Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sparta vs. Arsenal match preview

Surely Arsenal has chance to win.Arsenal is more superior that Sparta Prague.

Arsenal has only a disadvantage,they have to play them away which I think Arsenal could cope with them easily.

Although Eduardo,Adebayor and Gilberto(I don't sure about GIlberto) could not feature in the game,but surely Arsenal current force could win them,provided they have better finishing and maintain their game,even after scoring or being scored.

Actually Arsenal could win all teams in UEFA Champions League.I'm not bragging but if Arsenal really continue with their playing they will be very strong.The main problem for them is their mentality to maintain their play no matter how the condition will be,playing away games,playing without captain or even losing their manager.I'm scared actually if Wenger is leaving the club.I didn't know whether our kids could have such a strong mentality to cope with the departure of Wenger if Wenger leaves the club.

ANd I would like to comment on this article from

“We feel we could have had an easier draw at this stage. Sparta Prague are always in there and sometimes in the qualification group. For us it is crucial but we have got enough encouragement from our last game against Fulham.
Yes,I agree with that statement.Now we face Sparta Prague in qualifying round rather than in group stage.If we can beat them then we have less one competitor when we reach the group stage in Champions League.I think we must take problems as oppoturnity.For example when Arsenal face Real Madrid last two UCL,every Arsenal fans were scared because Real has such a much great player in that team.But when we beat them we can eliminate the possibility to face them again.What I mean here is we have to face them once only.Arsenal would not face Sparta again in group stage.

“We learnt from that game that we will have to fight until the last second. But Sparta Prague are a strong team and the first game especially is very important.”
I agree too but I do not hope to have another Fulham case again.I expected Arsenal to win 3-0 and I didn't need to watch until the 90th minute to know the result.Arsenal must achieve that level to win.When we play against the weaker team like Fulham etc,we must show our superiority to them.Our standard should be much more better than them.Then Arsenal has the chance,to win the Premiership Title.If you are struggling to win all the Premiership game then you do not have the quality to win the TItle.
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