Thursday, August 30, 2007

Arsenal fixture's in UCL

Well,this is the fixtures of Arsenal in UEFA CHampions League Group Stage.

Arsenal will face the Sevilla/AEK Athens which I think is the toughest team we have to face in this group in the first game.

I would like to comment of Edelman's thought of this

“I think it is a very interesting draw. It is the first time in a long time we have been in a group where we have not played any of the clubs before. Obviously with Sevilla our hearts go out to Antonio Puerta and we send our condolences to the whole of the club. Clearly they are a force and have done very well in the Uefa Cup over recent years. We know Athens well, we have played there in recent times but we have never been to Bucharest before. So that will be a new experience. And as for Prague, we were there 10 days ago and played Sparta only yesterday. We know the Czech Republic very, very well indeed.
SO we have to fight with a team which we can't know what's the style of that team.That will be dangerous to us but again,with Arsenal superior passing and team-coordination I think Gunners can mange them well.

I think Fabregas and ROsicky will NOT HAPPY with this draw because ROsicky have to face another Czech club and Fabregas has a bad feeling about facing Sevilla in this group.It's not because they are strong,it's because he's sad about the fact he has to face Spanish club.

THe death of Antonio Puerta even make Fabregas more sad.His goal against Sparta is dedicated for him.I hope there's not anymore that feeling in the game.The fact that Antonio Puerta is dead is unchangeable and even you commit suicide you can't get him alive again.

I send my condolences to Antonio Puerta's family as well as his teammate.

I think you always look at the groups and think some are easier than others but when the games come around they all turn out to be tough.
Of course it's tough.If not how they can play in UEFA Champions League.But of course we didn't need to face teams like Lyon,CSKA Moskva etc.
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