Monday, August 06, 2007

Wenger:Persie had changed to a better player

I hope Persie will not be pressured by the fact that he carry the task,that is to be Arsenal main top scorer.The whole Gunners is dependent on him and he represent Arsenal's soul of scoring.

Actually I always liked his playing but I'm sad that he was injured heavily for a few months.If Persie is not injured perhaps he could bring Arsenal to slightly higher position.

I would like to comment on the news posted on The Sun ,that Rommeddahl is quoting Arsenal is too weak to win the Premiership.

Yes,I admit Arsenal is too weak to win the Premiership as EPL games is very physical compared to the other games.But let's see how Arsenal performs first in EPL.Talk is cheap.How about Liverpool,that just lost to FC Porto despite buying a lot of players into the team.

And do Rommedahl admit that Ajax lost to a weak kids?

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