Thursday, August 02, 2007

Persie:I want to win stylefully

Before mentioning about Persie's quote,I would like to express my disappointment on FA.Why?Eduardo still not getting his work permit despite he's had came to Arsenal since a month ago.Source:BBC Sport

This issue should be resolved as soon as possible,especially in a country that had high reputation on efficiency of their work like England.

I think Fernando Torres is still not getting his work permit yet,but I'm not sure about it now.

Now,return to main topic.

Here's his quote

"I would never give that up. Only a few teams in Europe play the way Arsenal play. Personally, I will always go for a team where I would, for example, earn less money but the team plays fantastic, rather than go to a team where you can earn lots of money and win every week, 1-0, 2-0, and play a defensive style."
Yes,I would like to hear that,we want to be different.

Another team that has exciting footballing is Manchester United,their play has always daring.They have "never say die"attitude and that's why there are a lot of Devils fans.But I'm Gooners.

Chelsea and Liverpool on the other hand,I think is quite the same.So every time I see they play each other,I observed that their footballing is quite the same actually and therefore,quite boring to me.My view may wrong and will meet a lot of disagreement of Reds and Blues,but this is my view.

Arsenal and Manchester United on the other hand,has quite different footballing style.Manchester United had much more faster game the Arsenal.Arsenal's footballing on the other hand has some similarities with Spanish Primera Liga and Series A,but slightly faster than them.Red Devils has more "air" play,which means they play less passing and Arsenal has the name"the passing team" because Gunners play a lot of ground football and rarely they put some long passes,long shots like Liverpool and Chelsea. So when Arsenal play Man U there are always some exciting scenes there.

And we can conclude when the two teams has different playing style,and yet both teams have played their style comfortably,there are always some excitement in it.

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