Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm very disappointed with........

Of course I didn't happy with the result.Actually I'm very frustrated at that time.

It's already too bad to see Arsenal drop points,I accidentally screwed up my site,causing the site's template to have to be reset to default and I have to make back all my settings I've done before.Fortunately my site is fully functional now.

Ok,back on the topic.Actually I'm disappointed with Arsenal's performance in second-half.

Not because Gunners were conceded at that time,because I saw Arsenal changed their normal play to boring defending,or Arsenal failed to counter the Blackburn's change of playing style.

When I saw Gunners were defending and Blackburn was attacking vigorously,I knew Arsenal could be conceded some time.Unless God blessed Gunners,Arsenal is not going to end well in that game.

I knew one of the factor why Arsenal dropped points in this game is because Jens Lehmann is not careful enough,or not precise enough to catch the ball properly.But even Lehmann could save that attack Blackburn's determination will get them a equalizer.

Then after Blackburn equalized then I saw some improvement in our teams.We started to control the game again but it's too late.

Arsenal started well,and ended well as well but they done badly between 50-75th minute of the game.I wish Arsenal scored that goal in 90+ minute so that Arsenal can maintain their play in that game.

That's the problem with Arsenal,in fact in every team.

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