Friday, August 24, 2007

Arsenal vs. Man. City match preview

Arsenal is out to stop Man. City another four consecutive win for this season.

But Gunners will have to play without Lehmann,our first-team goalkeeper who is injured for at least two weeks.( .Almunia will replace him for this match.

Gallas(groin) and Eboue is out as well and although Gilberto is fit for the game,Wenger would give him a rest because he has played a lot of games in Copa America.Toure would be the captain of the game.

But we are happy to hear that Adebayor is back to the squad and I think our attacking strength would be more stronger this time,though we will have to play without our regular captain.

And Eriksson have something to say about this match.
Source:Man.City official website.

And I would like to quote some of his comments here

"We are going to go there and we are going to try and play our way. But when you meet teams like Arsenal and Manchester United, you know that you have to defend.

"You need a little bit of luck also, because over 90 minutes, of course you know that they will create some chances – hopefully as few as possible. If you don’t defend well against these teams you have no chance of even getting a draw. Hopefully we will attack a bit better than we did last Sunday."

Not necessarily Arsenal is going to attack for throughout the game,I think Man. City can create some chances.Is Eriksson is trying to say that Man. City beat Man. United by defending?

About luck,I think it really depends on God.Same goes to Arsenal,if Gunners is not careful,Arsenal will have hard time to save the game.

Again,Arsenal need not fear them.Just play your game properly and you can win them easily.
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At 5:31 PM, Anonymous Andy said...

Big win for Arsenal

At 7:10 PM, Blogger Arsenal For Arsenal Fans said...

Thank you for your comment.
Stay tuned for my match report.

At 9:42 PM, Anonymous sam said...

yeah that was a huge win.. hey if you can could you put some vids of the goals like you did for the sparta match.. i cant get highlights off of any websites due to the copyright stuff.. keep up the good posts.


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