Monday, December 15, 2008

How long the transition period could be??

Before I continue,let's look on this article

But,how the "positive signs" give any possibility for us to win the title?How these "signs" bring us out from our so called "transition period"?Continue Reading

Standard of teams in BPL have improved leaps and bounds and we are still in transition period.How long the transition period could be??5 years?10 years?Anybody know??It has been 3 years and we are having nothing in our silverware list.

Yes,it's arguable that we didn't really win anything before Wenger arrives here.In fact,back in that time we would be very happy if we qualify to play UEFA Cup.But again,we must strive for improvement.We can't compare with the past.If everyone thinks like that then we are doomed.

Of course,our team have improved based on Boro game.But is it enough to bring us sliverware(s)?What I mean here is silverware,FA Cup,Champions League,EPL title.Beautiful games must be decorated with wins and victories.Without them,no one will remember our beautiful passing game.

For how many times we are complaining how our defence fared badly against smaller teams who loves to park a bus in front of their goal and put one striker in front.Even with such formation,they could eke out a draw or even sometimes a win over us.How ridiculous it could be?

But that problem have existed for 2-3 years and it still happens now. I really can't say a word about them.

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