Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yeah,that's one that I want to see at Arsenal

Yeah,that's what I want to see at Arsenal.

Before I elaborate further let's take a look at the videos

Both Fabregas and Hleb finished well in that video and that's the scene I want to see at Arsenal!The coordinating is correct,the players are great and Sparta could not do anything to stop that.

Yeah,I want Arsenal to show us more stuffs like these.Arsenal must reach the level where the opponent could not stop us.That does not mean that I want Arsenal to dominate the game all the way.That will be too impossible.But I want Arsenal to do well in everything they have to do,or love to do.

TO defend well when they need to defend,to attack well when they have the opportunity,and of course,to score the goal when they can.

If Gunners could reach that level,then no one can stop Arsenal from winning everything.But to win Premiership Title we need another thing in common,that is consistency.

If Gunners are going to win the Title,Gunners must perform well in every game,no matter what the team you are going to face.

Without consistency,you can't win the Premiership Title.Look at Manchester United who drew with Portsmouth.They only get 2 points from 2 games.Not I want to exclude them from the possibility from winning the Premiership TItle,but of course this is not something nice to hear to Man U fans here.

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