Sunday, August 26, 2007

Man. CIty defended well,but not played well

Well,Arsenal managed to stop Man. City from winning four consecutive games in EPL.

I still think Arsenal missed a lot of chances and Man. City defended well as well.Man. City blocked a lot of Gunners shot and they played very politely.But I don't think they played well.

Why?They have no or little fight to Arsenal.They were playing like a tortoise with its head in its shell.They came to Emirates just to get a point,maintain their unbeaten record and 0 goal record.Well,I think Erikkson used wrong strategy in this game.

About Persie's missed penalty is nothing to talk about.Penalty is about luck anyway.It depends very little on skills.

I'm happy with Gunners game after Fabregas scored stunning side-kick and break Man. City's 0 goal record as well as their successive wins in EPL.

As I said before,they maintain their play and Man. City couldn't do anything to equalize.The last chance by desperate Man City goalkeeper was saved by Almunia.Almunia is free throughout the game and he did less in the game because the game didn't require him to do so as well.

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