Saturday, August 04, 2007

Wenger:Sparta is stronger than before

Yes,I agree with him.Sparta is getting stronger and stronger.

Although Sparta is getting stronger,but I don't think it's strong enough to beat Arsenal,provided Arsenal maintain their play and have a careful defense.

And I think Sparta's goalkeeper quote that Arsenal is easier to play with compared to 05-06 time
Source:Sporting Life

Arsenal is totally different to before. [Thierry] Henry and [Freddie] Ljungberg have left, and there are young players. It is certainly better to play against them now than in the past.

"I would say the new stadium does not suit them yet. It is better to play against them rather than to play against Liverpool, who are a consolidated team."

I agree if he said Arsenal were easier to play now compared to 04-05 time but not 05-06.I think Arsenal is harder to face compared to Liverpool.Why?

Though Liverpool has bought a lot of player in their squad,but they need time to make their coordination correct.The new players has to be suited with current Liverpool players as well as EPL playing style since most of their player is not EPL player.If Rafa can't get their player's coordination correct,Liverpool will gone worse than before.

Gunners on the other hand,hasn't change much their team's coordination before.Although Henry and Ljungberg has leave Arsenal,but both of them were not involved much last season in Gunners squad.

I'm not saying that Liverpool is not strong,I mean Liverpool needs time to become strong and I think it needs at least two weeks.

About the new stadium,Arsenal has already proved it with their win against Inter Milan,a such better team than Sparta.And Arsenal deserves to win that game,with their domination and greater play compared to Inter.Even Manchester United lose to Inter.

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