Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wenger is not going to bring in another players

I'm shocked that Wenger rejected Adriano on a loan deal.

I would like to quote some of his comments here;

“I've been offered Adriano on loan and I said no,” said the Arsenal manager. “We do not need him and it was an easy decision to make because we're not out there to take a striker on loan.
Yes,we do not need any striker actually.In fact our team is flooded with strikers.I think we need better defenders and midfielder instead.About the "better",I think only Wenger knows it whether Arsenal need it or not.We as fans don't know our manager mind.Our thinking is not as deep as Wenger and sometimes we can't understand why he takes some action which some people would think is stupid,mistake etc but at the end he brings Arsenal to one of the "Top Four" now.Arsenal's glory as today is brought by Wenger.Even Emirates Stadium is brought by him.

“The agreement was for a loan. They wanted to give us a player but wanted one back in return. I won't say who it was but I did not want to lose the player they wanted. I didn't necessarily think Adriano would upset the balance of the squad but he has qualities we don't need.
This is like a chess game.Inter Milan wanted to "exchange pieces" with us.Wenger refused to "exchange" because he don't want any major change to the team.Again,he's stating that Arsenal is flooded with strikers and we do not need any strikers at this moment.

Wenger should go ahead with his plan and did not need to hear any comments from others.
Arsenal fans will support you.

How do you think about this rejection?Let me know.
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At 7:31 AM, Anonymous Nick said...

Adriano isn't required. He didn't have a good effect in Inter dressing room and he is FAT..! His world cup performance was appalling and we sure have better strikers.
And the player inter asked was most prolly Rosicky and it'd be stupid to let Rosicky go. And wenger would never do that.!

At 3:17 PM, Anonymous sam said...

i agree.. i would never want adriano at the emirates, he has a bad attitude.. and lets face it hes not that good


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