Saturday, December 20, 2008

Arsenal vs. Liverpool match preview

Although Arsenal dropped points last week,it was to be neutralised by other Big Three upset which hold Liverpool,Chelsea and Manchester United to a point.But if Arsenal dropped points again in this game,our title hope will be vanishing and silverwares we can target this season are only UCL and FA Cup.But if we win the game and come up with three points,our title hope is still here and we are still one of the title contenders.Continue Reading

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Samuel Nasri should can play in this match.However,Bendtner and Toure have little chance to feature in this game.Same goes to Eduardo.

Technical Details

Just play our normal game.Our playing style has been known as giant killer and if we play our style the three points will be quite easy to us.

As Liverpool can STILL afford a draw than we do,if the scoreline is equal for both team at 80th minute onwards,I do think they will play more defensively and of course they will try to counter-attack.They have lots of tall players,a great shooter Steven Gerrard.So,their counter-attack will be dangerous.Besides,we are physically disadvantaged so any corners and free-kick will be very dangerous.

But with our fluent passing,we can win this game.We can try to keep the ball on the ground and demonstrate how deadly our passing attack could be.Arsenal's record against Liverpool were quite good and I do think this is related to our playing style.

About the Champions League revenge for us,I don't think that's necessary.We must beat them,regardless of everything.Even we beat Liverpool at that time,we must beat them tomorrow and defeat them in the future.

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