Saturday, August 04, 2007

Gunners gets another sliverware,thanks to Persie

Before that,let's see the the goal's video clip;

From that video,I found that Arsenal scores by counter-attacking Ajax and the most importantly Clichy can pass the ball successfully to Persie.

I didn't watch the second-half but I did watch the first-half.

In the first-half,Arsenal controlled the game for first 15 minutes.Ajax slowly gain initiative after that and at 30th minute,Ajax has more control of the game and at 40th minute,Lehmann was busy keeping away the ball from Gunner's net.

And actually both teams didn't deserve the lose the game,but Gunners sudden counter-attack made the difference.Arsenal's counter-attack was much better compared to Ajax.I was in first-half when Ajax can't counter-attack properly,especially in the first 25 minutes.

So,Arsenal won by better counter-attacking.I'm happy with the result although Gunners only scored a goal.

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