub Adebayor with Bendtner.I think we should play him more,he has the potential.

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                Tuesday, December 18, 2007

                A great game by our kids

                Blackburn 2-3 Arsenal

                Arsenal:Diaby 6,Eduardo 29,105

                Blackburn Rovers:Santa Cruz 42,59

                A great game by our players actually,and with only 10 players remaining in 30 minutes extra-time,we really showed a great stamina to win the game.


                We controlled the first-half as we managed to score first.This increased our confidence in this game where we were playing against one of the top 10 teams in EPL with our second team players.

                Bendtner could add his name to scorer list but too bad,his shot just managed to hit the goal post.

                After Eduardo's first goal,it seems it would be gonna like our game against Sheffield.But Rovers can't let them happen.

                Blackburn managed to score 3 minutes before half-time break,and Santa again scored after scoring hat-trick last weekend.But sadly their defense was just too poor last time.


                Blackburn regained their domination in the game;lots of free-kicks and corners were taken at our defence and at 59th minute Santa made it 2-2 for Rovers.

                Then,Arsenal played more aggressively but still the initiative in Rovers hands.

                The game became more exciting to watch at 80th minute onwards,when both teams had their dangerous attacks.

                Denilson was yellow-carded for 2nd time and he was sent off.This incident added more tension into the game as players involved in some arguments.

                And yet,both teams ended with a draw after 90 minutes of playing.

                Second half

                Rovers still had the most of the possession.But our counter-attacking was dangerous as well.

                Our counter-attacking proved deadly with Eduardo's winning goal in 105th minute.

                Still then,Blackburn increased the tempo but somehow they can't find the equalizer.Samba's header just managed to shake the post at 119th minute.

                Overall game

                Thank God that the luck was in our side.But we played greatly to gain the luck.

                But somehow,our counter-attack wasn't went very well in this game.The main problem is we can't find someone to be responsible to finish the chance.

                Most of the players tend to overpass,and all our players refused to take a shot.And finally our opponent's defender took the ball away.

                Our defense had improved as well,and at least in this game no more silly passes and free possessions to our opponent.

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                  Blackburn vs. Arsenal match preview

                  We should take the fact that Chelsea and Liverpool are fighting each other in Carling Cup as a advantage for us and beating Rovers tonight is the best way to utilize that advantage.

                  Live streaming

                  2.Live Footy TV


                  Arsenal intends to take advantage from Chelsea vs. Liverpool game.But it does not seem like that.Wenger intends to play third-team in this game.
                  Here's our squad against Blackburn tonight

                  There are even some players that I didn't even know them.The worst is we didn't have a lot of first-team substitute if we needed to.I don't sure whether we could beat them or not.A draw will suffice for me actually.

                  I'm not looking down on our "third-team" players but I don't think they could cope with first-team Rovers.But of course this is a very good chance for our players to gain a lot of experience from this game.

                  Technical details of the game.

                  I really don't sure about what formation Wenger will play.But I will predict 4-5-1 or his normal 4-4-1-1.

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                    Monday, December 17, 2007

                    Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea

                    Arsenal kicked back Devils to be EPL leader again after Gallas's header heads Arsenal a point ahead of them.

                    I'm sorry that I can't comment a lot about this game as I'm away from home.But I heard that Arsenal played counter-attacking game after first-half,when we took that 1-0 lead.

                    That means we played like Devils played against us last time,and that is a very wise tactic to play.With our attacking force boiling at full,we could counter-attack easily when we needed to.But of course credits should be given to our defense squad,and mainly Almunia,who had saved a lot of killer shots from Blue Lions.

                    Ok,about Liverpool vs. Manchester United game,Liverpool had the most possession and initiative,and yet they have to lose.That's because Devils have a good counter-attacking.We almost lost to them actually,but again,our captain saved us a embarrassment.

                    And EPL just gets more interesting.We and Devils have a top-two fight,Chelsea,Man. City and Reds had another fight.I'm not saying Chelsea is out from title race,but I think this is the correct way to classify teams within the certain point.

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                      Saturday, December 15, 2007

                      Premiership update 24/12/07

                      Here's the current EPL table;

                      Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                      1 Arsenal 18 13 4 1 36 15 21 43
                      2 Man Utd 17 12 3 2 32 9
                      23 42
                      3 Chelsea 17 10 4 3 24 10 14 34
                      4 Man City 18 10 4 4 25 20 5 34
                      5 Liverpool 17 9 6 2 31 11 20 33
                      6 Everton 17 9 3 5 31 16 15 30
                      7 Portsmouth 18 8 6 4 29 19 10 30
                      8 Aston Villa 18 8 5 5 29 21 8 29
                      9 Blackburn 17 7 5 5 23 24 -1 26
                      10 West Ham 17 7 4 6 22 15 7 25
                      11 Newcastle 17 7 4 6 24 26 -2 25
                      12 Reading 18 6 3 9 24 35 -11 21
                      13 Tottenham 18 4 6 8 30 31 -1 18
                      14 Bolton 18 4 5 9 21 27 -6 17
                      15 Middlesbro 18 4 5 9 17 30 -13 17
                      16 Birmingham 18 4 3 11 18 30 -12 15
                      17 Fulham 18 2 8 8 19 29 -10 14
                      18 Sunderland 18 3 5 10 17 34 -17 14
                      19 Wigan 18 3 4 11 18 34 -16 13
                      20 Derby 17 1 3 13 6 39 -33 6

                      A lucky win over Tottenham yesterdays keeps us a point from roaring Devils.

                      Manchester United managed to score a late-penalty on 87th minute and this means they seal another victory to maintain the fight for the title.The result?Devils 2-1 Toffees.

                      Liverpool,after losing their last two games against Manchester United and Chelsea finally regain their usual form with their 4-1 win over Portsmouth at Anfield.Torres scored two goals in that game.

                      Villa helped Liverpool to regain their 4th place of EPL with their 1-1 draw with Man. City.Should Liverpool win or draw their one game in hand,they can get into 4th place.

                      Everton again lost again to another Big Four with penalty punishment.Portsmouth,as mentioned previously lost 4-1 to Liverpool.

                      West Ham beat Middlesbrough 2-1 at Riverside,,Bolton beat Birmingham 3-0,and Fulham drew 1-1 with Wigan.
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                        Arsenal vs. Chelsea match preview

                        Tomorrow all people will focus into the top of the table clash,which only happens once per season.

                        Live streaming:Refer here


                        Again,Persie could play but presence of Fabregas and Hleb remains uncertain and I think we could only know it tomorrow.

                        Diaby could also play actually.

                        Technical details

                        I think Gunners should use 4-4-2,as we have all strikers of course and we are playing at home,so I think we should have the attacking initiative or otherwise we seems "useless" in this game.But it's OK if Wenger decides to play counter-attacking game against Blues,just as Manchester United did to us last time.

                        But of course,we will be more careful with our defending and with absence of Drogba,hopefully it would be slightly easier.

                        If Fabregas and Hleb are absent,we can use back our present midfielder and we could replace one of them with Gilberto if we have one goal lead.

                        EPL table

                        The current EPL table makes tomorrow matches very interesting to watch than before.

                        If all the Big Four draws,we will stand on top of table
                        If Arsenal wins,Manchester United wins,then we and Devils will have some two-horse race.Not to reglect other team,but the two teams will have some gap between their follower.
                        If Arsenal draw,Manchester United wins then Devils will stand on top of table.
                        If Arsenal lose more than two goals difference,Manchester United wins then Arsenal will drop to 3rd place.
                        If Gunners lose less than three goals margin,Manchester United loses then Arsenal and Blues will have point difference tension for rest of the game,until one of the teams drop points.

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                          Wednesday, December 12, 2007

                          Arsenal beat Steaua,but failed to top Group H

                          Arsenal 2-1 Steaua Bucharest
                          Arsenal:Diaby 8,Bendtner 42 Steaua:Zaharia 69

                          Despite winning this match,this win is meaningless in terms of points to top Group H.But it certainly boost our confidence to gain another 3 points next weekend against Chelsea.

                          Thankfully that we could play Wengerball again,I saw Gunners could passed properly and this time,Arsenal has a stronger midfield and this contributes to domination of this game.

                          Both Arsenal goals are similar,both of the goals were scored from Gunner's right-side,just the first goal was scored by Diaby and second goal was scored by Bendtner.

                          Steaua tried to make it better for them by scoring a header goal,but they failed to gain one point from Emirates Stadium.

                          Overall,Gunners had improved a lot from their previous game,but they will have to play a lot better to let Grant grant them a win this weekend.

                          So Arsenal finished 2nd in the table,and this means they will have higher chances to face tougher teams in knock-out stage.The knock-out stage draw is this Sunday if I'm not mistaken.

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                            Tuesday, December 11, 2007

                            Arsenal vs. Steaua Bucharest match preview

                            1.Live Streaming for this match.

                            .My p2p

                            2.Match preview.

                            After our EPL's unbeaten record was ended by Boro,it's time to forget them and do our best to get back first place in Group H in U.C.League.


                            Lehmann could play in this game,after being suspended by Wenger for almost 4 months.Persie could also feature in this game after being injured for almost 6 weeks.But Fabregas,Hleb and Diaby are still recovering from injuries,and Hleb and Fabregas could also miss Chelsea's game next weekend.

                            b)Technical details

                            Since Persie is here,I think 4-4-2 is definitely the best choice.Adebayor would not feel lonely now with another strikers with him.But midfield will be major concern now,since Fabregas and Hleb aren't back yet and we will have to make best from our midfielder now.

                            This will be a good chance for Persie to warm up before breaking into England's captain defense team.We could also see hoe Ade perform with Persie.If he remains sluggish for this game I suggest him to be replaced with Bendtner next weekend.

                            c)Group H table

                            As Sevilla are two points ahead of us,we can just pray for Sevilla to drop points against Slavia Prague and what we can do now is to win this match.

                            But it isn't too important anyway to finish 2nd or 1st,since both teams can qualify to knock-out stage.But we will be likely to face tougher teams in 2nd-round if we finish second.

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                              Monday, December 10, 2007

                              Post update 10/12/07

                              1.Wenger:Absent players is out our reason of defeat.

                              How I agree with this statement.We can't blame absent players for our defeat.All teams,no matter in EPL,Europe,Asia,Africa must have injury crisis.But how they handled them makes the difference.

                              I admit that absent players derives us from our best,but it should be good enough to beat our opponents,at least our weaker opponents.

                              Anyway,Arsenal lost to Boro because of weak midfield.I admit that this is also cause by injuries,but the main problems here are the strategies and players psychology.

                              2.Hleb and Fabregas could miss Chelsea's game.

                              But they still have chance to feature in the game,right?

                              But if they haven't really recovered,I think we should not play them.We don't want a player to play one game and miss 10 games.

                              And one more thing is Arsenal get the consolation fact that Persie and Diaby could play in next weekend's game.

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                                Sunday, December 09, 2007

                                Boro ended Gunner's EPL unbeaten record

                                Middlesbrough:Downing 4,Sanli 74
                                Arsenal:Rosicky 94

                                A well deserved defeat for us I would say.Again we are weak at our midfield.We tried to build strong midfield during 65th minute but then we realized that we need another man to put the ball into the net.

                                Our game in first 15 minutes isjust not Wengerball.A long balls with no direction is just not our way of playing football,and with determined opponent to beat us,we were surely finished if we didn't change the way we play.

                                Gunners started to play better then,but it was just not good enough to wrest the possession from Southgate's gang.

                                Since I had not commented on Wenger's quote,I would like to do so now.

                                Here's the article

                                Just as I said just now,we didn't have strong midfield position.Then we made our opponent's midfield stronger.Then we can't have the possessions when we can't control our midfield.

                                But we have some small consolation fact that Liverpool too lost 3-1 to Reading.And EPL will be extremely interesting from this point.

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                                  Friday, December 07, 2007

                                  Middlesbrough vs. Arsenal match preview

                                  For those who want to stream this match live,you can refer here

                                  This game is a must-win game before they go back home to prepare themselves to fight Blues next weekend.

                                  Gunners must dominate the game if they want to win the game confidently.In last two games they could drop 4 points in two games if our opponent was better.We want to win because we are great isn't it,and not because we play against weaker team.

                                  I also think that Gunners are currently lack of some creative playmaker that can hold the ball in the midfield.In last two games,I noticed that our attacks halted when it just reached midfield,and hence enemy's midfield could done their job to support the strikers very well.We could do nothing except to defend.

                                  So if we want to improve our game we must improve our midfield first.

                                  I can't predict what formation Wenger will play since I had predicted wrongly for all three games.But I think 4-5-1 is sensible choice since we want to strengthen our midfield.About the attack,our left and right wing can support our striker.

                                  Eboue and Denilson could support our lone striker.

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                                    Wednesday, December 05, 2007

                                    Arsenal cashed their one game in hand into a point

                                    We just managed to get one point out of our "one game in hand".

                                    Everything started well,after Ade banged in our first and the only Gunner's goal in the game just after 3 minutes from the first whistle.

                                    Then,it just quite as same as the game against Villa when our opponent slowly dominated the game and it went until the break.

                                    In second-half,it become worst as Magpies kept the possession and made a lot of dangerous attacks but we still coped with them until in the 60th minute,when Taylor made the equalizer for Newcastle.

                                    Then,Gunners began to take back the possessions,but it's too late to lift the game.

                                    From my point of view,we are trying to conserve our energy and yet winning the game.It's not that we can't beat Magpies,but it costs us some zests to beat them and we need to stay fit for next game and Chelsea's game next so we didn't took out our best.

                                    When I mean the best,I did not mean that Persie and others should play,but our current players that play in this game did not show their best.After the first goal,we slowed down and proceed to defend that goal,just like we did against Aston Villa.When in last weekend's game we didn't concede,but in this time we are not strong enough to defend and with Magpies determination to beat the "EPL giants",we must conceded in latter stage in the game.

                                    When Newcastle equalized,then Gunners tried to lift the game in the last minute.They started to control the game just I said before,but it's too late.

                                    I think we should be relieved that we did not lose this game.

                                    Recent Articles

                                      Newcastle vs. Arsenal match preview

                                      For those who wants a live streaming in this match,you can refer here

                                      It's time now for Gunners to cash their so call " one game in hand".

                                      I don't sure whether we face them in right time or not,since Magpies had been suffering tremendous fall in their EPL games,with 4 lost in their recent 5 EPL games but we too lost some key players in our squad like Fabs,Hleb and I don't hope for more players in our injury list.

                                      A win in this game will see us 6 points difference between current EPL's runner up Manchester United,and 8 points difference between Chelsea.

                                      I'm worried the Magpies will play physical game with us,though we could cope with them in this game,but it will hurt us if more players are injured in this game.The main problem is the refs just can't do enough to protect players and this contributes to more violent games in EPL compared to other leagues in Europe.

                                      I think Wenger will field up their usual 4-4-1-1,but I think 4-4-2 is better for us.

                                      Maybe the game will go just like our game against Villa last weekend,but if it progress like that then our back four will have to work hard to defend,but maybe counter-attack is great in this case,since recently Newcastle had concede quite a lot in sudden counter-attack by their opponent,and their game against Blackburn is the best example.

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                                        Tuesday, December 04, 2007

                                        Premiership update 4/12/07

                                        Let's look at current EPL table;

                                        Pos. Team P W D L F A GD Pts
                                        1 Arsenal 15 11 4 0 32 12 20 37
                                        2 Man Utd 15 10 3 2 25 7 18 33
                                        3 Chelsea 15 9 4 2 22 9 13 31
                                        4 Liverpool 14 8 6 0 26 6 20 30
                                        5 Man City 15 9 3 3 19 15 4 30
                                        6 Portsmouth 15 7 6 2 25 13 12 27
                                        7 Aston Villa 15 8 3 4 26 16 10 27
                                        8 Blackburn 15 7 5 3 20 18 2 26
                                        9 Everton 15 7 3 5 26 16 10 24
                                        10 West Ham 14 5 4 5 19 12 7 19
                                        11 Newcastle 15 5 4 6 21 25 -4 19
                                        12 Birmingham 15 4 2 9 16 24 -8 14
                                        13 Reading 15 4 2 9 18 32 -14 14
                                        14 Fulham 15 2 7 6 18 24 -6 13
                                        15 Sunderland 15 3 4 8 15 29 -14 13
                                        16 Tottenham 15 2 6 7 26 28 -2 12
                                        17 Bolton 15 2 5 8 12 22 -10 11
                                        18 Middlesbro 15 2 5 8 13 27 -14 11
                                        19 Wigan 15 2 3 10 11 26 -15 9
                                        20 Derby 15 1 3 11 5 34 -29 6

                                        After three months,Arsenal still lead the table with 3 points ahead of Devils,who won 2-0 against Fulham yesterday.But if Arsenal beat Newcastle tomorrow,Arsenal will have a 6 points lead against Devils.

                                        Chelsea came back silently in the challenge and with their win against Hammers,we and M. United but be careful of them.

                                        Liverpool took revenge for M.United after they thrashed Bolton 4-0 at Anfield.It seems Benitez has rotated his side correctly.Let's see how they fare against Devils in Dec 15.

                                        Man City proved that they are not strong enough to be top four for now after they were upset by new Wigan led by Steve Bruce.But the most painful upset will be from Birmingham's Larsson who beautifully curved the ball from 20 yards into Spurs's heart and I don't hope Gunners will be upset by such a thing.

                                        Portsmouth and Everton drew 1-1 and no one can take advantage against each other.Villa too can't take advantage from this situation since they just can't score at least an equalizer against Arsenal.

                                        Probably the team that benefited the most will be Blackburn Rovers,who beat Magpies 3-1 in Ewood Park,and they stand at 8th place in EPL table.

                                        Sunderland ended their painful defeat last week with their 1-0 win against Derby,who I think will be relegated this season.
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