Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm not worried about Lehmann

Actually before I saw the England-Germany friendly match I really think that Lehmann has a serious problem in his goal-keeping since Arsenal keep conceded for every match.

But after watching the highlights of the game above,I think Tottenham should worry about their goalkeeper instead.

Here's the highlights;

Lehmann was doing his job greatly,despite his failure to prevent Lampard to score England's only goal at that game.I don't think any goalkeeper can save the attack unless they were lucky.

Paul Robinson,England's goalkeeper is poor goalkeeper in that game.His failure to drive away the ball from the field cost England a lost in their homeground(I think it was played in England).

I hope Lehmann would not commit any careless or silly mistake in the game against Man. City this weekend.Arsenal must stop Man. City straight wins and break their "clean sheet record".

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