Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wenger proud of his team's performance

Although Arsenal performs well against European teams like Inter Milan and Ajax,but EPL match is different.At EPL,the players were more "tough" and because of our player's body size is smaller compared to the other teams player's,Gunners are always bullied and play with a disadvantage.

Other than that,EPL teams is more on "air play";they do not pass around and did not have the patience to "walk the ball into the net" and therefore,always play long ball or long passing to the strikers.

And this creates a conflict between Gunners and the EPL teams,when their playing style is different with each other.If Arsenal could defend against the long passing by EPL teams,it's very good for Gunners.But if Arsenal couldn't,then Gunners could be in the big trouble.

And therefore,don't be too over confident that Arsenal will have a good start in EPL.It's always good to have a good play in EPL games,collecting all the three point;I wish Arsenal to win the EPL title,but don't be surprised if Arsenal could not fare well in EPL.

For your information,Man U 1-1 Chelsea for first-half in Community Shield.

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