Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eduardo to make comeback tonight

Source:Tribal Football

Almost 10 months since he was carried from the turf at Birmingham City with his left ankle mangled and horribly distorted, the Croatia international returns to action for Arsenal's reserve side, with a return to the first team finally coming into view.Continue Reading

"It is great news," said Wenger of the forward's imminent return. "The problem for Eduardo is that, even though he is playing a game, we still must get him back to a competitive level. We don't know how much patience he will need but, if patience is needed, we have to take it.

"I still believe we have to give him at least one-and-a-half month's competition before he will be back at the level he was before. But he has a fantastic basis of fitness because he has worked unbelievably hard. I mean unbelievably. So he could still surprise us by being a little bit quicker."

It's really good to see him on action again.Had he been not injured,our title challenge last season could bring us to title.Hopefully he could feature in Liverpool game next week.We needed a striker that able to turn chances into goals and his presence could boost our confidence.

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