Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why England failed to shine?EPL destroys England's football

Before I talk about England's national team,let's talk about our team first.

Much have been said about Gunners are going to be "kicked" out in EPL games before EPL starts.

But Arsenal proved that they are ready for that with their 7 points out of 3 games,which of course sounds better than last season when they only get 4 points out of 3 games;1 win,1 lost and a draw.

But actually I think the "toughness" in EPL is caused by the referees itself.In European leagues such as Primera Liga and Series A,the referees are much more stricter,therefore the "toughness" is reduced and their play is less exciting compared to EPL.I think there are more people especially Asian countries who watch EPL than the other two above.

Same goes to UEFA Champions League/UEFA Cup.The referees are more strict and EPL teams struggle more in European games compared to Spanish clubs or Italian clubs.

England itself did poorly in European games now compared to Spain,Portugal, and others.

I personally think that EPL destroys the England team,because of the following reasons;

1.Too much international players
2.Bad referees
3.No coordination among the players

I will first explain the first reason.In EPL,there are more than 60% of the players who are foreign players.I do admit that Arsenal contribute to this problem,but same goes to other teams like Man. U,Liverpool and Chelsea.

The second problem I already explain just now.

The third problem is from the EPL.I list out some of the England national players here;

1.Rooney-Man. U
2.Terry (C)-Chelsea

Let's see now.The above players are from three EPL clubs.Most of the time they are suited to their manager command(Ferguson,Mourinho and Martin Jol) and very little time is spent on their national team.And sometimes they fight against each other in EPL.I don't think they can coordinate well in such situation.

But nothing can be done to rectify this problem.EPL has brought fame,money and many more to England and without it,they will have a big problem.

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