Friday, August 03, 2007

Arsenal drawn against Sparta Prague in UCL qualifying

Arsenal will face Prague for 3rd round UCL qualifying.

But Adebayor will miss our first Premiership opener against Fulham because of groin injury

Sparta Prague,or Prague or even Sparta for some people are also not bad although they are not too strong.I thought Arsenal would face Sparta at least in group stage in UEFA Champions League.

But I think Gunners are slightly better than Sparta,since Arsenal's game record against Sparta has been always good.But always be careful for surprises from Sparta,but with careful play and if Gunners maintain their playing style I think Arsenal could win easily.

I'm sorry because I would carry some maintenance on my blog so my blog will look messy for a while.But don't worry,all my post will be accessible.

Thank you.

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